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Piece of Leon's Soul

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Piece of Leon's Soul
KatFL Piece of Leon's Soul screenshot.png
Screenshot of a Piece of Leon's Soul from Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Use Restoring Leon in the isolated isles of Forgo Dreams
Obtained Various locations in Forgo Dreams stages
Game(s) Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Comparable to Friend Heart
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You got a piece of Leon's Soul! this Leongar's soul?! It must be a tiny fragment of it. If you collect more of these scattered soul pieces, you might be able to save him. Try to collect more pieces of Leon's Soul as you explore the isolated isles of Forgo Dreams!
— flavor-text after picking up the first Piece of Leon's Soul

A Piece of Leon's Soul is a collectible item present in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, available in the first six stages of the isolated isles of Forgo Dreams. There are a total of 300 pieces throughout these stages, and at least 250 need to be collected in order to unlock the last stage: Forgo Land, while collecting all of them is necessary for 100% completion. These scattered pieces of Leon's soul resemble glowing balls of yellow light with orange fur-like tendrils, and can be found out in the open, from certain enemies, or inside Treasure Chests and other objects. They can also be made to appear by hitting switches or causing some other effect to occur. Most of the pieces are found by themselves, but some can be found in bunches of three or five (the latter of which always being obtained from bosses). When Kirby collects all of the pieces of Leon's Soul in a given area, Elfilin will let him know. If Kirby missed any, Elfilin will tell him how many there are left in any given area when he revisits it. Once a piece of Leon's Soul is collected, it is replaced with a shadowy replica when re-visiting its location (pieces obtained from possessed enemies cannot be re-acquired). Collecting this replica rewards Kirby with a green Star Coin.


For details on how to reach each piece of Leon's Soul, check the following stage pages:


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Latin American Spanish Alma de Leo Leon's soul
"Leo" is Leongar's Spanish nickname