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Storm Tornado

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Storm Tornado
KatFL Storm Tornado Artwork.png
Artwork of Storm Tornado Kirby for Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
Based on Tornado
Blueprint location Gathering of the Beast Council
Cost KatFL Star Coin icon.png×800 and KatFL Rare Stone icon.png×3
Starting Power-up Cost KatFL Star Coin icon.png×1200 and KatFL Rare Stone icon.png×3
No. Power-ups 2
Power(s) Whirling enemies and striking them with lightning for extra damage
Starting Power 4
Rapid-Fire 2
Similar to Fleur Tornado
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Ominous clouds! Powerful winds! This scary storm roars to life with the press of a button. Pull enemies into your cyclone by swirling into them, then attack with lightning!
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Storm Tornado is an Evolved Copy Ability based on Tornado that made its debut in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. This ability gives Kirby a Valkyrie-style crest with a black tornado behind it, which regularly flashes with electricity. Kirby has a wider range for his tornado attack like Fleur Tornado, but can now strike enemies with lightning after his attack. In addition, any enemies caught in Kirby's tornado will be flung towards any other nearby foes within range when the attack finishes.

The blueprint for Storm Tornado can be found in the stage Gathering of the Beast Council, in a small nook under the platform with the roller coaster on it. Storm Tornado is required to play the Treasure Road stage Whirl 'Em Away! Storm Tornado Trial. Storm Tornado is the last second-level Evolved Ability that can be obtained (assuming they are obtained in order).


All names are conjectural.

Storm Tornado moveset 
Move Button execution Description
Storm Tornado Attack B or press and hold B Kirby spins around and creates a vortex, allowing him to move more quickly and float in the air. Enemies and objects caught along the way are carried through the vortex until the move ends. This move will also strike lightning at nearby enemies.
Storm Hyper Tornado B during Storm Tornado Attack or hold B (to execute Storm Tornado Attack) and release or rotate the Left Stick during Storm Tornado Attack Kirby ends his vortex and causes a whirlwind that blows away any enemies hit by it, also flinging away any enemies or objects caught in the vortex previously, as well as a burst of lightning. Defeated enemies flung away from the attack will home in on and hit nearby undefeated enemies.

Flavor text[edit]

Image Game Flavor text
KatFL Boxart NA.jpg Kirby and the Forgotten Land Figure description:
Ominous clouds! Powerful winds! This scary storm roars to life with the press of a button. Pull enemies into your cyclone by swirling into them, then attack with lightning!

Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee:
The Tornado ability has the power to pull enemies or stars into its cyclone! If you pick up a bunch of objects, you can launch them back out with B and hit other enemies!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ストームトルネイド
Sutōmu Torunado
Storm Tornado
Traditional Chinese 風暴龍捲風
Fēngbào Lóngjuǎnfēng
Storm Tornado
Simplified Chinese 风暴龙卷风
Fēngbào Lóngjuǎnfēng
Dutch Stormtornado Storm tornado
French Tornade orageuse Stormy tornado
German Sturm-Tornado Storm-Tornado
Italian Tornado cupo Dark Tornado
Korean 스톰 토네이도
Seutom Toneido
Storm Tornado
Spanish Tornado tormenta Storm tornado