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Captain Vul

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Captain Vul
RoMK opening cutscene.png
Screenshot of Captain Vul (left) in the introductory cutscene of Revenge of Meta Knight
First appearance Kirby Super Star (1996)
Latest appearance Kirby Star Allies (2018, reference)
Other appearance(s) Kirby Super Star Ultra
Kirby: Triple Deluxe (reference)
Theme music

no music given

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Listen, you lubbers! I want you all after that Kirby!
— Captain Vul in Revenge of Meta Knight - Chapter 4, Kirby Super Star Ultra

Captain Vul is a character in Kirby Super Star and its remake. He appears as the secondary antagonist in Revenge of Meta Knight. He pilots the Halberd and is a friend of Meta Knight, though he seems to think, truly or not, that he owns the flying fortress. He is only seen in dialogue portraits, and the sub-game's introductory cutscene.


Captain Vul is an anthropomorphic bird and, despite his name, appears to be a type of hawk or eagle. He sports blue eyes, thick eyebrows, and a full beard. He wears a captain's outfit, also appropriate to his name. Although most of his sprites only depict his head, his full-body appearance shows that he has round hands (rather than wings), and a squat lower body similar to King Dedede's. He is an expressive character and his emotions are very exaggerated, though somewhat less so in Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Vul serves as the captain of the Halberd and the de facto leader of its crew, though he still defers to Meta Knight, whom he refers to as "Lord". Egotistically, he proclaims the Halberd to be "his flying fortress" alone, and often insults and belittles the other members of the crew. In Kirby Super Star Ultra he has a habit of speaking like a pirate, using phrases such as "lubbers" and "scallywag". When Kirby first arrives on deck, Vul appears calm and collected about the situation, but quickly reveals his short temper when Kirby begins infiltrating and destroying the ship. Over the course of the sub-game, he is prone to panicking and making rash decisions with little foresight, such as calling on the Heavy Lobster to destroy Kirby at the expense of damaging the Halberd even further.

Despite his brash demeanor, he is in no way a fighter, unlike the Meta-Knights. As such, he is never seen in the stages themselves. He is also the first one to evacuate once it becomes clear the Halberd is sinking, begging the other crew members not to think badly of him. Though he never physically returns after the events of Revenge of Meta Knight, it is presumed that he safely escaped.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby Super Star / Kirby Super Star Ultra[edit]

Main article: Revenge of Meta Knight

Captain Vul debuts in Revenge of Meta Knight, though outside of cutscenes and dialogue boxes, he is never actually seen in-game. Because of this, basically all information about him is gleaned from his dialogue. Captain Vul has six distinct portraits used in his dialogue, making him the most expressive character of the Halberd crew.

Captain Vul's name was never given in the original Kirby Super Star, but was provided in the rewritten script for Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe[edit]

One of Captain Vul's portraits from Kirby Super Star makes an appearance in Kirby: Triple Deluxe as a Keychain.

Kirby Star Allies[edit]

Captain Vul makes another cameo in Kirby Star Allies in a golden Stone transformation, standing alongside Meta Knight. This and his appearances in the pre-rendered cutscenes of Kirby Super Star Ultra mark his only appearances as a 3D model.

In the Kirby novel series[edit]

Captain Vul
V4 Captain Vul Illustration.png
Captain Vul, as he appears in Kirby: Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess
First appearance Kirby: Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess
Last appearance Kirby: Meta Knight and the Knight of Yomi
Role Supporting character
Other appearance(s) his video game counterpart
Similar to Meta-Knights
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In the Kirby novel series, Captain Vul is the commander in charge of the Battleship Halberd. He is one of Meta Knight's dedicated subordinates who leads the Meta-Knights.

Volume appearances[edit]

The following is a complete list of every appearance Captain Vul has made in the Kirby novel series, along with the role he plays and its details in the plot of each volume:

Captain Vul's appearances in the Kirby novel series  
Volume Image Role Role details Notes
Kirby: Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess V4 Captain Vul Illustration.png Tertiary character After Meta Knight and co. board the Halberd to set out for Chiffon Star, the ship is abrubtly jolted from an impact. Everyone is scared, but Meta Knight knows what happened. Captain Vul comes out of the cockpit and proudly announces that the Halberd has completed its warp, allowing the ship to immediately reach the far-away Chiffon Star. Meta Knight tells Captain Vul to warn everyone next time he makes the ship warp.



Quotes from Captain Vul in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra  
  • "Reactor 1, output normal."
  • "Adjust the balancer to ...0003!"
  • "Let's raise the anchor."
  • "Check anti-gravity plant. 1, 2, 3 OK!!"
  • "Release the sails, solar level 288!"
  • "Sir Meta-Knight, what shall we do?"
  • "Release Heavy Lobster! Quickly! Quickly!"
  • "Take off!"
  • "I'll conquer Dream Land with the Halberd!"
  • "All right. Shoot him!"
  • "Good. He will never catch up."
  • "All soldiers! Get Kirby. Now!"
  • "Now you get a taste of our power."
  • "Direct him to the front of the twin cannon."
  • "Oh no! He found it."
  • "Kirby will be torched! Wahahahahahaha!"
  • "Wahahahahahaha! Gahahahahahahaha! Hum."
  • "Holy cow! What happened?"
  • "Gu.....u!!"
  • "What is he trying to do?"
  • "Wait....I have an idea. Hee hee hee."
  • "Ready?"
  • "Be quiet! This is our only chance!"
  • "Don't fail again! Release Heavy Lobster!"
  • "Hee hee hee hee! Get Kirby!"
  • "That's not important now! Go ahead!"
  • "Don't worry! We've regained our balance."
  • "The bottom's weak... the wind is too strong."
  • "You chickens!"
  • "You idiot! You hid those?"
  • "Relax. The reactor can't be defeated!"
  • "Shhh! That's a SECRET!"
  • "Urgggh! Do SOMETHING!"
  • "Waaah! The ship's going down!"
  • "I'm not staying. I'm evacuating!"
  • "Reactor 1, output normal."
  • "Adjust the balancer to ...0003!"
  • "Let's raise the anchor."
  • "Check anti-gravity plant. 1, 2, 3 OK!!"
  • "Release the sails, solar level 288!"
  • "Lord Meta Knight, what is your command?"
  • "Whaat?! Throw the Heavy Lobster at 'im!"
  • "Hurry it up! Where's Heavy Lobster?!"
  • "Now! Take off!"
  • "My flying fortress, the Halberd, will now rule over all of Dream Land."
  • "Fire away! FIIIIRE!"
  • "All right. That should take care of him now."
  • "Listen, you lubbers! I want you all after that Kirby!"
  • "Now you will know the power of Meta Knight!"
  • "Well then, let's guide him in front of one of the cannons."
  • "Have we been found... ?"
  • "He'll be burnt to a crisp. Hahahaha!"
  • "Bwahahaha! Gahaha! ...Hm."
  • "What?! How could this be?"
  • "Everyone! We need to keep Kirby away from the left wing!"
  • "Arggh!"
  • "Hey! Where's Kirby now?"
  • "What's he doing there?!"
  • "Wait... I thought of something. Heeheehee."
  • "Has he made it into the armory?"
  • "Are we all ready?"
  • "Shut it! Now is our only chance to finish him!"
  • "This time we will succeed! Heavy Lobster, away!"
  • "Bwahahahaha! Crush him! CRUSH HIM!"
  • "Don't worry about it! Just press on!"
  • "Hm. Hmm. Having both wings destroyed may be just what we needed..."
  • "Not much we can do to him there... But the wind is strong."
  • "...All right, you lot."
  • "So you were the one hoarding them! You scallywag!"
  • "Never fear. I don't think Kirby can do anything to the reactor."
  • "Eeeyah! Don't even say things like that!"
  • "Ahhh! What are you idiots doing?!"
  • "Ahhh! This ship is done for! I gotta get out of here!"
  • "I'm escaping now! Don't think badly of me!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バルかんちょう
Baru Kanchō
Captain Vul
French Capitaine Condor Captain Condor
German Käpt'n Geyer Pun on geier (vulture)
Italian Capitan van Vol Derived from volo (flight) and avvoltoio (vulture)
Korean 벌 함장
Beol Hamjang
Captain Vul
Spanish Capitán Bui Derived from buitre (vulture)