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Sand (course)

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KAR Top Ride Sand.png
View of the whole Sand course from Kirby Air Ride.
Laps (default) 7
Hazard(s) Ant Doom
crumbling statue
crumbling bridge
quicksand pit
Theme Music

Clips of the main and alternate music that plays on the Sand course.

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This article is about the Top Ride course. For the Copy Ability, see Sand.

Sand is one of the seven Top Ride courses in Kirby Air Ride. It is a short course set in a parched desert with a seemingly straightforward layout, complicated by many varying hazards that activate semi-randomly.


The track display of Sand.

Sand is the second course and is relatively simple, consisting of a short looping track that features two bridges in the top stretch and rounded loops on each side. The course is traversed in a clockwise manner with the finish line stretching along to the right in the middle of the lower portion of the track. The default number of laps needed to complete this course is seven.

While Sand has the most straightforward layout of all the tracks, the loop is complicated by a large number of hazards, as follows:

  • Ant Doom lurks in the pit in the left loop of the course. It appears on a regular basis and attempts to snatch up any racers that get too close. Racers eaten will be spat out after a while at either the bottom or top of the loop. Ant Doom will also eat any items that fall into its pit.
  • A stone statue hangs precariously at the top of the left loop. Every now and then, it crumbles onto the loop, obstructing it and forcing racers to draw closer to Ant Doom in its pit. After a while, the statue will reassemble itself before crumbling again.
  • Of the two bridges at the top of the track, the lower one (made of teeth) is fragile. It will only take a few racers riding over it before it collapses, becoming unusable for the rest of the race.
  • In the lower portion of the loop on the right, the sand making up the area can sink into a pit, forcing racers to move the long way around the loop until it refills. As with the statue, the trigger for this quicksand pit appears to be random.

In Free Run mode, the hazards of Sand are disabled. This means that Ant Doom does not appear, the statue does not collapse, the tooth bridge does not crumble, and the quicksand pit does not empty.

Checklist objectives[edit]

The following are all of the checklist objectives that specifically pertain to Sand:

Objective Reward Notes
Free Run: SAND Do one lap in under 00:06:50! None
Free Run: SAND Do one lap in under 00:05:00! None
Time Attack: SAND Finish in under 00:35:00! None
Time Attack: SAND Finish in under 00:29:00! Rock Star (theme) in Sound Test This also unlocks the Rock Star theme as an alternate track for this course.
Top Ride: SAND (No "Zero Items" rule) Take 1st place without using items! None
Top Ride: SAND Drop into Ant Doom 20 times in one game! None
Top Ride: SAND Drop into Ant Doom 50 times or more! One free box filler
Top Ride: SAND Finish 1st 5 seconds faster than #2! None
Top Ride: SAND Finish 1st with CPUs set to level 5! None
Top Ride: SAND Finish 7 laps in under 00:52:00! None
Top Ride: SAND Race more than 100 laps! None
Top Ride: SAND Take 1st and catch the worm 3 or more times! None Have Ant Doom catch the player's racer 3 or more times and finish in 1st place (doesn't count if the player rides into the pit's center).
Top Ride: SAND Take 1st place 10 times or more! None
Top Ride: SAND Take 1st place without using Boost! Top Ride: Sand in Sound Test


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Sand -
German Sand -
Italian Sand -
Spanish Sand -