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Fecto Forgo

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Fecto Forgo
KatFL Fecto Forgo larval form screenshot.png
Screenshot of Fecto Forgo in its initial larval state from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
First appearance Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Related Elfilin
Fecto Elfilis
Chaos Elfilis
Similar Star Dream
Void Termina
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When ID-F86 arrived, it began attacking all of the native wildlife. The creature was captured soon after and turned into a test subject. The native inhabitants used it to create tech beyond their wildest dreams. They eventually used that tech to leave the planet altogether, but ID-F86 remained, forgotten and fractured.
— Figure description for Fecto Forgo (Larva) from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Fecto Forgo, also known as ID-F86 and the Great One, is a fractured alien life-form with immense psychic power and malevolent ambitions, which was introduced in Kirby and the Forgotten Land and is the overarching antagonist of the game. Prior to the events of the game, the creature had invaded the new world in its whole state as Fecto Elfilis, and attempted to subsume all the life on the planet into itself, but it was stopped and contained by the civilization that lived there, and later subjected to experimentation in their Lab Discovera. There, the new world civilization was able to learn from the creature's abilities how to develop "planetary warp" technology, allowing them to ascend into a "land of dreams" and leave their world behind forever. Before they left, however, a "warp-experiment incident" caused Fecto Elfilis to split into two beings: one of which was the remnant Fecto Forgo who remained in stasis, and the other of which was Elfilin, who managed to escape, but with no memory of his previous connections or power.

In order to try and become whole again, Fecto Forgo used its psychic influence to control the mind of Leongar, who then formed the Beast Pack and used it to try and gather power and reclaim Elfilin. Despite Kirby's interference, Fecto Forgo managed to succeed at this task and reincorporate Elfilin into itself, but was then shortly dispatched by Kirby after Elfilin was re-separated. With its physical body destroyed, Fecto Forgo's soul fled into the realm of dreams and took Leongar's body with it, trying to subsume itself into his body as a replacement for its own. Kirby and Elfilin venture into the Isolated Isles of Forgo Dreams and stop this from happening by reclaiming the lost pieces of Leon's soul, and Soul Forgo tries to intervene, but is shortly subsumed by a familiar red-and-orange butterfly and incorporated into Morpho Knight, using the same gag as in Kirby Star Allies with Galacta Knight. Its final form of Chaos Elfilis (the being created from Morpho Knight's energy after its defeat) is eventually defeated by Kirby, and the last remnants of Fecto Forgo's life energy then returns to Elfilin, ending the conflict for good.


The origin of Fecto Forgo's name has not been concretely confirmed. "Fecto" may come from "perfect", as Fecto Elfilis is known as the Perfect Lifeform in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. "Forgo" is likely a shortened form of "forgotten", as their figure description states they were left forgotten by those who departed from the planet. In Japanese, their name (フェクト・フォルガ) is spelled like the words パーフェクト "perfect", which is used in the Japanese name of the cutscene The Ultimate Life-Form, and フォルガトゥン "forgotten", which is used instead of just "Forgo" at the beginning of the Japanese stage names in Forgo Dreams. This also applies to the Korean version as well.


Fecto Forgo (Larva)[edit]

The larval state of Fecto Forgo is first seen in Lab Discovera, inside the Eternal Capsule. This form resembles a giant embryo or fetus that vaguely resembles Elfilin, though heavily deformed and with visible energy coursing through its veins. It is in this state that it is known as the "Great One" by Leongar and the Beast Pack. It is implied (and directly stated in the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean versions) that this form of Fecto Forgo is unstable, and would quickly dissolve if it were to leave its capsule, so Fecto Forgo is left to concoct its plan by remotely affecting the minds of creatures throughout the new world, including most notably Leongar and King Dedede.

Invasive Species: Fecto Forgo[edit]

Fecto Forgo
KatFL Fecto Forgo Splash Screen.jpg
Title card for Fecto Forgo from Kirby and the Forgotten Land
First game Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Copy Abilities Ranger, Cutter, Fire (enemies)
Relative(s) Elfilin
Fecto Elfilis
Theme music

Music for the battle with Fecto Forgo in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

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The invading species, alone and incomplete without Elfilin, was trapped in the Eternal Capsule. Their only refuge was the realm of their dreams. Those dreams spread powerful waves of psychic energy all over the world, slowly taking control of the animals they reached. Escape would require more energy...
— Figure description for Invasive Species: Fecto Forgo from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

When Kirby foils Fecto Forgo's initial carefully-laid plan, it gives up any semblance of planning and instead breaks out of its capsule to subsume Leongar's body and the bodies of several other Beast Pack members, forming a hideous teal amalgam with the heads of all the creatures it had eaten, most notably including Leongar's face, which is now red and deformed, and one of his arms. In this state, Fecto Forgo is fought as the second boss of Lab Discovera.

The specific enemies seen in Fecto Forgo's amalgam form, from left to right, are as follows: a Poison Croakom, four Sssnackers, a Digguh, a Balloon-Meister, a Primal Awoofy, an Orabiroo, a Gnawcodile, and Leongar, whose head now sports the ear of a Bernard and the horn of a Buffahorn. Notably, all these enemies are new to Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and are members of the Beast Pack.

The battle against Fecto Forgo is a running fight, as Kirby needs to keep ahead to avoid making contact with the creature's blob-like form. At regular intervals, the creature lunges at Kirby and tries to bite him using Leongar's head, which creates Dropped Stars on either side. It may also throw pieces of itself at Kirby as projectiles which linger on the ground and also produce Dropped Stars. Along the way, a number of ability-providing enemies appear which Kirby can use to gain an ability or as ammunition. These enemies include Bernard, Sir Kibble, and Hothead, which loop in that order.

If Kirby doesn't defeat the amalgamation in under approximately three minutes, the long corridor will reach a dead end, and Fecto Forgo will stop moving and throwing pieces toward Kirby. Kirby no longer needs to run away at this point, and it will only attack by using its lunging bite.

Fecto Forgo has 1,600 HP in Lab Discovera and 1,120 HP at the Colosseum.[1]

The following lists both of Fecto Forgo's attacks during battle, not counting them slithering towards Kirby during battle. The attack names listed come from the Kirby and the Forgotten Land Perfect Support Guide:

Fecto Forgo's attacks in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Attack Description
Fecto Forgo roars, charges up while locking onto Kirby's current position and then quickly slithers up and attempts to bite him using Leongar's head. Dropped Stars appear on both sides afterwards.
If the screen stops scrolling after prolonging the fight for a while, then this attack is all Forgo can do.
Using Leongar's hand, Fecto Forgo throws three or four parts of themselves onto certain spots of the hallway, leaving behind slime puddles that damage Kirby when stepped on. Dropped Stars are left behind for some of the puddles.
If the screen stops scrolling after prolonging the fight for a while, then this attack will stop coming out.

Fecto Elfilis[edit]

Main article: Fecto Elfilis

In their whole form, Fecto Forgo and Elfilin combine to form Fecto Elfilis, the "Ultimate Life-Form". Kirby has to battle this creature at the helipad atop the lab as the final boss of Lab Discovera. In this form, Fecto Elfilis has the ability to fly freely through the air, attack with a long spear, and create gigantic dimensional rifts. Eventually, Kirby is able to free Elfilin from Fecto Elfilis' body. Even when this is done, however, Fecto Elfilis still has time to try and invoke the Roche Limit on both Planet Popstar and the new world before it disintegrates, and Kirby has to stop it with the help of Elfilin and a Big-Rig truck.

Psychic Beast: Soul Forgo[edit]

Soul Forgo, as it appears in its shadowy form while controlling Forgo Leon.

After its loss to Kirby in the main story and now without Elfilin to keep it whole, Fecto Forgo's soul somehow manages to survive and turns into Soul Forgo, titled Psychic Beast. It keeps Leon captive in its dreams, and Kirby must collect pieces of Leon's soul in the Isolated Isles of Forgo Dreams. After failing to control Forgo Leon into defeating Kirby, Soul Forgo initiates a battle, but is distracted when it notices a butterfly nearby. The butterfly then makes contact with Soul Forgo, absorbs their power and forms the scarlet-clad Morpho Knight.

Chaos Elfilis[edit]

Main article: Chaos Elfilis

The final and most powerful form of Fecto Forgo is created as a result of the souls of Fecto Forgo merging with those of "native beasts" and that of the "ethereal butterfly", thus no longer requiring Elfilin to be "whole". Kirby must face down this creature at the end of The Ultimate Cup Z in the Colosseum, where it takes on two distinct forms, the second of which is largely amorphous and similar to Void or Drawcia Soul. When this form of Fecto Forgo is finally defeated, it dissipates into a small remnant of life energy which willingly returns to Elfilin.


  • In the Japanese text, Fecto Forgo's dialogue is written in a mix between hiragana — the typical writing system used in Japanese — and katakana — the writing system used for foreign words, emphasis, or strange or unfamiliar pronunciation. As its dialogue continues, it gradually uses less hiragana and more katakana.[2] This gives the impression that speech is so taxing on Fecto Forgo, it loses its grasp on language as it continues to speak. In the English localization, it instead speaks in short, fragmented sentences, as if speech is so taxing, it can only expend the bare minimum of energy.
  • Fecto Forgo is the only boss in Kirby and the Forgotten Land that doesn't have a harder version of its fight, with it being replaced by Morpho Knight in The Ultimate Cup Z. It is also the only boss that doesn't have an ability room directly before it, though ability-providing enemies appear within the boss fight itself.
  • Fecto Forgo's color scheme is possibly based on diaphonization; the scientific process in which animal specimens are chemically dyed as a form of preservation.
  • If the Eternal Capsule is entered via the Hammer Super Jump glitch after defeating Leongar, the background will turn gray.


Video gallery[edit]

Video playthrough of Kirby battling Fecto Forgo in the Colosseum.


Quotes from Fecto Forgo in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
  • "You... You dare..."
  • "Plan ruined. Important plan. Needed labor. Opened vortex. Found workforce. Brought here. And yet? Error made. Irksome, pink contaminant..."
  • "Careful planning. Now wasted. No more planning. No more patience. Instead..."

Names in other languages[edit]

Fecto Forgo[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 侵略種しんりゃくしゅ フェクト・フォルガ
Shinryakushu Fekuto Foruga
Invasive Species, Fecto Forga
フェクト likely derives from パーフェクト perfect and フォルガ likely derives from フォルガトゥン forgotten. A more figurative translation could be "Fect Forgo", but as individual phrases, the reading is closer to "Fecto Forga".
Traditional Chinese 侵略種 菲克特·遺忘
Qīnlüèzhǒng Fēikètè Yíwàng
Invasive Species, Fect Forgot
Simplified Chinese 侵略种 菲克特·遗忘
Qīnlüèzhǒng Fēikètè Yíwàng
Dutch Invasieve soort, Ultimo Vergeto Invasive species, Ultimo Forgetto
Ultimo is derived from "ultiem", meaning "ultimate". Vergeto is derived from "vergeet" or "vergeten", meaning "to forget" or "forgotten"
French Espèce envahisseuse, Ultimo Oublio Invasive species, Ultimo Forgo
Oublio is derived from "oublié", meaning "to forget" or "forgotten"
German Invasive Art, Ultimo Ver'Ges Invasive Species, Ultimo Forgo
Ver'Ges is derived from "vergessen", meaning "to forget" or "forgotten"
Italian Specie invasiva, Fecto Perdis Invasive species, Fecto Forgo
Perdis is derived from "perduta," meaning "lost"
Korean 침략종 펙트 포가
Chimryakjong Pekteu Poga
Invasive Species, Fect Forga
Spanish Especie invasora, Fecto Olvi Invasive species, Fecto Forgo
Olvi is derived from "olvidado", meaning "forgotten"

Soul Forgo[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 思念獣しねん ソウル・フォルガ
Shinenjū Sōru Foruga
Beast of Reminiscent Thoughts, Soul Forga
Traditional Chinese 思想獸 靈魂·遺忘
Sīxiǎngshòu Línghún Yíwàng
Beast of Thoughts, Soul Forgot
Simplified Chinese 思想兽 灵魂·遗忘
Sīxiǎngshòu Línghún Yíwàng
Dutch Psychisch begaafd beest, Vergeto-ziel Psychic beast, Forgetto-soul
Vergeto is derived from "vergeet" or "vergeten", meaning "forget" or "forgotten"
French Créature psychique, Âme Oublio Psychic creature, Soul Forgo
German Psychische Bestie, Seelen-Ver'Ges Psychic Beast, Soul-Forgo
Italian Bestia pensante, Anima Perdis Thinking beast, Soul Forgo
Korean 사념 짐승 소울 포가
Sanyeom Jimseung Soul Poga
Beast of Evil Thoughts, Soul Forga
Spanish Bestia psíquica, Espíritu de Olvi Psychic beast, Forgo Spirit


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    マァ ヨィ…
    モハヤ… サクを ネルノモ メンドウダ…

    スベテ ロウテ クレヨウ…!

    — Fecto Forgo's dialogue in the "Sudden Metamorphosis" cutscene (Japanese version)