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KTD Dededetour Title.jpg
Title screen for Dededetour!
Type(s) Time Attack - Solo
Levels 6
Players 1
Appears in Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Theme music

Dededetour! title screen theme

The theme that plays on the title screen for Dededetour!, which also appears in Dedede's Drum Dash.

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At long last--Dededetour! This land will not be ruled by Queen Sectonia. No! It will be ruled by the king! The self-proclaimed Great King of Dream Land embarks on his own adventure!
— Pause screen caption in DededeTour!

Dededetour! (also called DededeTour!) is an Extra Mode which is unlocked after completing the Story Mode in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It stars King Dedede, having him run through all the stages of the main game in a continuous time attack with limited recovery items and enhanced foes.


The story is effectively an alternate version of the main game story, where King Dedede is indeed the hero of Dream Land, and Taranza seems to not be present at all (nor Kirby, for that matter). Dedede ventures through the six realms of Floralia in order to challenge and overthrow the upstart Queen Sectonia. With this done, he poses in triumph, only to find the giant Dimension Mirror from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror appearing behind him. Out of the mirror jumps a shadowy clone of the king, who must be defeated. After the shadow is reduced to shards of glass, King Dedede jumps into the mirror to face off against Dark Meta Knight, who is seeking revenge for his imprisonment. After defeating this foe, King Dedede seals him back into the mirror, and then shatters it with a decisive hammer swing. This story is not considered to be canon with the main series.

Gameplay differences[edit]

King Dedede runs through a continuous stream of the stages in each level, with no overworld map to use, and few recovery items to be found along the way. Areas which utilized the Hypernova ability are skipped, and Dedede can find Warp Holes in several places which allow him to skip other parts of the stages. These often require entering a side chamber, or performing a certain task in the stage to unlock. They also play a distinct jingle that isn't found anywhere else in the game, with the exceptions of the Warp Holes found in rest areas and those that were already in Story Mode. For a list of all the Warp Holes in Dededetour! and where they link to, see the Warp Hole page.

In-between each level and inside the levels, King Dedede can find rest areas which will save the player's progress and fully heal Dedede. Continuing a game will place King Dedede directly after the last rest area. When a level is complete, the time taken to complete it will be shown to the player with the overall time kept in a top time scoreboard once the game is finished.

There are six levels, and they consist of the following material:

Levels in Dededetour!
Name Image Material
Level 1 KTD Dededetour Level 1 2.png Fine Fields normal stages
Level 2 KTD Dededetour Level 2 1.png Lollipop Land normal stages
Level 3 KTD Dededetour Level 3 1.png Old Odyssey normal stages
Level 4 KTD Dededetour Level 4 1.png Wild World normal stages
Level 5 KTD Dededetour Level 5 1.png Endless Explosions normal stages
Level 6 KTD Dededetour Level 6 27.png All EX stages from each level (except Royal Road - Stage 8 EX) + Royal Road normal stages

Due to the nature of Level 6, it often takes longer to complete than the previous levels put together. There are checkpoints in each level, however.


Enhanced "DX" versions of all Bosses and Mid-Bosses previously encountered in the Main Game are fought in this mode, excluding those battled using Hypernova. At the end of Level 6, Dedede first encounters Queen Sectonia DX, and then two new foes: Shadow Dedede (who can be considered the DX version of Masked Dedede's Revenge), and Dark Meta Knight's Revenge.

King Dedede encounters the following Bosses through his run:


The following table lists King Dedede's standard move-set in Dededetour!:

King Dedede's Moveset in Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Skill Button Execution Image Skill Button Execution Image
KTD Dedede Hammer.png
Hammer Twirl
↓ + B
KTD Dedede Hammer Twirl.png
Hammer Wave
B while at full health
KTD Dedede Hammer Wave.png
Dedede Hammer Flip
↑ + B
KTD Dedede Hammer Flip.png
Giant Dedede Swing
Dash + B
KTD Dedede Giant Dedede Swing.png
Dedede Hammer Cannon
Press and hold B, and then release
KTD Dedede Hammer Cannon.png
Quick Fall
↓↓ in midair
KTD Dedede Quick Fall.png
Aim Hammer Cannon
Either of ↑↓ while holding B
KTD Dedede Aim Hammer Cannon.png
Giant Swing
B in midair
KTD Dedede Giant Swing.png
Dedede Hammer Throw
Dash + X
KTD Dedede Hammer Throw.png
Ultra Swing
Dash + B in midair
KTD Dedede Ultra Swing.png
Underwater Hammer Swing
B while swimming
KTD Dedede Underwater Hammer Swing.png


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Dededes Abenteuer Dedede's Adventure
Italian Dedede all'avventura Dedede to adventure
Korean GO! 디디디
GO! dididi
GO! Dedede


  • This is the first time King Dedede has fought Dark Meta Knight, as Dedede was not present in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. Triple Deluxe was also released in the year of Amazing Mirror's 10th anniversary (2014).
  • The jingle that plays on the results screen is directly taken from Revenge of the King's title jingle.