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This article or section is about the Copy Ability called "Copy" in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. For information about Copy Abilities in general, see Copy Ability.
Icon from Kirby Super Star Ultra.
Copy kirby.png
Artwork from Kirby Super Star Ultra.
Debut Game Kirby Super Star
Last Game Kirby Super Star Ultra
Obtained from Tac
Power(s) Copy enemies' power
Helper Tac
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Copy is an ability primarily obtained by absorbing a copy type enemy. It allows Kirby to perform one of several copy-based attacks, as listed below.

Kirby can also obtain the copy ability through Copy Essence Deluxes. With the copy ability equipped, Kirby can create Tac as a helper. Kirby's visual appearance does not change but rather than inhaling foes, Kirby puts on goggles to scan their powers.

Since Kirby can normally simply inhale foes to copy them, the copy ability is usually redundant. It has two advantages, however, over inhalation:

  • Some enemies, such as Scarfy, cannot be inhaled but can be copied.
  • In Milky Way Wishes, Kirby cannot copy enemies by inhaling them, but he can with the copy ability. This eliminates the main hardship in Milky Way Wishes, which is why its Copy Essence Deluxe can be difficult to find.

As a Helper, Tac has some unique attacks, which can be used to damage foes directly. He can also utilize a special Guard that makes him completely intangible.

Copy skills
Skill Button Execution
Analyze Beam
*Copies a foe's ability
Copy Move-set (Tac)
Skill Button Execution
Cat Magnum
Hold B and release
Discard Copy Ability
Tac Hide


  • The effect of the Copy ability's scan may have inspired the Scan Specs used by the Robobot Armor.