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Target Flight

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Target Flight
Target Flight Title.png
Title card for Target Flight.
Type(s) Flying (target)
Levels 1
Players 1-4
Appears in Kirby Air Ride
Theme music

Clip of the "Stadium: Target Flight" theme
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I see numbers on the side of a machine...
— Stadium Prediction for Target Flight in Kirby Air Ride

Target Flight is a Stadium mode in Kirby Air Ride, having a chance to appear at the end of City Trial on default settings. It tasks the racers to fly their machines into a scoreboard to earn as many points as possible.


Kirby flies toward the target board.

Target Flight takes place in two rounds. In each round, the Kirbys begin flying on a long runway, designed to convey advantage to faster vehicles. From there, after boosting off the ramp, the Kirbys fly into a large board made up of panels with numbers on them. To earn points, Kirby must crash his vehicle into one of these panels - preferably one with a higher number on it - to gain that number as points. In addition to the numbers on the board, there are also number panels on the floor, which are mostly of lesser value. The winner is whoever has the highest score after the points from both rounds are added together.

On the wall board, there is always a panel worth 50 points, a panel worth 100 points, and a random assortment of lesser panels. These are in different positions every round. The panel with 100 points has a shutter on it which repeatedly opens and closes. If Kirby hits the shutter, he will gain no points, and also cause the shutter to stop moving. There are also some closed panels from the beginning which can't open and will give 0 points when hit. If another player hits one of the panels on the wall, it will become a light shade and any other players who try to hit that panel will score 0 points. On the floor, the highest scoring panel is one worth 40 points which - like the wall panels - is in a random position.

The highest attainable score is 200 points (hitting the 100 spot in both rounds). To attain this, it is necessary to have a vehicle that is not only faster than the others, but also maneuverable enough that it can properly be aimed once it leaves the ramp. Timing with the boost pads near the end of the ramp is also something to consider, as going too fast might cause Kirby to reach the 100 spot just as the shutter closes completely.

Checklist objectives[edit]

The following are all Checklist objectives associated with Target Flight:

  • "Stadium: TARGET FLIGHT Get more than 1,500 points!"
  • "Stadium: TARGET FLIGHT In one game, get a perfect score: 200 points!"
  • "Stadium: TARGET FLIGHT In one game, get exactly 90 points!"
  • "Stadium: TARGET FLIGHT In one game, get over 150 points!"
  • "Stadium: TARGET FLIGHT Play 15 times or more!"
  • "Stadium: TARGET FLIGHT Stay airborne longer than 15 seconds!" (reward: Music: Target Flight)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポイントストライク
pointo sutoraiku
Point Strike
French Target Flight -
German Target Flight -
Italian Target Flight -
Spanish Target Flight -