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Fireworks KAR artwork.jpg
Artwork from Kirby Air Ride
Use Shoot a continual barrage of bullets forward
Obtained Boxes and out in the open in City Trial.
Game(s) Kirby Air Ride
Comparable to Crackler
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Fireworks[conjectural title] is an item which appears exclusively in City Trial, in Kirby Air Ride. It can be found out in the open, inside Green Boxes, or occasionally inside the Castle Hall secret chamber. Fireworks can also be found in Destruction Derby.

When Kirby picks up the item, he will be given a fireworks cone to hold, which will continuously shoot rounds forward. Up to 20 rounds can be fired, which will strike and damage boxes, vehicles, and rival racers they hit. If Kirby is hit while holding the Fireworks cone, however, he will drop it.