Parallel Dedede

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Parallel Dedede
KSA Parallel Dedede splash.jpg
Splash card for Parallel Dedede
First game Kirby Star Allies (2018)
Relative(s) King Dedede
Similar to Shadow Dedede
Dedede Clone
Theme music

no music given

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Quote1.png A dark liege was born from the Jamba Heart that King Dedede brought to Hyness! Cast out into another dimension along with the King's own spirit, this foul doppelganger is NOT the original Dedede! Beware his aberrant rage. Quote2.png
— VS Parallel Dedede

Parallel Dedede is a parallel boss who first appeared in Heroes in Another Dimension of Kirby Star Allies. His battle takes place in the fourth dimension.


The origin of Parallel Dedede is similar to that of Parallel Meta Knight: As the original King Dedede and Meta Knight were defeated by Kirby in Story Mode, their spirits and the Jamba Hearts possessing them went to Another Dimension and the parallel versions were born.

Parallel Woods, Parallel Twin Kracko/Parallel Big Kracko, Parallel Meta Knight and Parallel Dedede are the "Otherworldly Four Kings" as described in the Japanese and Chinese versions.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Parallel Dedede has a darker look than King Dedede, with gray skin, dark purple extremities and a black-lined robe. When he loses his hammer and enters the second phase, he can also transform into the buff form like the possessed Dedede in Clash at Castle Dedede.

Boss Battle[edit]

Parallel Dedede appears in the following game modes:

Mode Level HP
(Star Bullet=52)
Heroes in Another Dimension Dimension IV 1400 He appears as the boss at the end of Dimension IV.
Guest Star The Three Mage-Sisters Level 1 1400 He replaces the King Dedede boss battle at the end of Level 1.
The Ultimate Choice Soul Melter EX 1050 He appears as the 10th opponent.

Parallel Dedede fights in a very similar manner to the standard King Dedede fight, but he has doubled health of the original Dedede and more potent moves. Nearly all of his leaps and slams will produce shockwaves, and he uses his attacks more frequently and quickly. He even gains a new move: pulling out Gordos and hitting them with his hammer to knock them into Kirby and his allies, which is a direct reference to the Gordo Toss side special move that the original King Dedede has from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U onwards.

When Parallel Dedede beefs up in his second phase, he will only pound the floor away to change the arena once, leading to a room with no pillars in it. Instead, Parallel Dedede will bound around the open rooms and climb up the walls, similarly to how Goriath fights. The food tossed by Parallel Dedede can be turned into recovery food by Splash-element attacks.

When Parallel Dedede is defeated, his buff transformation is deactivated and he falls down just like the original Dedede.


Parallel Dedede and Parallel Meta Knight share the same battle theme. It is composed by Yuuta Ogasawara and titled 異空をかけた剣王との戦い[1] (A Battle With the Distant Otherworldly Sword King). It can be found as Track 193 in the Jukebox.

The first verse is the same as the battle theme of Parallel Woods and Parallel Big Kracko, but is followed by rock remixes of "My Friend and the Sunset" and "King Dedede's Theme". "Sword King" actually refers to both Parallel Meta Knight (sword) and Parallel Dedede (king).


  • Interestingly enough, Parallel Dedede's color scheme was tweaked between the original reveal of Wave 3 and the release. His original version had much more subdued colors that did not pop out nearly as much.
  • The rest area used before the Parallel Dedede battle in Soul Melter EX of The Ultimate Choice plays the map theme of Dangerous Dinner from Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Interestingly, both words of Dangerous Dinner begin with D, and like the possessed Dedede in Clash at Castle Dedede, he is also gorging himself on a pile of fruits before the battle begins.
  • Parallel Dedede's splash card caption, Otherworldly Dark Liege (異界の暗君), has another meaning in Japanese and Chinese. 暗君 can also mean "foolish/incapable liege".
  • In Soul Melter EX of The Ultimate Choice, Parallel Dedede gives higher scores (10000+50000, tied with the rest bosses after him except Void) than the other three parallel bosses (3000+15000 each).


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アナザーデデデ
Anazā Dedede
Another Dedede
Traditional Chinese 異次元帝帝帝
yì cì yuán dì dì dì
Another-Dimension Dedede
Simplified Chinese 异次元帝帝帝
yì cì yuán dì dì dì
Dutch Parallelle Dedede Parallel Dedede
French DaDiDou parallèle Parallel Dedede
German Ein anderer Dedede Another Dedede
Italian Un altro Dedede Another Dedede
Korean 어나더 디디디
Eonadeo Dididi
Another Dedede
Spanish Dedede paralelo Parallel Dedede


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