Single Race

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Single Race
Single Race Title.jpg
Title card for Single Race.
Type(s) Racing - Circuit
Levels 9
Players 1-4
Appears in Kirby Air Ride
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Single Race is a Stadium mode in Kirby Air Ride, having a chance to appear at the end of City Trial on default settings. It tasks the racers to race a single lap around one of the nine Air Ride courses.


Racers are tasked with taking their picked and patched machines to one of the nine standard Air Ride Courses, where the objective is to win in a single lap race. Racers can attack each-other, and if KO'd, will be forced to retire. The ninth course - Nebula Belt - is initially locked, but can be unlocked if the player plays in 10 other unique Stadiums.

The list of possible courses are as follows:


  • Single Race is arguably the least important Stadium mode in City Trial, as there is no Checklist objective devoted specifically to it.
  • The list of the Single Race courses in the Stadium is ordered differently than the one in Air Ride, where Celestial Valley is the second course, Magma Flows being the fifth, and Beanstalk Park being the sixth.