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Sub-Game InfoBox

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Type(s) Shooting - Competitive
Levels 3
Players 1 - 4
Appears in Kirby Super Star Ultra
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Kirby on the Draw is one of the Sub-Games offered in Kirby Super Star Ultra. This Sub-Game is unlocked and available immediately for even new gamefiles. The game is touch controlled and played on the lower screen of the Nintendo DS. Kirby on the Draw is playable in both single player and up to four players via a wireless connection.[1] The two player game can be done with even only one Game Card.[2] The one player mode offers three levels of difficulty at the start of the sub-game. Kirby on the Draw maintains a Western (cowboy) theme with the appearance of the on-screen characters, fonts, and decorative elements.


The game pits four colored Kirbys (pink, yellow, red, and green) in a shooting game. The game is a speed/reaction style shooting game. The players compete to end the round with the highest score. The game takes place in what appears to be a saloon, given the style of the doors behind the Kirbys lined up, and bottles below the counter in the target area. Sporadically over the next 60 seconds targets and false targets (bombs)[3] will appear on-screen. The first Kirby to tap the target receives the points for it.[4] The only penalties are bomb targets which subtract points.[5] Otherwise the only concern is running out of ammo, as the revolver only holds eight bullets. A bar spanning across the touch screen indicates the number of shots left. To reload, simply tap it.[6][7]


There are targets worth more points than others.


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