Goldon & Silvox

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Goldon & Silvox.jpg
Screencap of Goldon & Silvox.
Debut Game Kirby Star Allies
Relative(s) Pon & Con
Similar to Lololo & Lalala
Nruff and Nelly
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Goldon & Silvox are a duo Boss who made their debut in Kirby Star Allies. They are very similar to Pon & Con, and can be considered an EX version of them. They look much the same, but they are not trussed up in armor, instead having silver and golden fur. They can be found in Story Mode on Mareen Moon in Far-Flung Starlight Heroes, and can also be encountered in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! and The Ultimate Choice on higher difficulties.

Goldon & Silvox fight in a very similar manner to Pon & Con, and also carry their children in tow. Once the fight reaches the half-way point, however, the arena changes to a much larger one with shutters in the middle. These shutters are meant to keep Kirby and his friends from crossing the middle of the stage, but they can be destroyed by attacking them.


The following table lists all of Goldon & Silvox's attack in Kirby Star Allies. Attacks in italics are used in the second half of the fight only:

Goldon & Silvox's Attacks in Kirby Star Allies  
Attack Description
Rush Goldon & Silvox run across the arena much faster than Pon & Con, jumping where there are gaps on the platforms. Their children are often in tow.
Goldon & Silvox may also build up speed before running.
Junior-only Movement Only the Juniors run across a decked platform.
During the second phase of the fight, Waddle Doo may run along with these juniors.
Bomb Drop The Juniors on the ceiling (which can be defeated) drop an ice bomb and a fire bomb simutaneously out of the three gaps on the ceiling, creating hazards in explosion which can be inhaled.
The bombs can be destroyed in one hit by the respective weakness:
Shutter Gate Goldon & Silvox summon a shutter gate in the middle of the stage at the beginning of the second phase.
The shutters in the middle open and close for Goldon & Silvox when they pass through. These can be destroyed (easier with fire-based attacks).
Hidden Bomb Goldon & Silvox run to the shutters in the middle, then feint by planting a bomb where they would have come out and appear out a shutter and a different floor.
A fire bomb comes out from the the door Goldon enters while an ice bomb comes out from the door Silvox enters.
Attack names are taken from Japanese guide book.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Chinese 金狸&银狐 (chs)
金狸&銀狐 (cht)
jīn lí (Goldon)
yín hú (Silvox)
Gold Tanuki (Goldon)
Silver Fox (Silvox)