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This article or section is about The final level in Kirby Star Allies Story Mode. For information about the game, see Kirby Star Allies.

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Kirby Star Allies Level InfoBox
Kirby Star Allies Card.jpg
Title card for Kirby Star Allies
Normal Stages 0
Boss(es) Void Termina
World Order
<-- Far-Flung Starlight Heroes Last World
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Kirby Star Allies is the fifth and final level in Kirby Star Allies. It is accessed once Kirby defeats Hyness in Far-Flung Starlight Heroes, and consists solely of the fight with the final boss - Void Termina.


Main article: Void Termina

The fight with Void Termina takes place in five distinct stages. Each stage alternates between Kirby firing at Void Termina using the Star Allies Sparkler and battling on foot inside Void Termina's body. In the first four stages, Kirby has to deplete Void Termina's Stamina bar. In the last stage, Kirby engages in a pushing contest with Void Termina using a laser to finally defeat it.

Completing this level completes the Story Mode of Kirby Star Allies.