Parallel Dedede

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Parallel Dedede Splash.jpg
Splash card for Parallel Dedede.
Debut Game Kirby Star Allies
Similar to King Dedede
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Parallel Dedede is a boss who first appeared in Kirby Star Allies. He is similar to King Dedede, but comes from Another Dimension and has a darker look to him, with grey skin, dark purple extremities and a black-lined robe.

Parallel Dedede appears in Heroes in Another Dimension and in the 'Soul Melter EX' difficulty of The Ultimate Choice. He also appears in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! when the player is playing as The Three Mage-Sisters.


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Parallel Dedede fights in a very similar manner to the standard King Dedede fight, and can be considered an EX version of Dedede with greatly increased Stamina and more potent moves. Nearly all of his leaps and slams will produce shockwaves, and he uses his attacks more frequently and quickly. King Dedede also regains a variant of the inhale from his original appearances, where he can instantly transition to it from a run.

When Parallel Dedede beefs up in the second phase, he will only pound the floor away to change the arena once, leading to a room with no pillars in it. Instead, Parallel Dedede will bound around the open rooms and climb up the walls, similarly to how Goriath fights.


  • Interestingly enough, Parallel Dedede's color scheme was tweaked between the original reveal of Wave 3 and the release. The original version had much more subdued colors that did not pop out nearly as much.
  • One of Parallel Dedede's attacks in the first phase has him pulling out Gordos and hitting them with his hammer to knock them into Kirby and his allies. This is a direct reference to the 'Gordo Toss' special move that King Dedede has in the Super Smash Bros. games.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アナザーデデデ
Anazā Dedede
Another Dedede