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Dig and Dash! Path of Fences

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Dig and Dash! Path of Fences
KatFL Dig and Dash select screenshot.png
Stage select screen for Dig and Dash! Path of Fences.
Level Winter Horns
Difficulty ★★
Ability/Mode used Pencil Drill
Unlock criteria Complete Metro on Ice
Stage time 2:00 (1:30 in Wild Mode)
Target time 0:45
Theme music

Main theme for the stage.

Stage order
Cast a Line! Chain Bomb Trial Triple Strike! Over Freezing Water
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This article is about the Treasure Road stage in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and should not be confused with the Dig and Dash stage in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.

Dig and Dash! Path of Fences (Pencil Drill Treasure for short) is a stage in Treasure Road, found in Winter Horns. This stage tasks Kirby with completing a challenge revolving around the use of Pencil Drill, digging under holes in fences to push his way through. The stage is unlocked by completing Metro on Ice. In order to access this challenge, Kirby needs to have obtained the Pencil Drill ability. The stage is marked by two stars of difficulty and has a stage time of two minutes (one and a half minutes in Wild Mode), with a target time of 45 seconds.

Stage details[edit]

This stage consists of a long continuous winding path that takes Kirby underneath several fences, utilizing small holes to dig underneath. While inside the fenced-off areas, Kirby needs to hit switches to move the platforms into place so he can proceed or get rid of barrier blocks in the way. As he does this, Kirby will need to mind the many enemies on the path that may try to get in the way. After passing through several such trials, last of which involving Shotzos and four switches, Kirby can reach the Rare Stone at the end after one more leap.


The following are tips on how to attain the target time for this stage:

  • The time for this stage is pretty tight, so Kirby should not stop for anything, and bypass any enemies that do not need to be defeated.
  • It may be faster to use a Slide kick to destroy the boxes on the path, rather than trying to drill them.
  • For the switches in the last room before the stone, Kirby should maneuver in such a way that he hits the switch in the back last.


Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

  • None


Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Dig and Dash! Path of Fences.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Graben und sprinten! Pfad der Zäune Dig and sprint! Path of the Fences
Korean 파고 또 파고! 펜스를 지나서
Pago Tto Pago! Penseureul Jinaseo
Dig and Dig Again! Through the Fence
Spanish ¡Excava y acelera! La ruta de vallas Dig and dash! Path of fences