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Parallel Woods

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Parallel Woods
KSA Parallel Woods splash.jpg
Splash art of Parallel Woods
First game Kirby Star Allies (2018)
Copy Abilities Fire (Burst Fruit)
Spider (Comos)
Weakness(es) Sizzle
Relative(s) Whispy Woods
Similar to Yggy Woods
Flowery Woods
King Golem
Twin Woods
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The fabric of spacetime has broken down, creating four rifts to another dimension. Each of these rifts leads to an unholy incarnation of a past foe—like Whispy Woods! The rotten, blighted arbor has been imbued with terrible new power!
— VS Parallel Woods (English)

Parallel Woods, titled Otherworldly Arbor, is a boss who first appeared in Heroes in Another Dimension of Kirby Star Allies. He is the alternate counterpart to Whispy Woods, however he takes on a pitch-black appearance with glowing yellow eyes and mouth, making him somewhat resemble Meta Knight in a way. Like his normal counterpart in Story Mode, Parallel Woods is the first boss fought in Heroes in Another Dimension. He can also appear in The Ultimate Choice, replacing Whispy Woods himself and Yggy Woods.


The origin of Parallel Woods is told in the Japanese, Chinese and Korean pause flavor texts:

様々さまざま次元じげんらんみゃくする、異空間アナザーディメンションへの あなひらかれた。
あな全部ぜんぶで4つ。そこには、かつてない 凶悪きょうあくなてき、
異界四天王いかいしてんのう」がつ!そのせんぽうは ウィスピーウッズ!?
やぶれさった 様々さまざまのウィスピーウッズの ねんが 異界いかいつど

— VS Parallel Woods (Japanese)
여러 차원이 뒤섞인 이공간으로의 문이 열렸다.
문은 총 4개로, 그곳에는 역대급으로 흉악한 적인
「이공간 사천왕」이 기다리고 있었다! 그런데 가장
앞에 보이는 건 위스피 우즈!? 수많은 패배를 경험한
위스피 우즈의 영혼이 흉포해져 길을 가로막는다!

— VS Parallel Woods (Korean)

Parallel Woods was born from the spirits of numerous defeated Whispy Woods gathering in Another Dimension, which is similar to how Parallel Twin Kracko were born from Kracko's fallen fellows. Thus, the reborn parallel counterparts of Whispy and Kracko seek revenge on Kirby who has defeated them countlessly throughout the series.

Parallel Woods, Parallel Twin Kracko/Parallel Big Kracko, Parallel Meta Knight and Parallel Dedede are referred to as 異界四天王いかいしてんのう/이공간 사천왕 (The Otherworldly Four Heavenly Kings).

Boss Battle[edit]

Parallel Woods appears in the following game modes:

Mode Level HP
(Star Bullet=52)
Heroes in Another Dimension Dimension I 1400 He appears as the boss at the end of Dimension I.
Guest Star The Three Mage-Sisters Level 1 1400 He replaces the Whispy Woods boss battle in the middle of Level 1.
The Ultimate Choice Soul Melter EX 1050 He appears in the 1st battle.

Parallel Woods fights very similar to both Whispy Woods and Yggy Woods, but is much tougher than either, with double the health of Whispy and quicker attacks. When he shakes his canopy, enemies like Gordo, Blado, Burning Leo, Driblee and Jammerjab can fall, along with the usual fare of apples. His Air Bullets have slight homing properties, and will explode with fire on contact. He can inhale frequently and recover fast from tiredness. Sometimes he drops fiery Burst Fruits that explode immediately when falling onto the ground, but these can be turned into healing food by Blizzard/Bluster/Splash attacks before they touch the ground.

In the second phase, his Air Bullets can split into three which fly out in a pinwheel pattern, and he drops apples every time he jumps. Burst Fruits in this phase may include dropping the enemy Como.

Parallel Woods can still be set on fire if multiple allies attack him with Sizzle attacks, but this requires more Sizzle damage to achieve than on Whispy or Yggy.

The following table lists all of Parallel Woods' attacks in Kirby Star Allies. Notably he possesses the exact same attacks as Yggy Woods, but most operate very similarly to that of Whispy Woods.

Parallel Woods' Attacks in Kirby Star Allies  
Attack Description
Apple Drop Parallel Woods drops four apples, which can be inhaled and spat back at him. Alongside the apples are also one Gordo and one Blado, which cannot be inhaled and must be avoided.
Inhale Parallel Woods attempts to inhale Kirby and his allies. If successful, he will chew on them, then spit them back out. If Kirby and friends outlast the suction for long enough, Parallel Woods will tire out and be left vulnerable to attacks.
Air Bullet In phase 1, Parallel Woods first shoots 2 Air Bullets and then 8 in a row really fast. The bullets fly faster than Whispy or Yggy's. In phase 2, Parallel Woods shoots three very-large Air Bullets, alternating between sides with each bullet if there's at least one ally on both sides of him. These large bullets, after flying out a certain distance, split into three smaller ones that fan out in a counter-clockwise or clockwise motion. If the small bullets hit the ground, they will explode, leaving Dropped Stars on impact.
Quick Inhale Parallel Woods attempts to inhale Kirby and his allies for a shorter duration. If successful, he will chew on them, then spit them back out. Unlike his regular Inhale, Parallel Woods won't tire out if Kirby and friends outlast the suction.
Big Burst Fruits Parallel Woods lets down large burning fruits on vines, which can be swallowed for the Fire ability. If cooled down using a water, ice or wind-based attack, they yield Food items. In phase 1, three of them are summoned. In phase 2, four of them are summoned, two on each side, with the occasional Como dropping down alongside the fruits. Unlike Whispy or Yggy, however, when the Burst Fruits are pulled down, the vines immediately detach and the fruits very quickly explode upon hitting the ground.
Enemy Drop Parallel Woods shakes out four different enemies from his canopy, which include those that can be made into allies. Two Gordos will always fall while the other two will always consist of either Driblee and Burning Leo, Burning Leo and Jammerjab or Jammerjab and Driblee.
Second phase only  
Great Harvest Apple Festival Parallel Woods shakes violently, causing many apples to fall from his canopy. Chumbrella can protect anyone beneath it from apples.
Blado Drop Immediately after the Apple Festival, Parallel Woods drops 10 Blados from his canopy, five on each side of him. The Blados hit the ground, then move quickly off-stage.
Stomp Jump Parallel Woods uproots and jumps three times around the stage, flattening anyone underneath when he lands. This attack cannot be guarded against, passed through with invincibility frames or even while using the Stone ability. Every time he lands, six apples; three on each side of him; fall from his canopy.
Attack names listed are taken from Japanese guide books or are conjectural.

Parallel Woods' attacks occur in this order on loop during phase 1:

  1. Apple Drop
  2. Inhale
  3. Air Bullet
  4. Quick Inhale
  5. Big Burst Fruits
  6. Enemy Drop
  7. Air Bullet

Parallel Woods' attacks occur in this order on loop during phase 2:

  1. Great Harvest Apple Festival
  2. Blado Drop
  3. Stomp Jump (right, left, middle)
  4. Air Bullet
  5. Big Burst Fruits
  6. Air Bullet
  7. Stomp Jump (left, right, middle)
  8. Big Burst Fruits


Parallel Woods (Phase 2) and Parallel Big Kracko share the same battle theme. It is composed by Yuuta Ogasawara and titled 異空をかけた戦い[1] (A Battle in the Distant Otherworld). It can be found as Track 189 in the Jukebox.

This theme is a rock remix of "A Battle of Friends and Bonds 2", the regular boss battle theme (full version) of Kirby Star Allies.


  • When Parallel Woods inhales, the Blados moving left still accelerate. While they keep spinnning and cannot move forward due to his inhale, they won't be swallowed. As his inhale stops, they will be able to move forward.
  • Since Parallel Woods is pitch-black, if he's burned up by any fire-related attacks, the scorch will be barely noticeable.



Battle with Parallel Woods in Kirby Star Allies (The Ultimate Choice).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 異界いかい面樹めんじゅ アナザーウッズ
Ikai no Menju Anazā Uzzu
Otherworldly Human-Face Tree, Another Woods
  • Jinmenju (人面樹 human-face tree) is a strange tree in East Asian folklore.
Traditional Chinese 異界的人面樹 異次元大樹
yì jiè de rén miàn shù yì cì yuán dà shù
Otherworldly Human-Face Tree, Another Dimension Woods
Simplified Chinese 异界的人面树 异次元大树
yì jiè de rén miàn shù yì cì yuán dà shù
Dutch Parallele Woods Parallel Woods
French Whispy parallèle Parallel Whispy
German Jenseitiges Gewächs, Ein anderer Woods Otherworldly Plant, Another Woods
Italian Un altro Woods Another Woods
Korean 이공간의 거목 어나더 우드
Igong-gan-ui Geomog Eonadeo Udeu
Other-Space Giant Tree, Another Wood
Spanish Woods paralelo Parallel Woods


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