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Jet Star

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Jet Star
Artwork of the Jet Star from Kirby Air Ride
Flavor text "Speed increases while in the air."
Unlock for Air Ride In Machine Passage, race over 4500ft under 02:00:00
Emphasis Glide / Charge in the air
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This machine doesn't have a great deal of surface speed, but when you hit one of the jumps along the course, it'll get an unbelievable burst of speed!
— Kirby Air Ride North American instruction booklet, page 34

The Jet Star is a rideable machine in Kirby Air Ride. As its name implies, its most remarkable trait is how its speed skyrockets the moment it goes airborne.


The Jet Star is of average size. It has a very stylized and jagged design. Its basic structure is like an arrowhead, with the front tip split into two small wings extruding forward, and the back end with two small wings extending to either side. Interestingly, the rear wings retract for a moment whenever the machine gets a large boost from either a perfect landing or a full charge. The machine has a metallic surface that is mostly a blue-green hue, with black edges near the outside of its shape. Its main source of propulsion is a single large engine in the rear, which expels jet-like yellow flames to give the vehicle velocity.


What truly makes the Jet Star unique is how its speed suddenly spikes whenever it goes airborne. Not only that, but the acceleration it gets from a perfect landing, as well as the rate it charges while airborne, is incredibly high. Surprisingly, it is actually below average in terms of actual glide distance, though ironically it is also the third-highest glider in the entire game, outdone only by the Wheelie Scooter and the legendary Dragoon. It notably has a very low top speed of only 20.5 mph (32.99 km/h) while on the ground--the fourth-worst in the game (only to the Rocket Star, the Compact Star and the Shadow Star)--but this can usually be overcome with even the smallest of jumps. In most other areas, the Jet Star is relatively balanced, with some areas only slightly above or below the average.

These factors combined allow this machine to race relatively well on any Air Ride course where gliding or jumping--even for short distances--is commonplace. It does, however, have significant trouble on the flat course that is Nebula Belt. In City Trial, it can be very versatile, and has a decent chance in most of the city's Stadiums. Despite being a decent glider, the machine ironically has a tendency to do poorly on Target Flight, as the Jet Star often propels through the air too quickly to properly aim.

How to Unlock[edit]

To unlock this machine for use in Air Ride, the player must race with any machine in the Machine Passage course for at least two minutes. The mode--standard, Time Attack, or Free Run--does not matter. If the user covers 4500ft of ground in under two minutes, the Jet Star will be unlocked.

In City Trial, the Jet Star can occasionally be found randomly throughout the city and be mounted like most other air ride machines. It is always available in City Trial's Free Run as well, stored in the same basement with the other machines if not selected.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジェットスター
Jetto Sutā
Jet Star