Secret Sea - Stage 2

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Secret Sea - Stage 2
Kirby scores a hit against the nefarious Buboo in the cloud-tops.
Level Secret Sea
Mid Boss(es) Bubloo
EX Stage? Xmark.png
Treasure(s) Spray Paint / Sapphire
Graphic Piece
Ghost Medal
Stage Order
Stage 1 Stage 3
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Secret Sea - Stage 2 is the second stage of Secret Sea in Kirby: Squeak Squad.


This stage consists of six main areas, beginning on the coastline. Just to the right, on a small outcropping over a poll is the trusty Warp Star, which will take Kirby rocketing upward into the sky. As it flies upward, it glances across a hillside, taking out several enemies in the process, and picking up a bubble containing the Metal ability.

The Warp Star lands on top of a stone structure in the cloud tops at night. The path continues to the right past a mild wind and a few enemies, in a careful balancing act along the clouds. Falling too low will get Kirby caught in the wind, and force him to restart his journey through this area. Below the path, there is a treasure chest that can be collected in the clouds.

Kirby then finds himself in a series of cloud tunnels, backed by some stonework. A Wheelie can be seen revving below Kirby's position. He will want to make use of its ability as he travels upward, passing through the fire to gain its element on his wheel (which he will have needed to get the Wheel Ability Scroll to do). If successful, he can reach a barrel at the top containing a 1-Up before proceeding through the door.

The next area is a flat space where the Mid-Boss Buboo is fought. Defeating and swallowing it yields the Bubble ability, and also opens the door forward.

From there lays an entrance to another cloud cavern. Kirby can follow the main route through this path, or he can carve his own way using a fire-based ability. Cutting his own path in this manner can lead to a bubble with the Magic ability, as well as another treasure chest.

The last area is a cloudtop area where Doc appears and grabs the large treasure chest. Kirby will most likely be unable to get him before he retreats to the Squeaks' fortress with it, so Kirby should be prepared to deal with a lot of mice and bombs. From there, the stage exit can be reached just to the right.

Enemies, mid-bosses, and abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Copy Abilities


Picture Name Description Screenshot
Spraypaint Sapphire.png Spray Paint / Sapphire Change your color.
Kirby can change his color to a deep blue body with deeper blue feet and blush.
SecretSea-2 Treasure 1.jpg
Piece Green.png Graphic Piece Part of a big picture. SecretSea-2 Treasure 2.jpg
Ghost Medal 6.png Ghost Medal Kirby's a... ghost?
Collecting all Ghost Medal pieces transforms some mid-bosses into Tedhaun.
SecretSea-2 Treasure 3.jpg