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Super Jump Ramp

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Super Jump Ramp
KAR Super Jump Ramp.png
A Super Jump Ramp at the Electric Lounge in City Trial
Type Device
Function Launches the user up to a higher place
Found Locations in City Trial
Game(s) Kirby Air Ride
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Super Jump Ramp is an object which can be found in Kirby Air Ride, in several different shapes and sizes. When a racer enters the ramp, they will be sent into the air, and land in a predetermined spot. While using a Super Jump Ramp, the racer will be unable to perform most actions until landing, and will always be sent in a particular direction and speed, regardless of how it was entered. It should be noted however that Super Jump Ramps only work when riding an Air Ride Machine; trying to enter one on foot will do nothing.

Other types of Super Jump Ramp exist which can only be activated by initiating a Boost (not applying to wheeled machines).

One of the most interesting examples of a Super Jump Ramp is the volcano in City Trial. Jumping into the caldera at the end of the bridge from the Heat Top area will cause the racer to be launched all the way up to the Garden in the Sky. This is the only way for Air Ride Machines with poor aerial mobility to reach this part of the map.

Checklist objectives[edit]

Super Jump Ramps are involved in the following City Trial checklist objectives:

  • "City Trial: Jump on top of the building 10 times or more using the super jump ramp!"