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Welcome to the Beginner's Show!
— Narrator of the Beginner's Room, Kirby Super Star

Welcome to WiKirby! This page should help any new or otherwise unfamiliar editors find their footing on this wiki, and get them accustomed to the way things are done around here. In the sections below are all of the information an aspiring editor will need to hit the ground running when editing articles, creating new pages, uploading files, creating templates, and more.

Who runs the show?

WiKirby is run by a small team of dedicated editors who will help whenever they can. To summarize as quickly as possible, here is the hierarchy of basic ranks on the wiki, in descending order:

Rank Active member(s) Description
SKC Mini Platinum.pngEditor-in-Chief Gigi The Editor-in-Chief is the leading staff member, appointed by the community. The Editor-in-Chief's responsibilities include adjudicating disputes between members, leading wiki projects, and enforcing policy. The Editor-in-Chief is the best person to ask regarding questions about the wiki, and is also very knowledgeable in the Kirby series.
SKC Mini Platinum.pngAssistant Editor-in-Chief Pinkyoshifan The Assistant Editor-in-Chief is the second-in-command staff member, and is also appointed by the community. The Assistant Editor-in-Chief's responsibilities are similar to those of the Editor-in-Chief, and they are expected to fill in in case the Editor-in-Chief is busy, or otherwise not available, as well as help them with their responsibilities as needed.
SKC Mini Platinum.pngBureaucrat YoshiFlutterJump Bureaucrats are high-ranking staff members who are responsible for adjusting the ranks of other members, and can also change the names of users or delete user accounts. There is very little on the wiki that Bureaucrats do not have access to.
SKC Mini Platinum.pngAdministrator DeepFriedCabbage
Administrators have the power to block users, change the protection level on pages, and delete pages and files. They have broad authority on most aspects of wiki content, and defer only to other admins and higher ranks.
SKC Mini Gold.pngModerator Basic Person
Moderators are basically senior Patrollers who have more experience. They have the power and responsibility to moderate edits made by anonymous and new users in order to approve or reject them. Moderators are the lowest rank who have the authority to settle disputes between editors. Users in this category are eligible to be promoted to Administrator should the need arise.
SKC Mini Silver.pngPatroller EleCyon
Patrollers are trusted users who have shown good editing spirit. They have the ability to roll back edits, mark pages as "Good", and mark edits as patrolled.
SKC Mini Bronze.pngAutopatrol Too many to list here... Autopatrol refers to users who have shown good editing spirit and are allowed to participate in voting on proposals. They are not part of staff, but they are typically a good pick to talk to about wiki matters if nobody else is around and are the first to consider for staff promotions.

For more information about ranks, including side ranks not mentioned here, see this page about Ranks.

Editing guides

The following are links to help and policy pages on WiKirby, sorted into four categories (or levels) based on difficulty.

Level 1: The very basics

It is recommended that those new to wiki editing read every page under this category and practice in the Sandbox before advancing to the next level pages:

Level 2: Essential guidelines and policies

There are many essential policies, but each page link is self-contained, and the contents do not need to be memorized right away. New and inexperienced users will be forgiven for not acting in accordance with policies, until such a time they are expected to know them:



Files and content

  • Image standards - policy regarding proper formatting of uploaded images.
  • Audio standards - policy regarding proper use of audio in pages.
  • Sourcing standards - standards regarding how to source files and expectations for sourcing.
  • Deletion policy - guidelines regarding when an article or file should be deleted.
  • Non-Kirby content - how to handle articles that cover subjects not pertaining specifically to the Kirby series.
  • Video policy - quality standards regarding uploaded and embedded videos.
  • Glitch policy - standards regarding coverage of glitches in articles.


Level 3: Advanced editing

These pages are for use by editors who want to become more serious, and are not required for basic operation on the wiki:

Level EX: Super advanced editing

For those users who want to really get into the nitty gritty, please be directed to the main MediaWiki site and browse its contents. A link to the site can be found here.

All policies and guidelines

For further information, the following table contains links to every policy and guideline page on the wiki, including some that are not mentioned in the above sections. This table serves as a handy reference to access every bit of information that an editor may need. Editors do not need to have read all of these pages in order to function on the wiki, and many are only present for legal purposes. Nevertheless, they are here to reference:

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