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Enemy InfoBox
Artwork from Kirby's Dream Land 3.
Debut Game Kirby's Dream Land
Latest Game Kirby Star Allies
Other Game(s) Kirby's Adventure, Kirby's Pinball Land, Kirby's Dream Land 2, Kirby's Block Ball, Kirby Super Star, Kirby's Dream Land 3, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Kirby Air Ride, Kirby Super Star Ultra, Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Kirby: Planet Robobot, Kirby's Blowout Blast
Copy Ability None
Similar Enemies Poison Mash, Blopper
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Cappy is a minor enemy, recurring throughout the Kirby series, making its debut appearance in Kirby's Dream Land. Its basic appearance is that of a small, mushroom-like creature, possessing no appendages, and resumes movement by hopping. However, in certain games, Cappies are equipped with arms.

The Cappy's main method of attack is basically bumping into Kirby, resulting in a loss of energy. If Kirby inhales Cappy, its cap is taken separately, without its body, and its face is revealed. In the Revenge of the King stage in Kirby Super Star Ultra, the Poison Mash enemy appears, in place of Cappy.

Cappy has appeared in nearly every Kirby game since, but its form and function has never changed significantly. It remains a relatively insignificant obstacle.

Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

In the anime, most Cappies are allies to Kirby, and live in a village called Cappy Town. Cappies include Mabel, Curio, Chief Bookums and Mayor Len.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U trophy description

"This enemy looks rather like a mushroom...until Kirby tries to inhale him, that is--then his cap comes off and reveals the true form he's so cunningly been concealing. It might not be much of a surprise these days, though--Cappy's been around since the very first Kirby game. He's more like an old friend than an enemy at this point."