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Artwork of Simirror from Kirby Super Star
Debut Game Kirby Super Star
Latest Game Kirby: Planet Robobot
Other Game(s) Kirby Super Star Ultra
Copy Ability Mirror
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Simirror is an enemy originally appearing in Kirby Super Star/Kirby Super Star Ultra. It grants Kirby the Mirror ability when swallowed. One is also the helper for the Mirror ability, able to use every skill that Kirby can use with it.

Simirror resembles a small wizard with thick hat and robes completely obscuring its body. It attacks by throwing mirror-like projectiles at Kirby, and can also create mirror images of itself. When hit, but not defeated, it will phase out of sight, and reappear somewhere else, much like Kabu sometimes does.

Simirror also appears in Kirby: Planet Robobot, where it once again provides the Mirror ability.