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Free Star

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Free Star
KAR Free Star Small.png
Artwork of the Free Star from Kirby Air Ride
Flavor text None
Unlock for Air Ride Unavailable in Air Ride
Emphasis None
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The Free Star is one of the two ridable Top Ride machines in Kirby Air Ride. The machine's controls are significantly different from both the larger Air Ride machines and the Steer Star: instead of strictly using the left and right controls, it matches exactly the direction inputted on the control stick or the directional pad.


This machine appears as a strange, vaguely shaped five-pointed star, similar to the Compact Star base, colored a dark-red hue. Adorning each of its four "wings" is a small, white triangle decal. The machine's base sports an elongated, white stripe, reaching from front, to back; the tip being a small, white triangle.

As so with the Steer Star, no apparent propulsion units are equipped.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フリースター
Furī Sutā
Free Star