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Extra Mode (or originally known as Extra Game) is an additional version of some games amongst the Kirby series, sometimes unlocked by a code, or beating the game. First appearing in Kirby's Dream Land, the Extra Game was meant to give veteran players a challenge.

Unless otherwise specified by HAL Laboratory, the events of Extra Games are not part of the main series canon.

Game Changes

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Kirby's Dream Land

By pressing ↑, A, and Select on the title screen, the player can access a harder Dream Land with new enemies and better AI, such as Waddle Dees moving faster and jumping at Kirby and Parasols going after Kirby. The changes in enemies include:

Kirby's Adventure

By activating all the Big Switches located in certain levels and then beating the game, Extra Game is unlocked, which does not allow saving and allots Kirby only three pieces of health, as opposed to the usual six. There are no major changes made in the game, the enemies' AI isn't changed, the enemies all look the same, and all the places Kirby visits look exactly the same. Due to the reduced health bar, however, Energy Drinks only restore 1 hit point now. Upon completing this mode with all the switches pressed, the Sound Test is unlocked.

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land

Much like in the original version, to unlock this mode, complete the game and press all the Big Switches. This time, however, the player can save in this game, but Kirby still has 3 hit points to deal with. When this mode is completed 100%, the second Extra Game, Meta Knightmare, is unlocked from the Sub-Games menu.

Meta Knightmare

Meta Knight travelling through a cave in the Meta Knightmare Sub-Game. A 1Up styled after him is visible to the left.
Meta Knight battles himself at the end of Orange Ocean.

In this Sub-Game, the player plays as Meta Knight and traverses all the levels in the game as fast as possible. The game keeps track of and saves the time taken, to be displayed at the end of the run. Like in the normal Extra Game, Meta Knight only has 3 hit points. It is also not possible to save the game, and Meta Knight obviously cannot utilize any Copy Abilities. To compensate for this, however, Meta Knight is given his sword and his wings to traverse the land. When encountering a Warp Star, instead of riding it, Meta Knight spreads his wings and soars along the same trajectory. He is much more skilled than Kirby at swordplay, able to perform several different techniques to help clear the way, including being able to break metal blocks, light fuses and pound pegs with his sword slashes. However, during this run, there is no Goal Game at the end of the stages and all the Sub-Game doors are locked, meaning that Meta Knight cannot rely on them to obtain 1Ups.

Amusingly enough, instead of fighting a different character, Meta Knight battles himself in the Orange Ocean stage, as well as fighting his own Meta-Knights throughout the playthrough.

No Big Switches need to be pressed in this mode, but they are still there and can still be pressed. The mode ends when Meta Knight defeats King Dedede at the Fountain of Dreams. Nightmare is not battled in this sub-game.

Kirby: Squeak Squad

Extra Game here is essentially the same as Story Mode, but the game challenges the player to clear the stages and collect all 120 Treasure Chests as fast as possible. It keeps individual time for each stage, rather than the game as a whole.

Kirby Super Star Ultra

Main article: Meta Knightmare Ultra

The Extra Game in this mode is known as Meta Knightmare Ultra, and has Meta Knight playing through the events of every main game mode (except Gourmet Race) in one long time attack run. At the end of the game, instead of fighting Marx, Meta Knight fights an ancient warrior called Galacta Knight, who up to that point had been sealed away for fear of him being too powerful.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Spoilers! Notice: The contents of this article or section may contain spoilers.
The following may reveal important information about the game's storyline. If you do not wish to read it, skip ahead to the next heading.

Once the Normal Game is completed, the Extra Game opens up, which plays like the Normal Game, but with the following changes:

  • Vitality of all characters is cut in half. The bar only reaches half-way across the portrait to illustrate this.
  • Many items, including Point Stars and 1Ups have a different design.
  • There are more enemies, and they move and attack faster, with some being different sizes and/or having increased vitality.
  • Super Ability timer runs out faster.
  • Alternate Dimension rift walls are red, and move faster.
  • All bosses and mid-bosses possess different color schemes (with some having additional visual changes), and are generally tougher with new and different attack patterns.
    • Additionally, all bosses and mid-bosses have "EX" add-ended to their names. (Except for Magolor Soul and HR-D3)
  • A completely new boss, HR-D3 is added after defeating Metal General EX.
  • All Challenge Stages are tougher.
  • The cinematic leading up to the final fight with Magolor features an additional scene where he changes to the color scheme used in the EX fight.
  • The game's credit sequence has different gameplay snapshots, adorned with golden frames, and credit sections feature little Kirby portraits like the ones seen in the credits for Kirby Super Star.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe

The Extra Game is distinct in this iteration, in that it is played with King Dedede instead of Kirby. Officially known as Dededetour!, and serving as the spiritual successor to Meta Knightmare, Dedede plays through the stages in one long time attack run, (modified to accommodate his move-set) he battles harder versions of all the bosses and mid-bosses up to the end of Royal Road, and fights a different set of bosses at the end of the game.

Unlike the Main Game, there are no Sun Stones to collect and very few Food items. Dedede must simply try to finish his run as quickly as he can. If he enters certain side chambers where the Sun Stones would be in Kirby's playthrough, he can either obtain some collectibles (usually food and 1Ups) or find a warp shortcut to reach the end faster.

King Dedede does not meet Taranza at any point during this mode. However, he still has to fight all the bosses that Taranza would have woken up (usually caused by tripping and doing something to aggravate them himself). After defeating Queen Sectonia DX at the end of Royal Road, he then encounters the Golden Mirror from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, out of which Shadow Dedede jumps. After defeating him, Dedede jumps into the mirror to fight Dark Meta Knight, and ensure that he can never terrorize Pop Star again.

  • According to an official Miiverse post on the subject, the fastest completion time of DededeTour! by the development team for Triple Deluxe was 0h:58m:44.45s. Since then, the fastest confirmed time by anyone, according to speedrun.com, is currently held by a runner named Demolition14, at 0h:54m:50.030s.

Kirby: Planet Robobot

Official Logo.

The extra game in this title is known officially as Meta Knightmare Returns, and, obviously, stars Meta Knight. It plays similarly to DededeTour!, and has Meta Knight take on the game in a long time attack run, fighting stronger versions of the bosses in the process. Some bosses from Story Mode are omitted, with Meta Knight instead fighting a trio of different bosses in sequence after defeating President Haltmann 2.0. These are, in order:

Unlike in DededeTour!, however, Meta Knight can obtain collectibles which boost his energy, which then can be used to unleash varying levels of special moves. Among the moves are the following:

  • Meta Quick - 8 points (Speed Boost, does not stack with Invincibility Candy)
  • Healing - 10 points (recovers all Vitality, like a Maxim Tomato)
  • Galaxia Darkness - 18 points (Deals big damage to all enemies in a horizontal line)
  • Meta Knightmares - 35 points (Deals huge damage to everything on the screen)

These last two moves deal a significant amount of damage, with Galaxia Darkness in particular being his Final Smash from the Smash Bros. games. Used correctly, these allow him to cut through the entire run much more quickly then Kirby could in the Story Mode.

There are also no shortcuts. Instead, side chambers yield Stickers, recovery items, 1Ups, and energy pockets.