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Kirby 3D Rumble - Level 2

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Level 2 is the second level of Kirby 3D Rumble in Kirby: Planet Robobot. This level is still a grassy theme, but is now set in the evening. It consists of four stages.

Full Combo on this level is 45.


The Candy Mountain theme from Kirby Super Star plays through most of the level, with Stage 2-4 playing the boss theme from Kirby's Dream Land 3 instead.


Stage 2-1[edit]

Stage 2-1.

This platform consists of a 5x5 central area with extended corners and two small extensions on the left and right side. There are two silver coins on these small extensions.

Enemies (in order of appearance):

Stage 2-2[edit]

Stage 2-2.

This platform consists of a large 8x8 area bordered on all sides but the bottom by an elevated one block width barrier, holding numerous trees. There are four bronze coins and four silver coins.

Enemies (in order of appearance):

Stage 2-3[edit]

Stage 2-3.

This platform is shaped like a sideways capital H, with Kirby appearing on the lower part. There are four star blocks on the lower part with him, and three trees on the upper part. There are two Food items and no coins.

Enemies (in order of appearance):

Stage 2-4[edit]

Stage 2-4.

The last platform is rather large, and rounded on the bottom, with three elevated platforms with trees bordering it on its other sides. There are two silver coins, two gold coins and one food item to collect here. Once Masher is defeated, the level is complete.

Enemies (in order of appearance):