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Glitches in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

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Listed below are the glitches in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

List of glitches[edit]

Gameplay glitches[edit]

These glitches directly affect gameplay.

Abandoned Beach Visual Effects[edit]

If Kirby performs a Hammer, Fire or Ice Super Jump in the third room of Abandoned Beach, then swims to the left or right long enough, graphical glitches similar to the ones in the Scale the Cement Summit out-of-bounds glitch start happening.

Abandoned Beach Wild Bonkers Skip[edit]

In the first stage of Everbay Coast, Abandoned Beach, Kirby will fight against Wild Bonkers. However, this fight can be easily skipped. On the island with the Copy Essences, if Kirby stands on the rightmost shrub and floats toward the bottom left corner of the Wild Bonkers arena, he can wedge between the camera's movement limit and the front edge of the island, and then simply swim past.[1]

Abandoned Beach Out-of-Bounds[edit]

In the same stage, Kirby can get out of bounds using the Tornado ability. In the room with the fight against Wild Bonkers, he should climb the ladder past the combat area and use his Tornado attack towards the bottom-right of the screen. If done correctly, he will land on an invisible platform. He can then float toward visible geometry to get on top of it.[1]

Arch Mouth Out-of-Bounds[edit]

In Scale the Cement Summit's Arch Mouth zone, Kirby can escape the predetermined path. If he flies upwards into the ceiling of the first rock formation he passes under, he may go through it. For some time, the camera will not follow Kirby, but will eventually snap to him. Kirby can fly as far as he likes in any direction except downwards, which will return him to the course. He can even go through the skybox itself, creating odd graphical glitches.[1] A similar glitch is also possible near the beginning of Moonlight Canyon's Arch Mouth zone, where Kirby is able to bounce off the tip of the lighthouse to once again escape.[2]

Blizzard Bridge Invisible Walls Disabled[edit]

In The Battle of Blizzard Bridge's secret harder version, there is a Tornado-themed puzzle room. If Kirby dies in this room, when he respawns, the invisible wall preventing Kirby from walking toward the camera will be disabled. He can explore out of bounds.[1]

Bypass Loading Zones[edit]

Kirby can walk through certain loading trigger zones like doorways if he drops his ability just as he walks through. The timing is very strict.[1]

Car Mouth Out-of-Bounds[edit]

In Gathering of the Beast Council, if Kirby uses the Hammer Super Jump or Fire Super Jump during the Gorimondo boss, he can enter the Car Mouth zone. He can inhale the car, bring it back to Gorimondo, and defeat him easily.

Car Stacking[edit]

In some levels, cars can have multiple spawn locations if Kirby is not using one (in order to prompt the player to use Car Mouth). However, these extra cars will disappear or not spawn at all if Kirby is currently using Car Mouth. If Kirby eats a car and instantly spits it out, he can bring it places while the game still thinks he is not in Car Mouth mode, making the extra cars still appear. If two or more cars are placed on top of each other this way, they may start to move erratically.

Chaos Elfilis Duplication[edit]

When fighting Chaos Elfilis's orb form, if Kirby goes out-of-bounds using a glitch and then falls off the level, another Chaos Elfilis will spawn in its first phase. Either one of the two can be defeated, and during cutscenes nothing will be able to harm Kirby. The battle ends like normal when one is defeated. They use two separate health bars, but the game only displays the one for the version of Chaos Elfilis which was last damaged. The camera will also primarily focus on the newly spawned Chaos Elfilis. It's possible to spawn more than just two versions of Chaos Elfilis, but reaching four of them will put a lot of strain on the game. Four or higher might cause the game to crash.

Cone Mouth Double-jump[edit]

If Kirby inhales a Cone midair and jumps on the first frame after its activation, he will jump in midair. This can be used to bring Cone Mouth Kirby out of some areas it is meant to be used in, and even out of bounds in some stages.[1]

Dragon Fire Bonking[edit]

Using Dragon Fire, Kirby can get out-of-bounds by constantly dashing into two walls which are close to each other. It is slow and requires good timing, however.[1]

Fire Super Jump[edit]

If the player hovers with any Fire ability for 5 seconds, releases an Air Bullet, holds the attack button, and presses or mashes the jump button when Kirby lands, he will shoot high up and can go out-of-bounds if done correctly. This glitch is very similar to the Hammer Super Jump.[1]

Fecto Elfilis 0 HP Glitch[edit]

When battling Fecto Elfilis in the Colosseum, if it uses its Genome Repair attack with under 200 real HP and Kirby depletes the blue health bar then Fecto Elfilis will have 0 HP but not be defeated. One attack will defeat Fecto Elfilis at this point.

Glitched Meta Knight Cup[edit]

This glitch has to be done without being signed up for a Colosseum cup. When using the Hammer Super Jump glitch or the Fire Super Jump glitch from before next to the Colosseum, Kirby is able to stand on the side of it. Kirby is then able to walk to the back of the Colosseum, and find a small grass ledge out of bounds which he can stand on. From here, he can jump to the bottom right, to get to a corner of the grass. If he then hovers up, he will be able to go through the bottom of the Colosseum and get inside it. Kirby will then have to carefully maneuver towards the Colosseum's entrance. Once there, he can simply enter the loading zone and enter the Glitched Meta Knight Cup. In this cup, Kirby will only have to fight Wild Frosty and Wild Bonkers. After winning the fight, Commentator Waddle Dee will reward Kirby with 1 Rare Stone, but no Star Coins. Using this glitch won't save the record times for the Meta Knight Cup, however Wise Waddle Dee will know these records.

Using the glitch before completing the Meta Knight Cup for the first time normally will still yield the blueprint for Meta Knight Sword. Using the glitch while signed up for a cup has no interesting effects - Kirby will just enter the cup as normal.

Hammer Super Jump[edit]

Using any Hammer ability, if the player Hovers in the air for about 5 seconds, Kirby will get tired and start to float down. The player will then quickly need to release an Air Bullet, hold the attack button to do a giant swing and eventually do a meteor stamp to bounce off the ground. Right as Kirby bounces up, the player must press or mash the jump button. If done correctly, Kirby will shoot high up into the air. Kirby will shoot higher up dependent on how well the jump was timed with the meteor stamp.

Ice Super Jump[edit]

If the player hovers with any Ice ability for 5 seconds, releases an Air Bullet, holds the attack button, and presses or mashes the jump button when Kirby lands, he will shoot high up and can go out-of-bounds if done correctly. This glitch is very similar to both the Hammer and Fire Super Jumps.

Invisible floor in The Wastes Where Life Began[edit]

Using Ring Mouth in the first area of The Wastes Where Life Began, the first stage of Originull Wasteland, Kirby can jump in an invisible floor on the left side of the high platform with the first Warp Star and as a result, Kirby will be on the Warp Star platform with Ring Mouth.

Leongar Skip[edit]

In the fight with Leongar in Lab Discovera or the Colosseum, if Kirby performs a perfect Hammer super jump under a hole in the roof, then floats towards the Fecto Forgo door, he can trigger a loading screen to skip Leongar. When doing this in the Colosseum, Fecto Forgo is fought twice.

Mouthful Storage[edit]

If Kirby is hit the frame he starts inhaling a Mouthful Mode object, he can "store" it. When the attack button is pressed, the object will teleport to him provided Kirby is in the same loaded area as it. Using this, the player can bring it to areas where it's not typically meant to be available in.[1]

Staircase Rocket[edit]

Similar to the aforementioned cars having multiple spawn locations, sets of stairs for Stairs Mouth do too. However, they will not despawn if Stairs-Mouth Kirby gets too close.

Kirby should bring one set of Stairs to the other's spawn location, move the new one, and put the old one in its place. He should then walk off an edge over a Pit, and spit this new set of Stairs out before he falls. It should then respawn inside the old set. This can cause them to interact strangely, and often rocket upwards.[1]

Time Crash Reset[edit]

Kirby can use the Time Crash ability multiple times if he collects a cutscene-triggering item such as a Gotcha Capsule, goes through a loading zone, or drops the ability right as it runs out while it is active.

Tropic Woods Introduction Skip[edit]

In The Tropical Terror or Forgo Bay, Kirby can skip Tropic Woods and Phantom Tropic Woods's introduction cutscene by doing some specific movement. Above the ladder, Kirby should walk along the fence to either the left and the right until he hits the corner. He should then walk back to the ladder by a few fence posts, and attempt to dodge toward the boss. Alternatively, using a Fire ability midair dash attack from the same location may skip the cutscene. It is somewhat inconsistent to achieve.[1]

This will make the fight begin without any cutscene playing. There will be no boss health bar, nor will there be any music. In The Tropical Terror, Kirby will be unable to interact with the cage of Waddle Dees. If Tropic Woods is defeated in this state, the defeat cutscene will play out as normal, the Blueprint will appear and a second cage of Waddle Dees will float down and land in the same place as the first one. Kirby can touch this cage to end the stage.

Waddle Dee Town Softlocks[edit]

There are certain areas out of bounds in Waddle Dee Town that the player can reach with a Fire, Ice or Hammer Super Jump. [needs verification]

  • Inside the Colosseum, there is a floor that Kirby can get stuck in if he jumps from underneath.
  • Near the Flash Fishing pond, Kirby can get stuck in midair close to the leaves hanging off the town.
  • In the lower left of the town, there is a certain area of water that if entered, Kirby cannot swim out.

Windy, Freezing Seas Out-of-Bounds[edit]

In Windy, Freezing Seas, the third stage of Winter Horns, Kirby can achieve enough height to go out-of-bounds by simply Hovering as soon as he leaves the bonus room that is hidden in the long, windy corridor.

Aesthetic glitches[edit]

These glitches only affect how the game looks or sounds.

Colosseum Music Stop[edit]

If Kirby goes far enough away from a Colosseum boss battle using an out-of-bounds glitch, the music will stop.

Early Chaos Elfilis Health Bar Fill[edit]

On very rare occasions at the start of the second part of the Chaos Elfilis battle in The Ultimate Cup Z, it's entirely possible for the health bar to fill up to full (complete with sound effects) near the end of the cutscene but before the health bar itself actually appears on-screen.[3]

Inhale Expression[edit]

When Kirby inhales an enemy, Star Block, or other object, he will retain his last-used expression when the object is in his mouth. For instance, when Kirby dodges an attack and inhales immediately afterwards, he will have an angry expression on his face.

Waddle Dee Town Music Stop[edit]

When the Deedly Dees play a track that doesn't loop, there is a period of time at the end where exiting out of the track select menu will prevent the Waddle Dee Town music from playing again. The timing is between after the Deedly Dees and Kirby look at the track select chalkboard but before the track highlight changes from pink to grey. Pausing, entering a building, leaving Waddle Dee Town, or interacting with the Deedly Dees' chalkboard will disable the glitch.[4]

Tornado Hat Squish[edit]

In various scenarios, such as at the end of a Pipe Mouth section, Tornado Kirby's hat will squish along with the rest of him. However, instead of the textures spinning around on the flattened model, the flattened model will spin. This abnormal behavior will continue until Kirby pops back up to normal.

Hard to reproduce[edit]

These glitches have no known method of reproduction, or are extremely difficult to reproduce.

Permanent Invincibility[edit]

The exact cause is unknown, but the most likely explanation is that if Kirby falls into ice water the frame his Invincibility Candy runs out, his health bar will continue to glow rainbow and he will be unable to interact with enemies, simply passing through them.[5]

Staircase Duplication[edit]

Sometimes, a Stairs Mouth set of Stairs may duplicate for unknown reasons.[6]

The Beast Pack's Final Stand Crash[edit]

If Kirby uses the Hammer Super Jump glitch in the Vending Mouth section of The Beast Pack's Final Stand, the game may corrupt textures and audio, make loud noises, and then crash.[7]