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Screenshot of Kabuki Kirby from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
First episode Kirby 3D
Power(s) Turning Kirby into a human figure, shooting a laser from his staff
Comparable to Laser (attack)
Freeze (outfit)
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Kabuki is a Copy Ability which appears in Kirby 3D, a special episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. Kirby obtains this ability when inhaling Lobzilla's baby lobsters. When used, it first turns Kirby into a large humanoid figure dressed as a traditional kabuki actor. After performing some poses, Kirby returns to his original form (though still dressed in similar clothing) and fires a laser beam which causes Lobzilla to explode. Kabuki Kirby is seen posing again at the end of the episode.

The ability also appears in Kirby Mass Attack as one of Kirby's Excellent attacks in the Kirby Quest Sub-Game, in which he repeats his laser attack. This is the only time Kabuki has appeared in the games.


In human form, Kabuki Kirby appears as a humanoid male dressed in standard kabuki attire, with a hairpiece, white makeup, and an elaborate blue costume with gold accents. The figure carries a wooden staff with a blunt end. In his usual form, Kirby wears a similar, though simplified version of the same outfit which resembles a hood (much like Freeze Kirby) and retains the hairpiece and gold accents. In Mass Attack, Kirby fires the beam from the end of his staff, but in the episode proper, it appears to come from his forehead.


Kabuki's Attack in Kirby Mass Attack  
Image Attack Description
Kabuki Mass Attack.png Laser Kabuki Kirby shoots a very strong laser.
As one of the Excellent attacks,
each Kabuki laser deals 100 damage.


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