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KRtDL candle screenshot.png
A Candle shining in the darkness.
Use Lighting dark areas, lighting fuses, breaking Ice Blocks.
Game(s) Kirby's Return to Dream Land
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The candle[conjectural title] is an item, first appearing in Kirby's Return to Dream Land which helps illuminate dark places when held.

The candle is relatively simple in appearance, being a basic white wax with a modest flame and a blue base with a handle tipped by a star.

The candle can be picked up, carried, and thrown like many other items in the game. Similarly, the character holding a candle can only make one jump and cannot use any attack but Slide. When thrown, the candle itself can deal minor damage to enemies. As one might suspect, the candle's flame will go out if it is submerged in water, but it will also go out if carried through a door to a section that is not dark. Once extinguished, the candle will either break immediately if not held, or break once thrown if still held.

Much like any Fire-based attack, the candle can be used to break Ice Blocks, which is often necessary to obtain Energy Spheres.