Battle Arena

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Battle Arena
Battle Arena Icon.png
Icon for Battle Arena
Type(s) Fighting - Elimination
Levels 2
Players 4
Appears in Kirby Battle Royale
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Battle Arena is one of the ten Battle types in Kirby Battle Royale. It is the most basic of the game-modes, where contestants must KO all of their opponents in a simple circle-shaped arena. The last contestant (or team) standing wins.

Rules and gameplay[edit]

Battles can be played either Solo (free for all) or on Teams. Contestants are tasked with defeating their opponents in straight-up combat, by attacking them with their various Copy Ability moves until their stamina is depleted.

When a contestant runs out of health, they are knocked into the ground, and cannot fight further. However, if the match as a whole is still undecided, that defeated contestant can mash out of the ground, and rejoin the fray with a fraction of their original stamina. If they are knocked out again, however, it will take longer to mash out than previously.

Once a single contestant (or team) is left undefeated, the game is over, with the undefeated contestant(s) declared the winner.

In Dedede's Cake Royale, there are a small number of special fights, including 1v1 battles, and a 1v3 battle near the end.


There are two stages available for Battle Arena, though they differ only in their aesthetics. They are as follows:

Battle Coliseum[edit]

A stony grey arena with mainly purple hues, and torches adorning the walls.

This stage is available only in Dedede's Cake Royale.

Deluxe Coliseum[edit]

A lavishly decorated arena, with a polished stone floor in many bright colors and flags and drapes adorning the walls and rafters.

Battle Bonuses[edit]

The following Battle Bonuses can be awarded in Single Player or local Multiplayer Battle Mode:

  • Charge Attack Captain - Performed the most charge attacks!
  • Damage Dealer - Dealt the most damage!
  • KO Chief - Knocked out the most opponents!
  • KO Speedster - First to knock out an opponent!


  • Battle Arena is one of three games (the others being Apple Scramble and Crazy Theater) which are available in the demo version of Battle Royale.
  • If a battle starts to drag on too long, bundles of Timed Dynamite start dropping into the arena. It starts one at a time, then two, and so on until a victor is decided.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バトルロイヤル
Battle Royale
German Kampfarena Battle Arena

Battle Arena Animated.gif
Small sequence from a Battle Arena round.