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Grape Garden - Stage 6

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Grape Garden - Stage 6
KNiDL Grape Garden Stage 6.png
Kirby climbs a ladder near the end of the stage. (Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land)
Level Grape Garden
Mid Boss(es) Mr. Tick-Tock
Big Switch Yes
Theme music

Clips of the music that plays in Grape Garden - Stage 6

Stage order
Grape Garden - Stage 5 Grape Garden - Stage 7 (boss battle) →
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Grape Garden - Stage 6 is the sixth stage of Grape Garden, the fourth level in Kirby's Adventure and its remake, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. It is the final stage before the boss fight against Kracko.


The stage consists of five primary rooms. The first places Kirby inside an interior winding hall which dips in and out of water, and through some foes and Bomb Blocks.

In the second room, Mr. Tick-Tock stands in Kirby's path, and must be defeated before proceeding.

In the third room, Kirby has to wander through a dark hallway for a bit. There is a hidden doorway here leading to a Big Switch, but Kirby may need to light the place up to find it.

After a brief detour through the first room once more, the fourth room contains a Stake puzzle and a Rocky to assist. To get the 1-Up, Kirby will need to bump it up to the surface.

In the last room, Kirby will need to do a little bit of climbing, but there's a beverage up top for his trouble alongside the stage exit.

Enemies and Mid-Boss[edit]

Sprite (KA/KNiDL) Name Copy Ability Sprite (KA/KNiDL) Name Copy Ability
KA Blade Knight sprite.png KNiDL Blade Knight sprite.png Blade Knight Sword KA Rocky sprite.png KNiDL Rocky sprite.png Rocky Stone
KA Blipper sprite.png KNiDL Blipper sprite.png Blipper None KA Scarfy sprite.png KNiDL Scarfy sprite.png Scarfy N/A
KA Bronto Burt sprite.png KNiDL Bronto Burt sprite.png Bronto Burt None KA Sir Kibble sprite.png KNiDL Sir Kibble sprite.png Sir Kibble Cutter
KA Cool Spook sprite.png KNiDL Cool Spook sprite.png Cool Spook Light KA Sir Slippy sprite.png KNiDL Sir Slippy sprite.png Slippy None
KA Glunk sprite.png KNiDL Glunk sprite.png Glunk None KA Starman sprite.png KNiDL Starman sprite.png Starman Hi-Jump
KA Hot Head sprite.png KNiDL Hot Head sprite.png Hot Head Fire KA Sword Knight sprite.png KNiDL Sword Knight sprite.png Sword Knight Sword
KA Kabu sprite.png KNiDL Kabu sprite.png Kabu None KA Waddle Dee sprite.png KNiDL Waddle Dee sprite.png Waddle Dee None
KA Parasol sprite.png KNiDL Parasol enemy sprite.png Parasol Parasol KA Waddle Doo sprite.png KNiDL Waddle Doo sprite.png Waddle Doo Beam
Sprite (KA/KNiDL) Name Copy Ability
KA Tick Tock sprite.png KNiDL Mr Tick Tock sprite.png Mr. Tick-Tock Mike