Wham Bam Jewel

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Wham Bam Jewel
Wham Bam Jewel in Kirby Super Star Ultra.
First game Kirby Super Star Ultra
Theme music

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Wham Bam Jewel is one of the main bosses appearing in Kirby Super Star Ultra. He serves as the final boss of Helper to Hero and as one of the Final Four in The True Arena. His overall figure is that of a large triclops creature, with three red eyes. His hands, visibly consisting of blue gems, can unlatch from his body, becoming obstacles, and can grant Kirby the Stone Copy Ability. He is also able to drop bombs, appropriately granting the Bomb Copy Ability. He wears a golden pair of earrings and a crown, and sports very sharp fangs. Another attack added to his moveset is an actual finger gun move (Wham Bam Rock himself did not fire bullets from his hands.). Wham Bam Jewel possesses no visible body during battle, but in a cut scene, while in The True Arena, it is confirmed he has no body.


  • Wham Bam Jewel's figure is very similar to Wham Bam Rock's appearance in the original Kirby Super Star.
  • His attack pattern makes him similar to Master Hand and Crazy Hand, especially due to his new finger-gun.