Friend Super-Vac

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Friend Ability InfoBox
Friend Super-Vac.jpg
Kirby performs Friend Super-Vac.
Debut Game Kirby Star Allies
Type(s) Unlimited use
Requirements Cleaning (& one or more Friends)
Power(s) Launch Friends as projectiles.
Comparable to Friend Throw
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Friend Super-Vac is a Friend Ability present in Kirby Star Allies.


To perform Friend Super-Vac, Cleaning Kirby or Broom Hatter will need to press and hold ↑ to start vacuuming.

With Friends

Up to 3 of Kirby's Friends can be sucked into it. Once they are stuck in the vacuum nozzle, Kirby or Broom Hatter can then launch them back out with incredible force, causing them to ricochet around the area, which are able to break huge blocks that normally cannot be destroyed (like Friend Throw). While in the state of being launched, the Friends are invulnerable to most forms of damage.

A launched Friend does 420 damage on first hit, 105 damage on second hit, and 42 damage on third hit and onward. (For reference, a Star Bullet does 520 damage.)

Without Friends

In addition, Friend Super-Vac still functions when there is no Friend. Like Kirby's Inhale, the vaccum can suck common enemies as well, including bigger variants such as Puppet Waddle Dee, Anger Masker's mask, Shield enemy's shield and Floaty the Cell Core. However, the vaccum range decreases as time goes by. It can also suck Ability Stars and Ability Hats.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バキューマフレンズ
Bakyū-ma Furenzu
Vaccum Friends
Chinese 吸尘器盟友 (chs)
吸塵器盟友 (cht)
xī chén qì méng yǒu
Vaccum Friends