Free Star

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Free Star
Artwork of Kirby riding the Free Star for Kirby Air Ride.
Flavor Text None
Unlock for Air Ride Unavailable for Air Ride
Emphasis None
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The Free Star is a ridable machine in Kirby Air Ride. The first of two available Top Ride machines, this vehicle's controls are significantly different than its counterpart, the Steer Star: instead of strictly using the left and right controls, it is able to fully rotate in a 360 degree circle via analog stick.


This machine appears as a strange, vaguely shaped five-pointed star, similar to the Compact Star base, colored a dark-red hue. Adorning each of its four "wings" is a small, white triangle decal. The machine's base sports an elongated, white stripe, reaching from front, to back; the tip being a small, white triangle.

As so with its cousin, no apparent propulsion units are equipped.


  • The Free Star strongly resembles the machine Kirby sits atop during Nintendo's Kirby Air Ride beta preview.[1]