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Glitches in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

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Listed below are the glitches in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

List of Glitches[edit]

KaTAM Blockin Ladders glitch.gif
Kirby pushed to the side of a ladder and climbing midair.

Blockin Ladders / Midair climbing[edit]

This glitch requires a Blockin in a close proximity of a ladder. Kirby should trigger Blockin to reveal itself (by attempting to inhale it), bump into another enemy to get invincibility frames after getting damaged, and then use them to bump the Blockin towards the ladder without getting knocked back. This is particularly required to catch up and get climbing before Blockin returns to its Star Block form.

Blockin in its Star Block form therefore acts as a solid block and should they meet, pushes the player's climbing Kirby to the side of the ladder. If it ends up precisely covering the entirety of ladder's width, Kirby is additionally able to climb past the upper rung of the ladder and appear as if climbing in empty midair space.[1]

Bomb: Color-changing Switch and Waddle Doos[edit]

In Moonlight Mansion - Room 19, there is a Droppy, two Waddle Doos and a Switch that can open the nearby gate, among other things. If Bomb Kirby allows the Droppy to capture his Copy Ability, transforming Droppy into its Foley form, and this Foley explodes by touching the ground at the location where a Waddle Doo and/or the Switch is not in view-range, it may result in visible graphical glitches of their color-palette patterns which stay permanent throughout Kirby's presence in the room (this resets by leaving it or losing a life).[2]

KaTAM Bomb Instantaneous Double Depth Charge glitch.png
Two bombs sinking in the water as Kirby moved while dropping them.

Bomb: Instantaneous Double Depth Charge[edit]

If Bomb Kirby attempts setting a bomb midair above water, and enters the water just as the animation of the act is over (i.e. a bomb is dropped out of his hands), two bombs may get dropped, sink, and explode as normally.

Bomb: Sound Transfer[edit]

If Bomb Kirby places (throws, drops or sets) a bomb while there are any number of Kirby clones in the usual view-range from the to-explode bomb, and Kirby leaves the room just before the bomb explodes, the sound effect of the exploding bomb may be heard from the previous room where it just exploded.

Bosses's Ineffective Projectiles[edit]

If Kirby defeats a boss whose projectile or a produced separate enemy is still existent thereafter, such as Dark Meta Knight's tornado/energy wave or Wiz's Droppy/Bronto Burt, such will be unharmful to Kirby, receive or not receive any damage as usually, not disappear from the screen any earlier than usually, and their sound effects might interfere with other sound effects.

Cook: False Positive[edit]

If Cook Kirby attempts using the ability at the moment of a screen transition, such as after picking up an item from a defeated Boss if any (otherwise after its defeat), Kirby will experience a false positive use of his Copy Ability and not have it in the next room if the glitch is successful.

Crouch-gliding / Sliding Veer[edit]

On surfaces that Kirby can glide over while crouching, such as icy grounds of Peppermint Palace areas, he can perform a movement that can cause a minor but sudden change of his direction without player's input to do so. If Kirby faces the other direction while gliding on the surface in crouching state, and then stops crouching while still gliding, he may experience such reversion of the direction he changed while gliding.

Another way to do this is by sliding upwards a 45-degree slope and bumping into a vertical wall from about 3 tiles away. Such slopes can be found in Rainbow Route - Room 33 (left side with undestroyed Bomb Blocks), Candy Constellation - Room 12 (various pillars and cyan slopes), Rainbow Route - Room 9 (the small pocket-room in bottom-left) and Peppermint Palace - Room 3. Rarely, this can also be done by snagging under a closing gate, or a Star Block after slide kicking off an enemy.

Dark Meta Knight: Burning Kirby's Color Change[edit]

Right after defeating Dark Meta Knight in his true form, if Burning Kirby charges but gets stopped in the act as Dark Meta Knight shatters, he will very temporarily retain an orange color palette and continue walking over the momentum gained from a ceased charge.[3]

Dark Meta Knight: Dual-Death[edit]

If Kirby simultaneously defeats Dark Meta Knight and loses a life, such as when both land a projectile (Tornado Slash) on one another, the screen will immediately turn completely black and Kirby will return to the fight once again, this time vulnerable to damage only immediately after the invincibility frames. If the lost life is actually the last one, when Kirby returns to the Central Circle, a majority of non-stationary object sprites will be rendered invisible and some sound effects may be missing. These results can be reset by losing another life or defeating a boss.[4]

Dark Meta Knight: Standing in Midair[edit]

As Dark Meta Knight is about to shatter in the Dimension Mirror, the player can briefly move Kirby around before the following cutscene takes the control away. Hovering to top of the screen will make Kirby bounce off the ground and cease his movement in midair (which is also doable with various Copy Abilities). Depending on Kirby's distance from the portal, it is possible to make the absorbing animation slightly shorter or longer.[3]

Dark Mind: Energy Beam Echo[edit]

If Kirby defeats Dark Mind's Second Form just as it is about to perform its laser attack, its sound effect might still be looped for some time even though the battle ended and the laser is no longer present on the screen.

Dark Mind: Hit Counter Overflow[edit]

KaTAM Dark Mind Hit Counter Overflow glitch.gif
A patient player surpassing a hit count of 999 to see it overflow back to 000

There is an extremely rare glitch that can cause the player to be in an never-ending softlock after defeating Dark Mind's last form. During the ongoing credits roll, the player can keep hitting Dark Mind for bonus points as displayed on the hit counter. After the credits have passed, Dark Mind is usually destined to explode. If the glitch happens, Dark Mind does not explode, and the player can keep hitting Dark Mind indefinitely. The three-digit counter will overflow back to 000 after surpassing the score of 999. There are no clear requirements for the glitch to happen and can happen randomly, sometimes ruining whole 100% speedruns of the game.[5][6]

Dark Mind: Long-lasting Hats[edit]

If Kirby calls his clones late enough into the animated cutscene when Dark Mind's Second Form is defeated (when the screen turns completely red), the Kirby clones who answer his call may arrive without being stripped of their Copy Abilities and will be able to move freely during the cutscene. This will prevent their Warp Stars from spawning during this cutscene, but they will still be transferred into the final segment, retaining their Copy Ability hats.

As it was not intended for Kirbys to retain their Copy Abilities for the final segment, their hat sprites are rendered in the top-left corner of their Warp Star object. An exception to this is Missile, which gets its hat rendered properly on the Kirby clone's head (using a copy of Missile's ladder sprite). Abilities that flash (Cook, Crash and Magic) will still do so. Cupid, Fighter, Hammer and Throw freeze the game, as the game tries to load in the sprites these abilities once had. Kirby clones with Mini and Sleep cannot answer calls, while UFO does nothing.[7]

Dark Mind: Post-End Credits glitch[edit]

KaTAM DM Post End Credits glitch.png
Kirby bumps into an enemy with its healthbar and helper icons invisible.

If Kirby simultaneously defeats Dark Mind's Final Form and loses the last of his lives, he will return to the Central Circle room. Though seemingly ordinary-looking, the Pause screen is actually inaccessible, every hit on an enemy shows their health-bar in the HUD for only one frame and there are no helper icons of Kirby clones present in the top-left corner of the screen. The results of this glitch get reset by entering Dark Mind's Final Form combat area again.[8]

Dash SFX while Crouching[edit]

If Kirby dashes, crouches and falls onto another platform, additional sound effects of dashing can be heard even though Kirby is crouching. Usually, when a dashing Kirby falls onto a platform, he can continue dashing, and therefore the dash sound effect is played.

Freeze glitch (J)[edit]

If Kirby triggers freeze frames - such as when he summons the Warp Star, swallows a Copy Ability, uses Crash or triggers a Mix - at the exact frame as he loses a life, generally by falling into a pit or touching a hazard, the game will remain frozen next time he respawns. This glitch is possible to perform only in the Japanese version of the game.[9]

Gobbler's Air-sinking[edit]

If Gobbler gets defeated while midair, it will be seen sinking down through the air at the same speed as if it was defeated underwater.

Gobbler's Frozen Face[edit]

If Gobbler gets defeated during its scrunched face sprite which it makes before performing a charging attack, the same sprite will remain throughout the post-defeat sinking animation.

Hovering Bronto Burt[edit]

In Cabbage Cavern - Room 8, a Bronto Burt spawned inside wall-tiles on the right part of the room will usually chase after Kirby. If Kirby, however, crouches somewhere near the middle of the first boulder before spikes on the left part of the room, Bronto Burt may just casually approach the crouching Kirby without getting into collision with, or dealing any damage to him.

Ice: Don't Lose Ability[edit]

If Ice Kirby collides with an enemy from above as it freezes (i.e. hold B while falling onto an enemy), Kirby will receive knockback and invincibility frames, but will not actually lose the ability.

Inaudible Warp Star[edit]

If the Pause screen is accessed and exited out of during Kirby's Warp Star transportation, its respective sound effect will be inaudible for the session.

Inside of Walls glitches[edit]

Kirby clipping through a construction and ground by utilizing Bomb Blocks.

Kirby can get clipped into walls and other solid static objects through several methods, and unlike in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land he will actually not lose a life doing so. Kirby will be partially controllable inside solid objects as he is still affected by their collision hitboxes - hovering can help maintain control to not get pushed out back or through.

One method is to get Kirby pushed into a wall by an auto-scrolling camera, foremostly doable with a Mid-Boss fight with with Bonkers in Olive Ocean - Chest 2. On the left side of Bonkers' den is a chasm. Wheel Kirby should get to the right edge of the cliff and face left, then activate the auto-scroll by using the ability's only move. Kirby should fall into the chasm and clip into the wall as auto-scrolling happens. Once inside, he will be seen continuously falling and can either float upwards to fight Bonkers or call his clones to do so.[10]

The second method can be done only in a few locations, as it requires use of newly generated walls by Bomb Blocks. One of those rooms is Rainbow Route - Room 28. In the middle-right section of the room are two Bomb Blocks and Kirby should get rid of the lower one. Kirby should then spit out an Air Bullet into the remaining Bomb Block, quickly land and slide to get into the very middle of a newly generated wooden tile. There, the player alternates hyper-tapping of the left and right + Control Pad buttons each frame, and Kirby should eventually drop through into the solid tiles beneath.[11] As such, this is a pixel and frame-perfect trick.

Ultimately, Kirby can get pushed into a wall and actually lose a life by a more specific act. Mini Kirby has to discard the ability while stationed in a narrow horizontal space between two solid objects, e.g. a Heave-Ho Block and the half-tall ground tile (tight passageway) located in the bottom part of the Olive Ocean - Room 6. Kirby should firstly get inside the pocket-room space which contains a Treasure Chest and discard the Mini ability, then with his Inhale move the Heave-Ho Block not entirely but as close to the wall. Kirby should then inhale the discarded Ability Star to gain the Mini ability back, and lastly station himself between the two objects and discard the ability again. As Kirby's collision hitbox enlarges, he will be able to either clip into the Heave-Ho Block or the wall.

Interrupted Inhaling Destruction[edit]

If Kirby attempts inhaling any inhalable object, item or enemy just as he touches a Warp Star, Copy Pedestal, Cannon or water, or gets damaged by another enemy, their projectile, or a hazard, the target Kirby was attempting to inhale will explode forthwith. The glitch is also performable with the Throw Copy Ability, with additional possible cause being capture of an enemy with another in range.

Large Enemy's Early Twin Spawn[edit]

In Moonlight Mansion - Room 20 and Carrot Castle - Room 3, there are spawn points of two instances of a same large enemy in each, Giant Rocky and Heavy Knight respectively, of which second spawns after the first has vanished. If Kirby enters into view range with the first one, then goes to the very edge where the same instance is still existent, the second one might spawn earlier than intended and both could be visible in the same location.

Magically Invisible Meta Knight[edit]

If Kirby calls his Magic Kirby clone as it is about to get the Sword outcome of the ability's roulette, Meta Knight in its following animation will appear to be invisible.[12]

Master: Immediate Ditching[edit]

If Kirby discards a Copy Ability which turns into an Ability Star, and then gets the Master Copy Ability, the Ability Star is usually supposed to still be bouncing around and float above water until it vanishes after some time. However if the same touches water in this process, it will vanish right away instead of floating above it.[12]

Master: Laser Beam Copying[edit]

If Laser Kirby fires a laser shot and discards the Copy Ability by touching the Master Copy Pedestal located in Dark Mind's First Form's room, which changes Kirby's Copy Ability to Master automatically, and if the projectile is still present on the screen, the ability-copying animation might look graphically glitchy.

Mid-Boss: False Positive[edit]

Kirby can activate a Mid-Boss fight without entering its area by summoning the Warp Star. Its curved trajectory is likely to activate a Mid-Boss fight if it includes a point inside the combat area. In rarer occassions with Kirby's clones, the Mid-Boss's health bar will not actually load or appear even after receiving damage from them.[12]

Using the Smash ability's Final Cutter to reach the height in Kracko's room with Kirby clones in proximity can activate the boss fight, which unintentionally, Kirby can fully fight from below the platform.[13]

Mid-Boss: Midair Explosion[edit]

Upon its defeat, a Mid-Boss is not going to explode right away, but rather fall on a platform beneath, delay standing there for a couple of seconds, and then trigger its explosion (which can be quickened by dealing additional damage to the defeated Mid-Boss). However, the Mid-Boss can be tempted to explode in midair making it freeze on the position before the explosion. If it instead falls into a pit its explosion sound effect will still be heard.

This can be done with Master Hand in Candy Constellation - Room 14. Kirby should deal damage to him until his health can be depleted in one hit. The last hit should land when Master Hand positions himself on the farthest top-right corner (while attempting a finger-bullet attack). The defeated Master Hand should land on the Star Blocks from the right side, and Kirby should wait until the very few last moments before Master Hand triggers his explosion to destroy said Star Blocks and let him explode in midair.

Orbed Flamer[edit]

KaTAM Orbed Flamer glitch.gif
A hesitant Flamer hovering and spinning until Kirby allows it to egress into empty space.

By bumping a Flamer into a set of solid tiles and positioning himself where the Flamer would usually egress to, Kirby can get the Flamer stuck in its inflamed midair spinning state. There, the Flamer will still mimic Kirby as he moves around until it gets a chance to leave the solid tiles and into empty space, but will not attempt to attack Kirby. This glitch works with underwater tiles as well, requiring a Flamer to pass through them only once.

Parasol Warp[edit]

The Parasol ability, known for its air drifting, can gain and store unused horizontal velocity when Kirby continuously puffs up and drifts against a screen border. Acquiring a velocity value of 32767 or -32767 (invisible to a normal player) makes Kirby swiftly warp to the other side of the room, passing through any enemies and walls in his way.[14][15]

Platform Penetration / Slope Clip[edit]

Fighter Kirby's Sky Kick move can pass through all thin floors in the way if he does it while dropping through one. However with slopes, the player can do another type of a clip with no specific requirements. It requires Kirby to fall through a connection of a slope and another platform, which always lies on a pixel-perfect spot.[16] Easiest way to attempt a slope clip is in Candy Constellation - Room 2, where Kirby can do it by just walking off the platform (above the Switch in the room's center).

Post-Bounce Skid SFX[edit]

If Kirby changes direction immediately after bouncing off of a slope (by a Dive Attack from a high height) while midair, the sound effect for skidding can be heard even though Kirby is not on the ground.

KaTAM Banana Peel Excessive Collision glitch.gif
Kirby prolonging his red clone's tripping animation by causing freeze frames.

Prank's Banana Peel Excessive Collision[edit]

There is a Prank located in Peppermint Palace - Room 2 which for its prank drops a banana peel on the floor. By knocking it further off himself, Kirby can make the banana peel land directly atop one of his clones. If Kirby causes a screen-freeze (by using his Cell Phone or copying an ability) just as a clone is about to trip, he can prolong the collision frames, which is evident by higher height the tripped clone reaches and an excess of little star-sprites.[17]

Retreating Blipper[edit]

If a Blipper is in state of chasing after Kirby for long enough without getting damaged, at some point the Blipper will just stop chasing Kirby and appear as if trying to flee from Kirby. If there are no solid tiles to stop the Blipper from doing so, it may just flee off the screen.

Retreating Twister[edit]

Twister will always flee upwards off the screen after lifting off into the air for the second time. It can still be inhaled after fleeing.

Screen-freeze SFX Loop[edit]

If Kirby performs an Inhale or a move of his Burning, Fire, Ice or Throw abilities, and stops it just as screen-freeze happens (e.g. Kirby clone copying an ability or using Crash), its respective sound-effect will loop until the screen unfreezes.

KaTAM Droppy Copy Ability Theft glitch.png
Normal Kirby represented as Cutter Kirby by the status icon.

Semi-successful Copy Ability Theft[edit]

If Droppy enters water while robbing Kirby's Copy Ability, it will explode in the water together with the swallowed ability, but Kirby's Copy Ability status icon will still display his former Copy Ability. This glitch can be performed in Olive Ocean - Room 9 by having Kirby destroy the Bomb Block furthest on the left that generates new water tiles. Results of the glitch can be reset by having Kirby access the Pause screen, receive damage or plainly get a new Copy Ability.[12]

Shadow Kirby: Wall Softlock[edit]

If Fighter Kirby performs the Leg Sweep attack on Shadow Kirby, sending him between two tiles of a cliff or wall on his right side, Shadow Kirby might get temporarily stuck and seen scampering in place before getting dispatched.

Single Star Bullet glitch[edit]

If Kirby inhales an enemy and an Ability Star, it would typically result in Kirby having capability of spitting a more powerful Star Bullet. However, if they are inhaled while their hitboxes are meeting, Kirby will receive only a singular Star Bullet to fire.[18]

KaTAM Spiked Flamer glitch.png
Flamer stuck in place on top of a set of spikes.

Spiked Flamer[edit]

If a Flamer gets in touch with spikes from their top upon their revelation (from destroyable Star Blocks) while also being not in collision with any other solid object (such as another Star Block or a wall tile), the Flamer will stop moving and revolve around itself, without falling, and look as if impaled onto the spikes.

This glitch can be performed in Cabbage Cavern - Room 8. Kirby should enter the room from the upper-left Mirror Door and get the Spark Copy Ability from the present Sparky. Navigating down through the passage, two Flamers will be seen circumnavigating along protrusions with Star Blocks and spikes which they hide. With good timing, Kirby should attempt destroying a peak Star Block of a protrusion just as a Flamer is positioned on top of it from the left or right side, without hitting the Flamer.

Star Bullet Miscarriage[edit]

If Kirby attempts spitting out a Star Bullet at an enemy that can grab Kirby 3 frames before it does so, an instance of a Star Bullet will be created and move on the Kirby's horizontal axis in the opposite direction away from the enemy. Such enemies are Cookin, Prank from Rainbow Route - Room 26, Snooter, and the Mid-Bosses Box Boxer and Phan-Phan.

Stuck Flamer / Fire Monster[edit]

If a Flamer leaves its damaged state inside a ground or wall tile, it might get stuck inside instead of egressing out of it. This might be due to a false positive check at whether the Flamer has already egressed the solid tiles. There, it will either stay in one tile's center or start wildly vibrating inside a set of four solid tiles.[19]

KaTAM Stuck in Snooter Delayed Spit glitch.gif
Snooter failing to spit Kirby's green clone, then walking around the room.

Stuck in Snooter: Delayed Death[edit]

If Kirby gets swallowed by a Snooter which afterwards falls into a pit together with the swallowed Kirby, Kirby's demise will be delayed for the time the Snooter would originally take to spit him out.

Stuck in Snooter: Delayed Spit[edit]

If Kirby is in a non-damaging collision with a Snooter as it swallows a Kirby clone, the Kirby clone will not be spit out. Instead, it will be hampered of movement and stuck in the Snooter for a longer period of time. The Snooter will be able to swallow additional Kirbys, as it continues with its normal behavior, and will eventually get rid of the swallowed Kirby without spitting it out. Non-damaging collision is best done with Stone, though other abilities such as Tornado and Wheel have the first few and last frames in their animations allow to do this too.

Throw Kirby's Silent Suction[edit]

If Throw Kirby starts inhaling just as a Big Switch is pressed, and the player's input for the move is still present after Big Switch's animated cutscene, the usual Throw Kirby's inhaling sound effect will not play for the session.

Uplift-Teleport Correction glitches[edit]

In several earlier Kirby titles, a mechanic exist for correcting Kirby's vertical position, which uplifts Kirby to a higher platform whenever he moves towards it from a slightly lower height. One trick that this mechanic allows is running over single-tile pit, but it otherwise results in several glitches.

One way to uplift Kirby by teleporting is by simply walking into a Blockin from the ground or another Star Block positioned less than one tile below, which can be done in Carrot Castle - Room 7. With square tiles and slopes, this can also be done but only within a few pixels.

An interesting glitch can be done on a levee (ground slope which ends in the water) such as ones in Peppermint Palace - Room 18 and Rainbow Route - Room 6. If Kirby walks down and turns back on the very edge of such slope, he might end up stuck there as he appears as rapidly landing on it.[20]

KaTAM Warp Star Misplacement glitch.gif
A Warp Star glitching all over the place.

Warp Star Misplacement[edit]

If Kirby activates a Warp Star and gets hit at the same time, instead of staying in its place, the Warp Star will get misplaced and teleport around the place during the first part of its animation.

Water Current Resistance[edit]

Kirby can attempt withstanding the water current effects by swimming or walking against them to the opposite direction. If he reaches an intersection of horizontal and vertical water current tiles and stops resisting to them at a leftmost or rightmost point and right timing, Kirby might end up standing and stop being affected by the currents. This glitch can be attempted in Radish Ruins - Room 2, Rainbow Route - Room 10, Peppermint Palace - Room 14 and Olive Ocean - Room 14.[21]