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This article is about friendly versions of enemies that Kirby can summon or recruit. For the animal helpers debuting in Kirby's Dream Land 2, see Animal Friend. For other helpful characters, see Category:Allies.
Artwork of Kirby calling a Waddle Doo as a Helper from Kirby Super Star Ultra.
This character is called a helper. He'll be a big help to Kirby.
— Tutorial from The Beginner's Show, in Kirby Super Star

Helpers (also called Allies and Friends) are friendly counterparts of enemies that assist Kirby in Kirby Super Star, Kirby Super Star Ultra and Kirby Star Allies. They are considered a type of Special Ability.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby Super Star / Kirby Super Star Ultra[edit]

When Kirby has copied an ability, he can produce a helper. The helper becomes Kirby's ally and will help him defeat any enemy that stands in his way.
— Kirby Super Star manual

When Kirby possesses a Copy Ability, he may create a helper, but loses the ability in the process. However, in want of a Copy Ability, Kirby can use the Normal Beam to transform the helper into an item yielding the ability that was used in its creation, allowing Kirby to regain it. If Kirby attempts to call forth a Helper when there is already one in existence, he instead tosses his ability away in item form, allowing the current Helper to transform into a new one when it touches the item. In Kirby Super Star, creating a Helper is the only way for Kirby to manually remove his ability, while in Kirby Super Star Ultra he can also remove it by creating an Ability Star, evading the creation of a Helper.

Helpers follow the player around and attack any enemies which they encounter. They are usually able to use the same attacks as Kirby can when he possesses their ability, but can use them underwater and are capable of jumping in midair or teleporting in order to keep up with him. Although usually controlled by an AI, Helpers can alternatively be controlled by a second player. They will always have one reoccurring color scheme to differentiate them from the enemy variants.

Kirby's current Helper possesses its own, separate health bar. The health bar can be refilled by having the Helper pick up food or touching it shortly after Kirby himself does so. When a Helper's health runs out, it flashes and begins to explode. During this period, touching any enemy that yields an ability transforms the Helper into a new one that possesses the respective Copy Ability, instantly restoring all its health and keeping it from exploding. Alternatively, tossing a different Copy Ability at a Helper to transform it also heals it completely.

Helpers can be stolen by a Tac just like Copy Abilities. If it does, the player's helper disappears.

Kirby Super Star Ultra introduces two additional modes where Helpers feature outside the context of being summoned to help Kirby:

  • Meta Knightmare Ultra gives Meta Knight the Knight Call move, which summons Blade Knight or Sword Knight, effectively providing helpers but for Meta Knight.
  • Helper to Hero is a Boss Endurance mode with only helpers as playable characters. Notably this mode also includes Sword Knight, featuring a slightly modified Sword moveset.

List of Helpers[edit]

Helpers in Kirby Super Star/Kirby Super Star Ultra  
Name Icon Appearance Copy Ability
Kirby Super Star Kirby Super Star Ultra
Bio Spark KSS Bio Spark Icon.png KSS Bio Spark Sprite.png KSSU Bio Spark Helper sprite.pngKSSU Bio Spark Helper to Hero sprite.png Ninja
Birdon KSS Birdon Icon.png KSS Birdon Sprite 1.png KSSU Birdon Helper sprite.pngKSSU Birdon Helper to Hero sprite.png Wing
Blade Knight KSS Blade Knight Icon.png KSS Blade Knight Sprite.png KSSU Blade Knight Helper sprite.pngKSSU Blade Knight Helper to Hero sprite.png Sword
Bonkers KSS Bonkers Icon.png KSS Bonkers Sprite.png KSSU Bonkers Helper sprite.pngKSSU Bonkers Helper to Hero sprite.png Hammer
Bugzzy KSS Bugzzy Icon.png KSS Bugzzy Sprite.png KSSU Bugzzy Helper sprite.pngKSSU Bugzzy Helper to Hero sprite.png Suplex
Burning Leo KSS Burnin Leo Icon.png KSS Burning Leo Sprite.png KSSU Burning Leo Helper sprite.pngKSSU Burning Leo Helper to Hero sprite.png Fire
Capsule J /
Capsule J2
KSS Capsule J Icon.png KSS Capsule J Sprite.png KSSU Capsule J2 Helper sprite.pngKSSU Capsule J2 Helper to Hero sprite.png Jet
Chilly KSS Chilly Icon.png KSS Chilly Sprite.png KSSU Chilly Helper sprite.pngKSSU Chilly Helper to Hero sprite.png Ice
Gim KSS Gim Icon.png KSS Gim Sprite.png KSSU Gim Helper sprite.pngKSSU Gim Helper to Hero sprite.png Yo-yo
Knuckle Joe KSS Knuckle Joe Icon.png KSS Knuckle Joe Sprite 2.png KSSU Knuckle Joe Helper sprite.pngKSSU Knuckle Joe Helper to Hero sprite.png Fighter
Parasol W. Dee KSS Parasol Waddle Dee Icon.png KSS Parasol Waddle Dee Sprite.png KSSU Parasol Waddle Dee Helper sprite.pngKSSU Parasol Waddle Dee Helper to Hero sprite.png Parasol
Plasma Wisp KSS Plasma Wisp Icon.png KSS Plasma Wisp Sprite.png KSSU Plasma Wisp Helper sprite.pngKSSU Plasma Wisp Helper to Hero sprite.png Plasma
Poppy Bros. Jr. KSS Poppy Bros Jr Icon.png KSS Poppy Bros Jr Sprite 2.png KSSU Poppy Bros Jr Helper sprite.pngPoppy Bros Jr alternate color KSSU.png Bomb
Rocky KSS Rocky Icon.png KSS Rocky Sprite.png KSSU Rocky Helper sprite.pngKSSU Rocky Helper to Hero sprite.png Stone
Simirror KSS Simirror Icon.png KSS Simirror Sprite.png KSSU Simirror Helper sprite.pngKSSU Simirror Helper to Hero sprite.png Mirror
Sir Kibble KSS Sir Kibble Icon.png KSS Sir Kibble Sprite.png KSSU Sir Kibble Helper sprite.pngKSSU Sir Kibble Helper to Hero sprite.png Cutter
Tac KSS Tac Icon.png KSS Tac Sprite.png KSSU Tac Helper sprite.pngKSSU Tac Helper to Hero sprite.png Copy
Waddle Doo KSS Waddle Doo Icon.png KSS Waddle Doo Sprite.png KSSU Waddle Doo Helper sprite.pngKSSU Waddle Doo Helper to Hero sprite.png Beam
Wheelie KSS Wheelie Icon.png KSS Wheelie Sprite.png KSSU Wheelie Helper sprite.pngKSSU Wheelie Helper to Hero sprite.png Wheel
Starship Helper KSS Starship Helper Icon.png KSS Starship Helper Sprite.png KSSU Starship Helper sprite.png Starship*
Sword Knight
(Ultra only)
KSSU Sword Knight pause icon.png N/A KSSU Sword Knight Sprite (purple).pngKSSU Sword Knight Helper to Hero sprite.png Sword**
* The Starship Helper can only be summoned to help Kirby in co-op mode, and only in the battles against the Galactic Nova and Kabula.
** Sword Knight cannot help Kirby, only featuring as a possible helper in Meta Knightmare Ultra (in response to Knight Call) and in Helper to Hero. The playable Sword Knight in Helper to Hero also has a modified Sword moveset including Meta Knight's upwards thrust attack.

Kirby Star Allies[edit]

Helpers return in Kirby Star Allies (which are known as Friends). Instead of needing to give up Kirby's Copy Ability like in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby uses a special item known as a Friend Heart to make friends and up to three can be recruited at any time. As Friends, they will be color coded by player order, and use the same headgear that Kirby does. In addition, they can combine their powers together and with Kirby to perform a Friend Ability, and can be controlled by up to 3 extra players. While CPU friends are following Kirby, he can jump onto their backs and control them directly if need be. If Kirby has an ability and no CPU Friends with him, an extra player joining will force Kirby to give up his ability and turn it into a Friend.

It is possible for Kirby to inhale his friends and use them as projectiles, or swallow them to gain their ability.

Friends who are KO'd will lie on the ground until revived, unless they fall to a hazard or go off-screen, in which case they will be removed from the stage shortly thereafter (or instantaneously if crushed). To revive a friend, the player can press and hold X (or the Up button when holding the Joy-Con sideways). After a few seconds, the friend gets revived by whichever character the player was using at that time with half their stamina.

If a friend is left KO'd when going through a doorway, that friend will be revived in the next area, though with minimal Stamina. This can be used in certain situations to save a friend that has been felled by a hazard or while underwater to save them before they are removed. KO'd allies will also be revived with minimal Stamina if sent flying by certain Boss moves, such as Whispy Woods' jump mid-fight.

List of Friends[edit]

Standard Friends in Kirby Star Allies  
Name Appearance Ability Mid-Boss? Name Appearance Ability Mid-Boss?
Beetley KSA Beetley Pause Screen Artwork.png Beetle No Gim KSA Gim Pause Screen Artwork.png Yo-Yo No
Bio Spark KSA Bio Spark Pause Screen Artwork.png Ninja No Jammerjab KSA Jammerjab Pause Screen Artwork.png Staff No
Birdon KSA Birdon Pause Screen Artwork.png Wing No Knuckle Joe KSA Knuckle Joe Pause Screen Artwork.png Fighter No
Blade Knight KSA Blade Knight Pause Screen Artwork.png Sword No NESP KSA NESP Pause Screen Artwork.png ESP No
Bonkers KSA Bonkers Pause Screen Artwork.png Hammer Yes Parasol Waddle Dee KSA Parasol Waddle Dee Pause Screen Artwork.png Parasol No
Broom Hatter KSA Broom Hatter Pause Screen Artwork.png Cleaning No Plugg KSA Plugg Pause Screen Artwork.png Plasma No
Bugzzy KSA Bugzzy Pause Screen Artwork.png Suplex Yes Poppy Bros. Jr. KSA Poppy Bros Jr Pause Screen Artwork.png Bomb No
Burning Leo KSA Burning Leo Pause Screen Artwork.png Fire No Rocky KSA Rocky Pause Screen Artwork.png Stone No
Chef Kawasaki KSA Chef Kawasaki Pause Screen Artwork.png Cook Yes Sir Kibble KSA Sir Kibble Pause Screen Artwork.png Cutter No
Chilly KSA Chilly Pause Screen Artwork.png Ice No Vividria KSA Vividria Pause Screen Artwork.png Artist Yes
Como KSA Como Pause Screen Artwork.png Spider No Waddle Doo KSA Waddle Doo Pause Screen Artwork.png Beam No
Driblee KSA Driblee Pause Screen Artwork.png Water No Wester KSA Wester Pause Screen Artwork.png Whip No


Official Kirby Portal video showcasing Helpers

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Names in other languages[edit]


Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘルパー
Dutch Bondgenoot Ally
French Acolyte Sidekick
German Helfer Helper
Italian Aiutante Helper
Korean 헬퍼
Portuguese Ajudante Helper
Russian Помощник
Spanish Ayudante Helper


Language Name Meaning
Japanese フレンズヘルパー
Furenzu Herupā
Friends Helper
Dutch Vriend Friend
French Ami Friend
German Freund Friend
Italian Amico Friend
Korean 프렌즈
Spanish Amigo Friend