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KaTAM Prank artwork.png
Artwork of Prank from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.
First game Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (2004)
Latest game Kirby: Triple Deluxe (2014, keychain)
Copy Ability None, Cook, but other projectiles provide Fire, Bomb, and Ice
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Prank is a purple, fiend-like enemy exclusively found in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. It is a small purple creature with physique similar to Kirby, though with longer legs and two horns atop its head. It is fairly rare, and attacks Kirby in novel ways, not all of which deal him damage.


Prank can be found in a few areas, waiting to attack Kirby when he approaches. Prank itself yields no Copy Ability when inhaled, but the objects it hurls during its mischievous pranks on Kirby yield Copy Abilities if they are ingested: Cook while throwing a frying pan, Fire from a fire ball, Bomb from a black bomb, and Ice from an ice block. One of Prank's attacks involves it throwing one of these objects at Kirby.

Another prank involves running up to Kirby and painting his face purple. This attack functions similarly to Leap's kiss, as Kirby is immobilized while the attack is in progress, and once it hits, Kirby must stop for a long moment to wipe his face clean.

The final prank involves laying down a banana peel for Kirby to trip on. Stepping on the peel will result in Kirby losing his current ability, though this will deal him no damage.

After performing an attack, Prank flees in the other direction as quickly as it can. Kirby can catch up to Prank and defeat it, though this will not yield him anything. Defeating Prank will cause it to not appear in the room again until Kirby leaves the room and then comes back.


In Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Prank can be found in the following rooms:

Prank locations in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror  
Rainbow Route Moonlight Mansion Cabbage Cavern Mustard Mountain Carrot Castle Olive Ocean Peppermint Palace Radish Ruins Candy Constellation Dimension Mirror


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プランク
French Farsetaf
German Dämonor From "Dämon" = "Demon"
Italian Taccolo Joke
Korean 프랭크
Spanish Deimon From "Demon"