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The center of the Rainbow Route.

Rainbow Route is a location found in and around the center of the Mirror World, a dimension that lies parallel to Dream Land. It is mostly composed of an overgrown forest path that leads around the world in a circle. While mostly located in a forest, the Rainbow Route also features caves, tunnels, and mountain trails. At certain points, the path branches and connects to the many other locations of the Mirror World. In the center of the Rainbow Route there lies a giant rainbow from which a sanctuary-like building can be accessed. This building, which seems to be located in the sky since it is surrounded by clouds, serves as the resting place of an important mirror. During the Kirby series, Kirby visits this place only in one game, namely Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.

General Description

Kirby travels through the Rainbow Route while attempting to save the Mirror World from Dark Mind during Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. When he first arrives at the world's sanctuary after pursuing the foe who split him into four, he witnesses a fight between Meta Knight and his counterpart Dark Meta Knight, the latter being responsible for Kirby's split. Dark Meta Knight then manages to trap Meta Knight inside the mirror and breaks it into eight shards, which he spreads over the whole world.

After that the Rainbow Route serves as the game's hub, connecting to all the areas Kirby needs to explore. Hidden throughout the different areas are several big switches which activate gateways between the areas and Rainbow Route's sanctuary. Kirby can use these gateways as shortcuts to travel faster through the Mirror World. After collecting all of the eight Mirror Shards, the mirror in the center of the world becomes the passage leading to the final boss. After Kirby defeats Dark Mind, this is also the place where Meta Knight leaves his sword behind.

From all nine areas found in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Rainbow Route is the only one that features Mid Bosses, but no Bosses and therefore no Mirror Shards. It is also one of the two levels to be not named after a certain kind of food, the other one being Moonlight Mansion.

Enemies, Bosses, and Abilities on Rainbow Route

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Rainbow Route Area Map

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Rainbow Route is far and away the largest area in the game, consisting of 51 separate rooms. It also bears the Grand Central Hub in the center, which, by the end of the game, links to all the other areas in the world. The area can be described as fairly circuitous, with a single primary path leading from the central zone to the surrounding areas.

Rainbow Route is bordered to the east by Moonlight Mansion, to the south by Cabbage Cavern, to the north-east by Mustard Mountain, and to the west by Carrot Castle. Each border links to these areas by several routes, making access fairly straightforward.

Rainbow Route has three Goal rooms. Completing these rooms takes Kirby and his clones to the Goal Game, then returns them to the Grand Central Hub. There is no Boss Room for this area.

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Regions in the Mirror World

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