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Jam Jungle - Stage 4

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Jam Jungle - Stage 4
KSqS Jam Jungle - Stage 4.png
Kirby electrifies the platforms to defeat his foes in the metallic wastes.
Level Jam Jungle
Mid Boss(es) Bubloo or Tedhaun
Mr. Frosty
EX Stage? No
Treasure(s) Blue Graphic Piece
Secret Map Piece
Hidden Door Key
Theme music

Clip of the music that primarily plays in Jam Jungle - Stage 4

Stage Order
Stage 3 Stage 5
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Jam Jungle - Stage 4 is the fourth stage of Jam Jungle in Kirby: Squeak Squad. The secret door key which unlocks Stage EX can be found here.


The stage takes place across seven major areas, with one distinct split along the way. It begins in a decidedly jarring shift of locale, landing Kirby in a run-down metallic zone. In this area, Kirby is able to transfer shocking sparks along the floors and walls using the Spark ability. The path ends in a split between an upper and lower door, though the lower one is also barred by a switch gate in the floor. The lower door leads to a singular room with Heavy Knights and a 1Up. The upper door leads forward.

Ahead is a double hallway leading to the right. The lower hallway is inaccessible at this time.

The next area is a room leading to a vertical column with a split path along the way, leading to two separate doors forward.

Taking the right door leads to a relatively undisturbed cave area filled with spikes and other hazards. A Gold Waddle Dee can be found here, which Kirby will need to catch in order to get a treasure chest. From there, a door can be found that will take Kirby to the same area he would have automatically gone to had he taken the left door initially. Kirby finds himself in a wide room with barrels visible in a separate chamber above. From there, Kirby can immediately go through another door, or he can activate a switch above to try and get at the barrels. This will land him in a fight with the Bubble ability-yielding mid-boss Bubloo (or Tedhaun). Defeating it allows Kirby to progress further to the left. This will allow him to access a cannon to fire him upward through metal blocks. There, he will contend with more enemies as the path leads right. At the end, the barrels can finally be accessed, but only contain minor items. However, there is another doorway above them. Entering it takes Kirby to a room where he can access a treasure chest, and also get a preview of the large chest he will grab later.

The next area is a series of rooms stacked on top of each-other. Each one contains a different enemy and are linked by ladders going upward. In the uppermost room are three Waddle Doos situated atop a breakable platform. Kirby will need to pass them to get further up. At the top is a path splitting off to two separate doors once again. The rightmost one is blocked off by meltable metal blocks. Taking the upper door will lead Kirby back to the double-hallway he saw earlier, but will instead place him on the lower path. He will have to mind the sparks on the ground, but it won't be a problem if he got the Wheel bubble from earlier. Passing through the next door leads to a pit fight with Mr. Frosty in a room surrounded by sparks. The Beam ability is made available in a bubble above in case Kirby needs it. Defeating him opens one of the stage exits.

If Kirby instead takes the door to the right, he will enter the hall where the large chest is. Collecting it calls Storo onto the scene, who will pursue Kirby, but another path can be found forward from here.

The last area is a room surrounded on all sides by sparks. Here, Kirby must do battle with Storo before he can progress. The Beam ability is made available in a bubble above in case Kirby needs it. Once Storo goes down for the count, the other stage exit will appear in the middle of the room.

Enemies, mid-bosses, and abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Copy Abilities


Picture Name Description Screenshot
KSqS Graphic Piece Blue Sprite.png Blue Graphic Piece Part of a big picture. KSqS Jam Jungle - Stage 4, Chest 1.png
KSqS Secret Map Piece Sprite 3.png Secret Map Piece Part of a map to a secret place. KSqS Jam Jungle - Stage 4, Chest 2.png
KSqS Key 4 Sprite.png Hidden Door Key Secret stage available.
Unlocks Jam Jungle-Secret.
KSqS Jam Jungle - Stage 4, Chest 3.png