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Clash at Castle Dedede

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Clash at Castle Dedede
KSA Clash at Castle Dedede entry.jpg
Clash at Castle Dedede on the world map.
Level World of Peace - Dream Land
Big Switch? No
Friend Action(s) No
Boss(es) King Dedede
Mid-Boss(es) Bugzzy, Bonkers
Theme music

Clip of the music that plays in Clash at Castle Dedede

Stage order
Fruity Forest Extra Eclair
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Clash at Castle Dedede is the final main stage of World of Peace - Dream Land in Kirby Star Allies. This stage takes place inside Castle Dedede, where King Dedede must be fought at the end. Completing this stage unlocks the second level; World of Miracles - Planet Popstar.


The stage begins in a large hallway inside the castle. Kirby can find Plugg here as well as other foes to defeat or befriend. The hall leads up a set of stairs to reach the next area.

In the next area, Kirby will have to battle an ambush of King Dedede's minions, with Bugzzy last in line to bout. Defeating them opens the way forward. After a round-trip door, another ambush must be faced. From there, a door can be reached which requires two friends to open.

The next area is a split path where Kirby and his friends will need to work together to travel through.

From there, Kirby and his allies travel down a long and ominously quiet hall. In the next room, after an opportunity to pick up more friends, Kirby battles King Dedede who had been munching on a huge pile of rotten fruit. The fight plays out normally at first, until King Dedede suddenly becomes much beefier than usual. Suddenly he breaks the floor and sends the allies down to lower levels of the castle. Eventually, Dedede is defeated, and a dark heart pops out of him as he reverts to normal. With the stage cleared, Kirby dances to celebrate the supposed end of his adventure, accompanied by a faux credits sequence.

Rare Picture Piece Guide[edit]

Kirby moves to collect the uncovered piece during the battle.

During the second ambush section, there are two large metal blocks on alcoves. These can be broken using Friend Throw to reveal the picture piece inside the one to the right.

Hidden Area[edit]

Daroach has noticed something different…

Version 3.0.0 added an hidden area in this stage. At the beginning of the corridor that leads to the King Dedede battle, the first window is actually opened which leads to the hidden area.

This hidden area has a set of puzzles that require Kirby to destroy the Bomb Block and then move forward before the path is shut, very similar to White Wafers - Stage 5's second Energy Sphere puzzle from Kirby's Return to Dream Land. At the end of the area awaits a tougher version of Bonkers, and defeating him rewards Kirby many Picture Pieces, Point Stars, a Maxim Tomato and a 1-Up. Then, Kirby has to backtrack to leave this area and fight King Dedede in the end.

Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go![edit]

The following lists the locations of Power-Up Hearts in Clash at Castle Dedede. Note that not all of them appears for every Friend.

Power-Up Hearts[edit]

Enemies, Bosses, and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Bosses & Mid-Bosses

Abilities Friend Actions

  • None


The music for this stage is titled ゆうかんなるものたちへ (For Those Who Are Brave) in Kirby Star Allies: The Original Soundtrack. It is an orchestral remix of A New Wind for Tomorrow and King Dedede's Theme.


  • In areas with sunset, especially during an enemy ambush, the game often experiences significant frame drops due to the strong shader effects.
  • On Soul Melter difficulty of The Ultimate Choice, King Dedede is fought at night instead of sunset.
  • The music theme of this level was later reused for Grand Mam's theme.


Side areas[edit]

Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Clash at Castle Dedede.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クライマックス オブ キャッスルデデデ
Kuraimakkusu obu Kyassuru Dedede
Climax of Castle Dedede
Traditional Chinese 峯決戰 帝帝城堡
Dǐngfēng juézhàn: Dìdìdì chéngbǎo
Decisive Battle at the Summit: Castle Dedede
Simplified Chinese 峰决战 帝帝城堡
Dǐngfēng juézhàn: Dìdìdì chéngbǎo
Dutch Gekrakeel bij het Dedede-kasteel Bickering at Castle Dedede
French Chahut au Château DaDiDou Uproar at Castle Dedede
German Schlagabtausch in Schloss Dedede Exchange of blows in Castle Dedede
Korean 클래시 앳 캐슬 디디디
Keullasi aet Kaeseul Dididi
Clash at Castle Dedede
European Spanish Choque en el Castillo Dedede Clash at Castle Dedede