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Rainbow Resort - Stage 1

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Rainbow Resort - Stage 1
KNiDL Rainbow Resort Stage 1.png
Kirby contending with a long snaking Star Block barricade. (Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land)
Level Rainbow Resort
Big Switch Yes
Theme music

Clips of the music that plays in Rainbow Resort - Stage 1

Stage order
Orange Ocean - Stage 7 Rainbow Resort - Stage 2
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Rainbow Resort - Stage 1 is the first stage of Rainbow Resort in Kirby's Adventure and its remake, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.


This stage consists of three main areas. It starts Kirby off in a dark series of sloped tunnels where the Laser ability can come in great handy.

The second area is a tunnel with 90-degree bends filled with Star Blocks. These can be cleared easily using abilities like Burning or Beam. Near the end, a series of blocks in the walls and ceiling can be broken to reveal a way to the Big Switch (the last walls are treated like metal blocks, and as such can only be broken using certain abilities), though the main doorway is the more-accessible lower one.

In the last area, Kirby walks outside along an open path with Shotzos propped up by star blocks. The stage exit can be found beyond this minor series of obstructions.


Sprite (KA/KNiDL) Name Copy Ability Sprite (KA/KNiDL) Name Copy Ability
KA Blade Knight sprite.png KNiDL Blade Knight sprite.png Blade Knight Sword KA Rocky sprite.png KNiDL Rocky sprite.png Rocky Stone
KA Chilly sprite.png KNiDL Chilly sprite.png Chilly Freeze KA Shotzo sprite.png KNiDL Shotzo sprite.png Shotzo N/A
KA Flamer sprite.png KNiDL Flamer sprite.png Flamer FireBall/Burning KA Sir Kibble sprite.png KNiDL Sir Kibble sprite.png Sir Kibble Cutter
KA Gordo sprite.png KNiDL Gordo sprite.png Gordo N/A KA Sparky sprite.png KNiDL Sparky sprite.png Sparky Spark
KA Hot Head sprite.png KNiDL Hot Head sprite.png Hot Head Fire KA Waddle Dee sprite.png KNiDL Waddle Dee sprite.png Waddle Dee None
KA Laser Ball sprite.png KNiDL Laser Ball sprite.png Laser Ball Laser KA Waddle Doo sprite.png KNiDL Waddle Doo sprite.png Waddle Doo Beam
KA Noddy sprite.png KNiDL Noddy sprite.png Noddy Sleep