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Nature Notch - Stage 2

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Nature Notch - Stage 2
KSqS Nature Notch Stage 2.png
Kirby stands outside the castle entrance.
Level Nature Notch
Mid Boss(es) Storo
EX Stage? No
Treasure(s) Citrus Spray Paint
Ghost Medal Piece
Theme music

Clip of the music that primarily plays in Nature Notch - Stage 2

Stage Order
Stage 1 Stage 3
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Nature Notch - Stage 2 is the second stage of Nature Notch in Kirby: Squeak Squad.


This stage consists of four main areas. It begins with Kirby emerging from the tunnels into a much wider area containing a castle, with the entrance in plain access.

Once inside the castle, Kirby will have to progress down a vertical shaft that splits in two in several places, and is blocked by Star Blocks and switch gates. Kirby can obtain powers from enemies trapped in the walls in the lower area.

From there, Kirby finds another interior hall, which then leads downward again. A door can be seen to the left in a small chamber blocked off by a bomb block barrier, which leads to a small room with a Kirby Bubble inside, though there is another path to the right which leads to an extensive system of hallways. This area is patrolled by numerous enemies, and lead to several distinct doors. The door to the uppermost right leads to a room containing a treasure chest, and then back down through the door directly below. From there, Kirby can venture downward past a hall full of Shotzos to move forward.

The last area is a small hallway beneath a much larger chamber above, Storo appears in the larger chambers and nabs a large chest. Kirby will have to be very quick to catch him before he vanishes into the hideout with it, else he will have to pursue Storo into the hideout, where he will also have to contend with numerous enemy Squeakers. However, if Kirby enters the hideout while he himself has the chest, he can find two bubbles, one containing the Bomb ability, and another containing a cherry. From there, the stage exit can be found to the upper-left, blocked by a door that can be opened with a switch just to the right, past a bubble containing a random ability.

Enemies, mid-bosses, and abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Copy Abilities


Picture Name Description Screenshot
KSqS Spray Paint Citrus Sprite.png Citrus Spray Paint Change your color.
Kirby can change his color to yellow-green skin with green feet and blush marks.
KSqS Nature Notch Stage 2 Chest 1.png
KSqS Ghost Medal Piece Sprite 1.png Ghost Medal Piece Kirby's a... ghost?
Collecting all Ghost Medal transforms some mid-bosses into Tedhaun.
KSqS Nature Notch Stage 2 Chest 2.png