Channel PPP Crew

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The Channel PPP Crew in Kirby: Battle Royale.
Debut Game Kirby: Battle Royale
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The Channel PPP Crew are a quartet of Waddle Dees who act as reporters. They were first introduced on the Kirby 25th Anniversary Twitter Feed, serving as a means to report on updates for the Kirby series games, merchandise and other news. Eventually, they found their way to the game Kirby: Battle Royale. There, they interview various fighters, starting with some of the Kirby clones, then moving on to the genuine article when it becomes clear who the front runner is.

The Channel PPP Crew consists of the following members:

  • Reporter Waddle Dee - Wears a bow-tie and carries a microphone. Does most of the talking.
  • Microphone Waddle Dee - Wears headphones and carries the boom mic.
  • Camera Waddle Dee - Wears a backwards green cap and carries the camera.
  • Assistant Waddle Dee - Wears a blue beanie and holds the queue cards.


  • According to Microphone Waddle Dee, Meta Knight has a bit of a potty mouth in battle.
  • The name Channel PPP Crew comes from the Japanese name of Dream Land ('Pupupu Land').