Dedede Clones & D3

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Dedede Clones & D3
KPR Dedede Clones and D3.png
Dedede Clones & D3, as they appear just before the battle resumes.
First game Kirby: Planet Robobot
Similar to Dededestroyer Z
Theme music

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Quote1.png Something was missing from Dedede's clone--a weapon of immense power. When Susie realized this, she introduced the D3 Cannon, a tridimensional cannon controlled by three Dedede Clones. Quote2.png
— VS Dedede Clones & D3

Dedede Clones & D3 are a Boss fought in Kirby: Planet Robobot, appearing as the second boss of Rhythm Route. They are fought directly after Dedede Clone is defeated, and the split clones retreat to pilot the D3 Cannon created by the Haltmann Works Company.

Game Appearances[edit]

Kirby: Planet Robobot[edit]

This boss is fought directly after Dedede Clone's initial stamina bar is depleted. The mech appears, and the clone, now split into three smaller ones, mans the mech and resumes battling Kirby on top of a large skyscraper.

Boss Battle[edit]

According to Nintendo's Japanese official guide book of Kirby: Planet Robobot, the attack names of Dedede Clones & D3 all begin with the letter D.

When knocked down to half health, the clones and mech stagger, then enter the second phase and intensify their attacks using new weapons.

The following lists all of Dedede Clones & D3's attacks in Kirby: Planet Robobot.

The mech repositions itself in Phase 1 of the battle.
Dedede Clones & D3 2.0.
Dedede Clones & D3's Attacks in Kirby: Planet Robobot
Attack Description
Diesel Train The mech repositions itself, following a path traced on the ground, and occasionally leaving Recoil Stars as it does so. It can only be hit when it is on the same plane as Kirby.
  • During the second phase in 1.0 battle, the mech may follow a path in a circle around the arena several times, moving very quickly, sometimes changing direction, and occasionally leaving stars.
  • During the second phase in 2.0 battle, the mech may trace a path around each quarter-circle, occasionally leaving stars as it does so.
Dead Beam Machinegun The mech fires a barrage of energy blasts in a stream that slowly sweeps the arena.
  • In 2.0 battle, the mech fires two barrages in a row with a faster rate of fire.
  • The energy blasts only hit the ground and can be easily avoided by jumping.
Disaster Flame The mech shoots out several lines of flame, which leave lasting conflagration on the ground.
  • In 1.0 battle, the mech shoots 3 lines of flame
  • In 2.0 battle, the mech shoots 4 lines of flame and the conflagration lasts on the ground for a longer time than in 1.0 battle.

During the second phase, the mech fires up its flamethrower, then sweeps the arena with it.

  • In 2.0 battle, the mech does this as it moves into the middle of the arena, doing two full spins.
Dynamic Bomber The mech shoots giant bombs, that Kirby must destroy before it explodes. The bomb leaves two stars when it first hits the ground. If Kirby can hit it hard enough, it will bounce back and hit D3 instead.
  • In every odd number round, the mech shoots one bomb in 1.0 battle or two bombs in 2.0 battle.
  • In every even number round, the mech shoots three bombs.
Danger Laser The mech charges up, and fires a giant laser the spans the screen and leaves three stars on the ground.
  • In 2.0 battle, the mech will fire this laser from an unreachable position.
Destruction Ray The mech springs itself up, and fires an even bigger laser from its cannon, which it will adjust while firing using its spring base. Three stars are left behind after the laser subsides.
  • In 2.0 battle, the mech will still perform this even if there is still lasting conflagration on the ground.

Once defeated, the D3 mech spins rapidly out of control, then stops, and bursts, sending all three Dedede clones flying off into the background, who then explode in sequence, leaving three D-letter fireworks in the sky. From there, Kirby does his victory dance, and proceeds to the next level.

Other Appearances[edit]

Quote1.png This tridimensional cannon is extremely expensive, costing a whopping four times more than Mecha Knight. However, it's still much cheaper than Haltmann's Executive Suit, which is made of pure gold. Quote2.png
— VS Dedede Cl. & D3 2.0

Dedede Clones & D3 are also fought in The Arena. Likewise, the upgraded variant, Dedede Clones & D3 2.0 (Dedede Cl. & D3 2.0 in short) are fought in both Meta Knightmare Returns and The True Arena.


Form Mode HP
(Star Bullet=52)
Dedede Clones & D3 Story Mode 550
The Arena 412
Dedede Clones & D3 2.0 Meta Knightmare Returns 680
The True Arena 510

If a Dynamic Bomber is hit back onto Dedede Clones & D3, it does 40×9=360 damage.


Main article: King Dedede's Theme
Main article: My Friend and the Sunset

Dedede Clones & D3's boss battle theme is titled "Dedede's Tridimensional Cannon".[1] It's an orchestral mashup of King Dedede's Theme and "My Friend and the Sunset" (ending theme of Revenge of Meta Knight).

Dedede Clones & D3's Theme can be found as Track 51 in Planet Robobot's Jukebox.

Unlike King Dedede's Theme in 4/4 time signature, Dedede Clones & D3's Theme is composed in 3/4 time instead, which resembles "My Friend and the Sunset" in 6/8.


  • The D3 Cannon costs 9.3 billion Haltmanns, which is four times as many as Clanky Woods[2] / Mecha Knight; 5 billion more than Gigavolt[2] (4.3 billion Haltmanns).
    • Dedede Clones & D3's defeat soundtrack is called "9.3 Billion in Anguish"[1] which actually refers to the D3 Cannon's cost.
    • The Japanese pause flavor text also mentioned that the D3 Cannon's cost is only one fourth of President Haltmann's Executive Suit (37.2 billion Haltmanns).[2]
  • Despite the D3 Cannon's high technology, pedals are required for maneuvers.
  • The two side cannons for D3 2.0 vaguely resemble Poké Balls. This may merely be a coincidence.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クローンデデデ&D3砲
Kurōn Dedede ando Di-Surī Hō
Clone Dedede & D3 Cannon
German Dedede-Klone & D3 Dedede Clones & D3
Korean 클론 디디디 & D3 대포
Keullon Dididi & D3 Daepo
Clone Dedede & D3 Cannon