Apple Scramble

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Apple Scramble
KBR Apple Scramble Stage 1 Gameplay.png
Gameplay screenshot of Apple Scramble
Type(s) Collecting - Competitive
Levels 4 (5 counting tutorial)
Players 4
Appears in Kirby Battle Royale
Theme music

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Quote1.png Pick up! Throw! Steal! Gather apples until time runs out! Quote2.png
— Collection Lists description of Apple Scramble.

KBR Apple Scramble icon.png Apple Scramble is one of the ten Battle types in Kirby Battle Royale. It is one of the first modes that is shown to the player, and involves two teams competing to see which can collect the most Apples before time runs out.

Rules and gameplay[edit]

Quote1.png You know that chute in Apple Scramble? If you fall into it, you should eat all those apples down there. Quote2.png
— Waddle Dee in Kirby Battle Royale

The game takes place in a (usually) rectangular arena, populated by two Mini Whispy Woods in the center, and a hatch and lever for each team somewhere in the periphery. Arenas may also contain walls, steps, bramble pits, and Cannons.

The objective for each team is to collect apples that grow in the canopies of the Mini Whispy Woods by attacking them, then bringing the apples to their hatch, and depositing them by pulling the lever to open the hatch. The score for each team is directly proportional to how many apples they managed to drop down their hatch during the round (though golden apples are worth 5 points each). The team with the highest score at the end of the round wins.

Once contestants knock apples off of a Mini Whispy Woods, they have to pick them up and carry them to the hatch. Contestants can carry a very large number of apples at a time, stacked on top of each-other. While carrying apples, a contestant cannot perform usual attacks, or hover. They can, however, toss the apples forward, which can harm an opponent who is not defending. If a contestant carrying apples is attacked with a move of sufficient strength, they will drop their apples, giving the opponent an opportunity to steal them. If a contestant is hit too many times, they will be KO'd and taken out of the arena temporarily. This can also happen if a contestant is standing on a hatch when it opens.

Artwork of Apple Scramble from Kirby Battle Royale


There are five stages available for Apple Scramble (counting the tutorial stage in Dedede's Cake Royale). They are as follows:

Stages in Apple Scramble
Name Intro Gameplay Description
Starter Forest KBR Apple Scramble Stage 1.png KBR Apple Scramble Stage 1 Gameplay.png A wide rectangular arena with the hatches and lever separated from each-other and the rest of the area by fences. The Mini Whispy Woods can be found at the top close to each-other.
Double-Cross Forest KBR Apple Scramble Stage 2.png KBR Apple Scramble Stage 2 Gameplay.png Hatches are mostly fenced off, with the levers to open them on the other side of a bramble pit, making them hard to access. Cannons may appear in this arena, which fire directly toward the hatches.

There is an alternate version of this map in Dedede's Cake Royale with additional fencing.

Bramble Forest KBR Apple Scramble Stage 3.png KBR Apple Scramble Stage 3 Gameplay.png Mini Whispy Woods and the levers occupy the middle of the arena, with the hatches on the periphery along a long path. A bramble pit can be crossed to make the journey to the hatch shorter.
Fenced Forest KBR Apple Scramble Stage 4.png KBR Apple Scramble Stage 4 Gameplay.png Mini Whispy Woods and hatches are close together, but the levers are located on the other side of a fence. Cannons appear shortly into the game, which are the only means of transport between the two areas.
Tutorial KBR Apple Scramble Stage 5.png KBR Apple Scramble Stage 5 Gameplay.png This stage only appears in the intro for Dedede's Cake Royale, and pits Kirby against a Soldier Waddle Dee. A large fence separates the Mini Whispy Woods and prevents the contestants from interfering with each-other. All stage elements are very close to each-other, making collecting apples a very simple affair.

Battle Bonuses[edit]

The following Battle Bonuses can be awarded in Single Player or local Multiplayer Battle Mode:

  • Apple Harvester: Harvested the most apples from Mini Whispy Woods!
  • Apple Launcher: Hit opponents with the most apples!
  • Apple Stacker: Carried the most apples at once!
  • Great Apple Thief: Stole the most apples from the rival team's area!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あつめて! リンゴマッチ
Atsumete! Ringomatchi
Collect! Apple Match
French Attrape-pommes Apple catcher
German Apfelhatz Apple hunt
Italian Acchiappamele Catch them
Latin American Spanish Batalla de las manzanas Battle of apples
European Spanish Lucha por las manzanas Fight for apples

KBR Apple Scramble Animated.gif
Small sequence from an Apple Scramble round.
Artwork of Apple Scramble (with Fighter Kirby)