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Three racers participating in Sand.

Sand is a course of the Top Ride mode in Kirby Air Ride. As its name implies, the course takes place in a desert. The course starts as a U-turn to the right. The turn is around a large carnivorous-like cactus called Ant Doom. Ant Doom can grab nearby racers if they ride too close and send them to the end of the turn or at the beginning of the course. Racers can also slide inside the pit and get moved this way if they drive too close. Ant Doom can also shoot sand balls at the Kirbys, possibly stunning them. It can also go in a rampage that makes it shoot several sand balls.

At the end of the turn, there is a statue that falls and can narrow the road. Eventually, it can reconstruct and clear the road. After this, there are two paths to take. The shorter path is a breakable bridge consisting of tooth-like rocks that eventually breaks if enough racers travel on it. The main path is above the bridge, but it does not break. In the turn the sand can collapse, making the Kirbys maneuver around the pit.

If the player turns off the hazards, Ant Doom does not appear, the statue does not fall, the bridge does not collapse, and the sand pit does not sink.

The default amount of laps the Kirbys must pass is seven.

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