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Knuckle Joe
Knuckle Joe Spirit.png
Artwork of Knuckle Joe from Kirby Super Star Ultra
First game Kirby Super Star
Latest game Kirby Star Allies
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Other game(s) Kirby's Super Star Stacker, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Kirby Super Star Ultra, Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS, Kirby: Planet Robobot, Kirby Battle Royale
Copy Ability Fighter
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Knuckle Joe is an enemy in the Kirby series. He also as well appears as a major character in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. Knuckle Joe appears as a humanoid figure with spiky blonde hair, a face without a nose, a bandana around his head, and a pair of pointy ears. Knuckle Joe is a fairly noticeable character in the Kirby series, receiving a recurring character role in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! and appearing as an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and subsequent Super Smash Bros. titles.

Game appearances[edit]

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Kirby Super Star (Ultra)[edit]

Sprite from Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Knuckle Joe appears as an enemy in the game Kirby Super Star as well as its remake Kirby Super Star Ultra. In the game, which features his debut role, he attempts to harm Kirby by throwing punches and kicks at him. When inhaled, he grants Kirby the Fighter ability, and also acts as the Helper of said ability.

Knuckle Joe is also one of the participants of the Megaton Punch contest. He appears as Kirby's second opponent, after Kirby defeats Waddle Doo.

In the Kirby Super Star Ultra-exclusive main game Helper to Hero, Joe, apart from being playable, appears in the opening sequence and in the boss picture for Wham Bam Jewel. Since Waddle Dee appears on the file select screen and life counter, these two could be considered to be the "mascots" of helpers.


Knuckle Joe can be found in the following places in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra:

Knuckle Joe locations in Kirby Super Star & Kirby Super Star Ultra  
Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance?
Green Greens Xmark.png RoMK Chapter 4 Xmark.png
Float Islands Yescheck.png RoMK Chapter 5 Yescheck.png
Bubbly Clouds Xmark.png RoMK Chapter 6 Yescheck.png
Mt. Dedede Xmark.png RoMK Chapter 7 Xmark.png
Peanut Plains Xmark.png Floria Xmark.png
Mallow Castle Xmark.png Aquarius Yescheck.png
Cocoa Cave Yescheck.png Skyhigh Xmark.png
Candy Mountain Xmark.png Hotbeat Xmark.png
Trial Room 1 Xmark.png Cavius Xmark.png
Trial Room 2 Xmark.png Mekkai Xmark.png
Sub-Tree Yescheck.png Halfmoon Xmark.png
Crystal Xmark.png ???? Xmark.png
Old Tower Xmark.png Purple Plants Xmark.png
Garden Xmark.png Illusion Islands Xmark.png
RoMK Chapter 1 Xmark.png Crash Clouds Yescheck.png
RoMK Chapter 2 Xmark.png The Revenge Xmark.png
RoMK Chapter 3 Yescheck.png

Kirby's Return to Dream Land[edit]

Knuckle Joe reappears as an enemy that can be swallowed for the Fighter ability. He is fairly rare to encounter.

Kirby Battle Royale[edit]

Knuckle Joe can be seen in the audience in many of the battle modes. He also appears in Dedede's Cake Royale, standing in front of the Training Room tent. If Kirby talks to him, Knuckle Joe will comment on the ability Kirby has equipped.

Kirby Star Allies[edit]

Menu artwork of Knuckle Joe in Kirby Star Allies.

Knuckle Joe appears in this title, and can be recruited as a Friend. As a Friend, he has all of Fighter Kirby's moves, and can also use the Friend Throw. His agility is also arguably greater than that of Fighter Kirby's, since he uses an Infinity Jump which he can act out of immediately with further attacks.

Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Artwork of Knuckle Joe from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Knuckle Joe appears as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, as well as an Assist Trophy character, who uses the Vulcan Jab attack, as well as others on opponents.

Brawl trophy description[edit]

Name Image Appears In Description
Knuckle Joe Knuckle Joe Trophy.png SNES Kirby Super Star (American English), Kirby's Fun Pak (British English) A martial artist known for amazing attacks like the Vulcan Jab. With his bandana, he looks and fights the part of a Muay Thai boxer. When Kirby copies Knuckle Joe, he gains the fighting techniques of a hand-to-hand-combat expert. Knuckle Joe also engages in friendly block-breaking competitions with Kirby. His other famous techniques are the Smash Punch and Rising Break.

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U[edit]

Knuckle Joe reprises his role from the previous game as an Assist Trophy and as a collectible trophy. His attacks remain the same.

3DS / Wii U trophy information[edit]

Name 3DS Image Wii U Image Appears In American English description British English description
Knuckle Joe
KnuckleJoeWiiU.png SNES Kirby Super Star (American English), Kirby Fun Pak (British English) (8/1996)
Wii Kirby's Return to Dream Land (American English), Kirby's Adventure Wii (British English) (10/2011)
A martial-arts master, Knuckle Joe can be inhaled by Kirby and his Fighter ability copied. If you summon him, he'll leap toward the enemy nearest you and unleash his powerful Vulcan Jab attack. He'll then finish off his target with a devastating Smash Punch or Rising Break. When Kirby copies this expert in all martial arts, he becomes a pro at hand-to-hand combat. Release Knuckle Joe in this game, and he'll jump towards the enemy nearest to you and unleash his mighty Vulcan Jab, then finish them off with a devastating Smash Punch or Rising Break!

Blue indicates exclusive to the Wii U version.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Knuckle Joe once more reprises his role as an assist trophy in this title. He also appears as a spirit in the Adventure Mode.

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya![edit]

Knuckle Joe
Artwork of Knuckle Joe from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
First episode Here Comes the Son
Last episode Fright to the Finish
Main role Supporting character
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Knuckle Joe makes an appearance as a recurring character in the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, first appearing in the episode Here Comes the Son. He is a young rogue fighter whose father was a Star Warrior slain during the great war against Night Mare Enterprises and its monster armies. Not knowing the true circumstances of his father's death beforehand, he believes a Star Warrior to be responsible for his death, and travels to Dream Land with the help of N.M.E. to hunt down Kirby and Meta Knight. Meta Knight then reveals to Knuckle Joe the true story, but it takes a duel with Kirby for Knuckle Joe to truly come to understand this. After this point, Knuckle Joe becomes an ally to Kirby and Meta Knight, aiding them against some of the stronger monsters sent by N.M.E., most notably the titan Masher.

Knuckle Joe has a very similar physique and appearance to his video game incarnation, but he is portrayed with a different color palette in his first appearance (perhaps to reflect the Helper mechanic of Kirby Super Star). His powers include using many of the attacks associated with the Fighter ability, but he also has the ability to fly and cast electric attacks. In Here Comes the Son, he momentarily transforms into a monstrous version of himself which uses needles to attack, thus granting Kirby the Needle ability to retaliate against him. This needle version of Knuckle Joe is unique to the anime.


The following is a complete list of all of Knuckle Joe's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, along with other information regarding his role in each episode:

Knuckle Joe's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!  
Episode Image Role Selected quote Notes
Here Comes the Son
E19 Knuckle Joe.png
Primary character "I told ya...I'm not a monster."
Monster Management
E40 Knuckle Joe.png
Primary character "It took a long time to plan, but it was worth it! I'm a monster hunter now...and I wanted to bag one of the big ones! That meant goin' after Masher!"
Masher 2.0
E65 Knuckle Joe.png
Primary character "You may be a good warrior...but you're a lousy driver." (to Kirby after he crashes the Warp Star)
Combat Kirby
E99 Knuckle Joe.png
Tertiary character "I took over a Destroya and was hopin' you'd let me join your party!"
Fright to the Finish
E100 Knuckle Joe.png
Tertiary character "I hate to tell ya this, Meta Knight, but I got some bad news for ya! Three Destroyas got through. They're headed your way!"



Quotes from Knuckle Joe in Kirby Battle Royale  
  • "Cool sword you've got there. Hope you're putting it to good use. Spin Slash is fairly unbeatable. Be sure to train every day!"
  • "That pointed hat gives you the Bomb ability! You should use Bomb Dunk if you want to shock your foe!"
  • "Look at that horn on you! The Beetle ability sure looks impressive. Use Rocket Horn to grab foes and Dive to drive them into the ground."
  • "That spear... Did you join the Waddle Dee army or something?! Spears are great for both thrusting and throwing? Get the point?!"
  • "Ah, the Cutter ability! Those slashes sure are satisfying. There's nothing like a good charge session...and a Hyper Cutter!"
  • "Heya, fighter! Go give 'em a knuckle sandwich for me! When you see an opening, use your Giga Force Blast to knock 'em out!"
  • "When you use your Ninja ability, you'll have lots of fierce moves! With those, you can unleash quick attacks for a decisive win."
  • "That whip is cool and all... but the hat is where it's really at. Whip your enemies into shape! Wrap 'em up while you're at it!"
  • "Huh? Carrying a parasol on a nice day like this? I wanna see you pick up your opponents and swing them around!"
  • "A big hammer and a headband. That look really suits you! If you've got a hammer, take a swing! Not at me, though!"
  • "Ha! Are you wearing those glasses to look smart? If I were a doctor, I'd say to get rest and call me in the morning!"
  • "Try the Tornado ability if you want to play cool tricks on your rivals. All that wind will feel mighty nice to you, but not your opponents."
  • "Ice-skating is pretty cool, isn't it?! I just love those spinny jumps! It's fun seeing frozen foes slide to their doom when you throw them!"


  • In Kirby Star Allies, Knuckle Joe can provide the Sizzle attribute with Giga Force Blast. However, a CPU will not acknowledge this if it needs to light a fuse or provide a Power Effect.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ナックルジョー
Nakkuru Jō
Knuckle Joe
Chinese 格斗家乔 (chs)
格鬥家喬 (cht)
gé dòu jiā qiáo
Fighter Joe
Korean 넉클 죠
Neogkeul Jyo
Knuckle Joe