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Spear of the heart

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Spear of the heart
KSA heart spear screenshot.png
Screenshot of a collectable spear of the heart from Heroes in Another Dimension in Kirby Star Allies.
Use Sealing and/or shattering the Jamba Heart, forming the Star Allies Sparkler
Obtained End of stages in Heroes in Another Dimension
Game(s) Kirby Star Allies
Comparable to Star Rod
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Hyness did not fully grasp how to completely break the seal. All that was written about Void Termina in the ancient scrolls was the progenitor of darkness was vanquished by four heroes of yore, using four spears of the heart. After that, they were never seen again.
— VS Hyness (Phase 1) in The Ultimate Choice

The spears of the heart are four magical relics which were used in ancient times by four heroes of yore to seal Void Termina inside the Jamba Heart prior to the events of Kirby Star Allies. These spears can be seen embedded in the heart in the opening cutscene for the Story Mode of that game, and are removed by Hyness using a ritual in order to free his dark god, but in the process, the heart is shattered. The spears return later in the game after Kirby and company defeat Hyness, and imbue themselves into the team's Friend Star to transform it into the Star Allies Sparkler, with which they can battle and defeat Void Termina.

In Heroes in Another Dimension, Kirby and company collect each of the spears from the parallel bosses at the end of the first four dimensions. In the final dimension, these spears are used to shatter the Jamba Heart in order to release Corrupt Hyness so that he can be battled and defeated.

Other appearances[edit]

In Super Kirby Clash, when Aeon Hero (Dark) uses his "Twenty Five Energy Shower" attack, the projectiles he rains down resemble the spears of the heart.

In Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, a spear of the heart is depicted as a possible design on the tomes in the Magolor's Tome Trackers Sub-Game.

The spears of the heart also make an appearance in the Kirby novels Kirby Star Allies: The Great Friend Adventure! and Kirby Star Allies: The Universe is in Trouble?!.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 心のヤリ
Kokoro no yari
Spear of the heart