Paint Roller

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Boss InfoBox
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Artwork from Canvas Curse.
Debut Game Kirby's Adventure
Last Game Kirby: Canvas Curse
Other Game(s) Kirby's Avalanche, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
Weakness(es) Enemy projectiles, any Copy Ability
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Paint Roller is one of the many main bosses appearing in Kirby's Adventure, its remake Nightmare in Dream Land, and Kirby's Avalanche. Its appearance is that of an orange, spherical creature with long, thin arms and legs, sporting a pair of red roller skates and a baseball cap. Its hands are five-fingered and always gloved, while its face consists of nothing more than a pair of big, round eyes and pink cheeks. Apart from its major game appearances, Paint Roller is also seen in a Canvas Curse subgame, as well as an episode of the anime, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.

Game Appearances

Kirby's Adventure/Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land

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Paint Roller and the many things he can draw.

In Kirby's Adventure, and its remake, Nightmare in Dream Land, Paint Roller is the boss of Ice Cream Island. It is battled in a large room, containing four canvases. During the battle, Paint Roller sprints to one of the canvases in the room and paints an image that comes to life, and begins chasing Kirby. It can create eight different paintings which, except for two, result in a Copy Ability when swallowed. The canvases that Paint Roller draws on are chosen at random, and without using an Ability, after six hits, Paint Roller is ultimately defeated. In Nightmare in Dream Land, it is bigger and the surrounding scenery, being slightly altered, sports a rainbow.

Paint Roller is able to create the following things:

  • Waddle Dee: Runs in Kirby's direction. Similar to its real counterpart, it gives no ability if swallowed.
  • Cloud: Floats around the stage, and shoots lightning. Gives Spark ability if swallowed.
  • Car: Drives at a high speed, trying to crash into Kirby. Gives Wheel ability if swallowed.
  • Baseball: Flies directly at Kirby. Gives Ball ability if swallowed.
  • Painted Parasol: Follows Kirby, and then explodes. Gives Parasol ability if swallowed.
  • Bomb: Explodes after a fixed amount of time. Gives Crash ability if swallowed.
  • Microphone: A microphone that walks around. Gives Mike ability if swallowed.
  • Kirby: Sometimes, Paint Roller will paint a duplicate of Kirby. It is basically the same as Waddle Dee, and does not give an ability.

Kirby's Avalanche

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Paint Roller's appearance in Kirby's Avalanche portrays it, again, as a boss. Before it battles Kirby, it states that it would paint Kirby "a lovely portrait... ...of [him] losing to [it]" and then laughs. It is revealed that Paint Roller is an art student, indicated by Kirby's dialogue with it.

Kirby: Canvas Curse

Appearing in Kirby: Canvas Curse, Paint Roller is a boss during the mini-game "Paint Panic". It paints outlines of objects, which Kirby must redraw in a connect-the-dots fashion. If Kirby is too slow, however, the Bombers that follow him catch up with him and explode. If Kirby reaches the end, he must activate a self-destruct code, defeating Paint Roller.


Paint Roller appears in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode "Dedede's Monsterpiece", where it steals various portraits from the art academy (Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Botticelli, etc.) to recreate them into looking like Dedede and Escargoon.


  • In Kirby's Avalanche, Paint Roller's name appears as "PAIN" while facing Kirby.