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Glitches in Kirby: Triple Deluxe

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Listed below are the glitches in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches listed on this page.

List of glitches[edit]

3D Helmet Cannon animation reset[edit]

Kirby performing the 3D Helmet Cannon animation reset glitch.

While wearing a 3D Helmet Cannon, Kirby can reset to his default animation while still using it if he discards the Bomb Copy Ability. To perform this glitch, Kirby must first have the Bomb Copy Ability. Then, he must put on the 3D Helmet Cannon and start using it. While using it, if Kirby discards his ability, he will no longer be facing the other plane as he is supposed to, and will have his default stance and facing while still firing shots into the background or foreground, causing a visual disconnect. It is not clear why only the Bomb Copy Ability causes this effect to happen.

Bomb explosion/Air Bullet carryover[edit]

Bomb explosion effects can be carried between planes along with Kirby. This glitch can be performed during the battle against Flowered Sectonia or the first phase of Soul of Sectonia's. At certain points during these fights, Sectonia will forcefully pull Kirby toward her onto a new plane. Just before this happens, Kirby should use the Bomb ability to place down bombs that will explode during the transition. The explosion effect will be dragged toward the foreground along with Kirby, though this is a purely visual effect. This same scenario can also cause Kirby to release two Air Bullets in rapid succession if he is interrupted while releasing one.

Parasol hitstun[edit]

This glitch allows Kirby to rapidly shift between two different Parasol moves to deal damage more quickly than intended. When Parasol Kirby is drifting in the air, the player can press ↓ on the Left Stick and ↑ on the Control Pad together to rapidly shift between Parasol Drift and Parasol Dive, as if Kirby is drilling down while slowly falling. This will constantly refresh the attack hitbox of his Parasol to deal massive continuous damage while notably stunning any bosses. However, this hitbox is very small and Kirby must get very close to an enemy in midair to attack in this way. This glitch makes Parasol one of the fastest abilities to beat The Arena and The True Arena in this game. This glitch was fixed in Kirby: Planet Robobot, dealing no damage in this way. Oddly, it returns in Kirby Star Allies with a different execution method and now a Parasol Waddle Dee Friend can also perform this trick.

Reabsorb ability to refresh attacks[edit]

By dropping and re-swallowing an Ability Star, the hitbox of certain attacks will be refreshed to deal damage for another time, e.g. Cutter's Hyper Boomerang. To perform this glitch, Kirby must first throw out an attack that lingers for a sufficient amount of time (projectiles are ideal). Kirby must then discard his ability, then inhale the ability star and swallow again just as the attack hits the enemy. If done correctly, the attack will hit again after Kirby finishes his "ability gain" animation. Since the timer doesn't run when swallowing an ability, this glitch is also useful to save in-game time in The Arena and The True Arena.

Sliding in place[edit]

By discarding Kirby's ability just as he starts sliding, he does the sliding motion but doesn't actually move. To perform this glitch, Kirby must have any Copy Ability on hand (except for Hypernova). Then, he must start sliding and then immediately discard the ability. If done correctly, he will slide in place. This glitch returns in Kirby: Planet Robobot and is performed in much the same way.

Stars in Royal Road - Stage 8 EX[edit]

Some Point Stars will fail to load properly during a Hypernova section in Royal Road - Stage 8 EX. In Royal Road - Stage 8 EX, in the cloudy room where Kirby needs to pull a block to clear his way down past metal block barricades, the last portion has him pulling the block down a chute with a formation of Sectra Lanzers occupying the space to the upper right. Under normal circumstances, when Kirby pulls the block down and then follows it, he will fall along a line of six yellow Point Stars. If, however, he follows the block while simultaneously inhaling the Lanzers through the block formation, some of the Point Stars in the line will be missing. Hovering up and down where the stars are meant to appear may cause them to appear again out of nowhere. It can also be noted that if Kirby falls past the Point Stars while swallowing the Lanzers, he will not pick them up as he normally would.