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Screenshot of Kabuki Kirby from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
First episode Kirby 3D
Obtained from Lobzilla's baby lobsters
Power(s) Turning Kirby into a human figure, shooting a laser from his staff
Comparable to Laser (attack)
Freeze (outfit)
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Kabuki is a Copy Ability which appears in Kirby 3D, a special episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. Kirby obtains this ability when inhaling Lobzilla's baby lobsters. When used, it first turns Kirby into a large humanoid figure dressed as a traditional kabuki actor. After performing some poses, Kirby returns to his original form (though still dressed in similar clothing) and fires a laser beam which causes Lobzilla to explode. Kabuki Kirby is seen posing again at the end of the episode.


In human form, Kabuki Kirby appears as a humanoid male dressed in standard kabuki attire, with a hairpiece, white makeup, and an elaborate blue costume with gold accents. The figure carries a wooden staff with a blunt end. In his usual form, Kirby wears a similar, though simplified version of the same outfit which resembles a hood (much like Freeze Kirby) and retains the hairpiece and gold accents. The laser beam that Kabuki Kirby launches out appears to come from his forehead, and is a glowing red color.

Game appearances[edit]

Kabuki Kirby makes quick work of the Galaxia using a laser beam.

The Kabuki ability also appears, albeit as a cameo, in Kirby Mass Attack as one of Kirby's Excellent attacks in the Kirby Quest Sub-Game. Kabuki Kirby reprises his laser attack, which deals 100 damage (for every pink Kirby) to all enemies on-screen, much like most Excellent attacks. When firing the laser beam, Kirby appears to do so from the end of his staff as opposed to his forehead in the anime.


  • The human form of Kabuki Kirby resembles Saitō Musashibō Benkei (西塔武蔵坊弁慶), a warrior monk from feudal Japan more popularly known as simply Benkei.
    • Specifically, it is based on the version of Benkei as seen in the dance-drama Kanjinchō, as portrayed by kabuki actor Ichikawa Ebizō V. Notably, the Ichikawa Ebizō family line of kabuki actors serves as the basis for Lobzilla's Japanese name.