Glitches in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

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These are the glitches which are possible to perform in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

List of Glitches[edit]

Kirby being pushed to the side of the ladder by Blockin and climbing mid-air.

Blockin Ladder Glitch & Mid-air Climbing Glitch[edit]

If Kirby is climbing up (or staying still on) a ladder while a bumped Blockin reverts back to its Star Block form inward climbing Kirby, it will push Kirby to the side on the ladder. Still being able to climb the ladder from the same vertical position (from the side), notably, if Blockin reverts to its Star Block form completely covering the ladder, Kirby attempting to climb past the end of the ladder will result in a mid-air climbing glitch, where Kirby appears as climbing a ladder in empty mid-air space.

Getting Blockin and Kirby in the same place is executed by Kirby's action of following up movement of Blockin inside the ladder. Kirby is able to bump into the enemy without getting knocked back if using his invincibility frames after getting damaged.

Bomb: Color-changing Switch and Waddle Doos Glitch[edit]

In Moonlight Mansion - Room 19, there is a Droppy, two Waddle Doos and a Switch that can open the nearby gate, amongst other. If Bomb Kirby attempts allowing the Droppy to capture his said current Copy Ability, transforming Droppy into a Foley form of it, and the Foley explodes upon touching the ground at the location where a Waddle Doo and/or the Switch is not in view-range from the explosion location, it may result in visible sudden changes of their color-palette paterns which may stand permanent throughout the journeying of the room (and reset after leaving or losing a life).

Two bombs sinking in the water as a result of performing the Instantaneous Double Depth Charge glitch.

Bomb: Instantaneous Double Depth Charge Glitch[edit]

If Bomb Kirby attempts setting a bomb mid-air above water, and enters the water just as the animation of the act is over (i.e. a bomb is dropped out of his hands), two bombs may appear being dropped, sink, and explode as normally.

Bomb: Sound Transfer Glitch[edit]

If Bomb Kirby places (throws, drops or sets) a bomb while there are any number of Kirby clones in the usual view-range from the to-explode bomb, and Kirby leaves the room just before the bomb explodes, the sound effect of the exploding bomb may be heard from the previous room where it's exploding.

Bosses's Ineffective Projectiles Glitch[edit]

If Kirby defeats a Boss which's projectile or a produced separate enemy is still existent thereafter, such as Dark Meta Knight's tornado/energy wave or Wiz's Droppy/Bronto Burt, such will be unharmful to Kirby, receive or not receive any damage as usually, not disappear from the screen any earlier than usually, and their sound effects might interfere with other sound effects.

Cook: False Positive Glitch[edit]

If Cook Kirby attempts the use of the ability at the moment of a screen transition, such as after picking an item from a defeated Boss if any (otherwise after their defeat), Kirby will experience a false positive use of his Copy Ability and not have it in the next room if the glitch is successful.

Crouch-gliding Veer Glitch[edit]

On surfaces that Kirby can glide over while crouching, such as icy grounds of Peppermint Palace areas, Kirby can perform a movement that can cause a sudden change of direction without player's intended input for so. If Kirby faces the other direction while gliding on the surface in crouching state, and then stops crouching while still gliding, he may experience such revertion of the direction he changed while gliding.

Dark Meta Knight: Burning Kirby's Color Change Glitch[edit]

If after the boss fight against Dark Meta Knight in Dimension Mirror, upon his defeat but before Dark Meta Knight shatters, Burning Kirby is stopped while in the act of his Copy Abilities' only move by the sequence of aforementioned shattering cutscene, it may result in Kirby having an involuntary color change to any of the colors from the color-palette of the Copy Abilities' Burn move Kirby uses at the time he is stopped in act of, making Kirby seem flame-colored. This visual glitch is set to lose effect after short amount of time it would take the act of move to usually stop, lasting only about less than a second.

Dark Meta Knight: Dual-Death Glitch[edit]

If Kirby simultaneously defeats Dark Meta Knight in Dimension Mirror and loses a life, such as in an occurence of both firing a projectile, the screen will turn completely black instead and before usual white, and Kirby will return to the fight once again, this time vulnerable to damage only immediately after the invincibility frames. If the lost life is actually the last one, Kirby will return to the Rainbow Route - Central Circle room, resulting in rendering majority of the non-stationary object sprites invisible and some sound effects missing. Results of this glitch reset upon a lost life or a defeat of a Boss.

Dark Meta Knight: Standing in Mid-air Glitch[edit]

If after the boss fight against Dark Meta Knight in Dimension Mirror, upon and after his shattering Kirby is mid-air, Kirby will be stopped and uncontrollably appear standing mid-air, with a possibility making the following animated scene of Kirby being absorbed out of the room last shorter or longer depending on the distance from the middle of the screen.

Dark Mind: Energy Beam Echo Glitch[edit]

If Kirby defeats Dark Mind's Second Form just as it is about to perform its Energy Beam move, move's sound effect might still be looped for some time even though the battle ended and the energy beam is no longer present on the screen.

Dark Mind: Kirby's Copy Ability Sprite Glitch[edit]

If upon defeat of Dark Mind's Second Form, Kirby calls his clones as much late as possible during the animated cutscene screen when it turns completely red, the affected Kirby clones may rather arrive through the Mirror Door than just appear idly on the screen. Afterwards, for the affected Kirby clones retaining any or no Copy Ability they arrived with, as well as moving freely on the screen, no Warp Star will appear, but they'll still be transfered into the last combat area of the Dark Mind's Final Form on their respective Warp Stars. Depending on what Copy Abilities they retained, respective Kirby clones' sprites might get rendered rightly with no visible variation, rendered wrongly (such as rendering a hat in the top-left corner of the sprite of the respective Copy Ability, or otherwise sprite flashing in case of Cook, Crash and Magic, or even a directly on-head seemingly properly placed hat in case of Missile), or not even possibly tested in case of Mini and Sleep due to Kirby clones' inability to answer calls, as well as Cupid, Hammer and Throw due to freeze of the game.

Kirby bumping into an enemy without its health-bar present only two frames after, alongside no helper icons and inability to Pause.

Dark Mind: Post-End Credits Glitch[edit]

If Kirby both defeats Dark Mind's Final Form and loses last of his lives simultaneously, he will return to the Rainbow Route - Central Circle room. Though seemingly ordinary-looking, the Pause screen is actually inaccessible, every hit on the enemy brings up their health-bar in the HUD for only one frame upon and there are no Kirby Info icons of the Kirby clones present on the top-left corner of the screen. Results of this glitch reset due entering the Dark Mind's Final Form combat area again.

Dash Sound while Crouching Glitch[edit]

If Kirby dashes, crouches and falls onto another platform, additional sound effects of dashing may be played even though Kirby is crouching. Usually, when a dashing Kirby falls onto a platform, he can continue dashing, and thereafter the dash sound effect is played.

Game Freeze: Lifeless Warp Star Summon Glitch (J)[edit]

If Kirby attempts triggering the Mix (such as when a Magic Kirby clone's use of their ability results in the Question mark roulette outcome) or summoning the Warp Star at the exact frame as he loses a life, generally by falling into a pit or touching a hazard the game will freeze. However, this glitch is only possible to perform in the Japanese version of the game.

Gobbler's Air-sinking Glitch[edit]

If Gobbler gets defeated meanwhile mid-air, it will appear sinking down the same speed as if it was defeated underwater.

Gobbler's Frozen Face Glitch[edit]

If Gobbler gets defeated meanwhile its scrunched face due charging attack phase, the sprite of it will remain during its post-defeat sinking animation.

Hovering Bronto Burt Glitch[edit]

In Cabbage Cavern - Room 8, a Bronto Burt spawned inside wall-tiles on the right part of the room will chase after Kirby as usually. If Kirby, however, crouches somewhere near the middle of the first boulder before spikes on the left part of the room, Bronto Burt may just casually approach crouching Kirby without getting into collision with, or dealing any damage to him.

Inaudible Warp Star Glitch[edit]

If during a Kirby's Warp Star transporting session the Pause screen is accessed and then deaccessed, the respective Warp Star's sound effect will be inaudible for the session.

Inside of Walls Glitch[edit]

If Kirby gets pushed into solid static objects, either by an auto-scrolling camera or a newly generated wall such as one created by a Bomb Block, Kirby will, unlike in cases of same occurrences in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, actually not lose a life but still be controllable by the player inside of them, although affected by collisions. Floating while inside a wall or such object can help maintain control over not being pushed out back or through, and for motion inside of them, generally.

Kirby being dropped through the structure after tempting the case of newly generated wall-tile push-out force.

A case of an auto-scrolling camera where Kirby can end up pushed into the wall by it is upon starting a fight with Bonkers in Olive Ocean - Chest 2. From the left side of the den of Bonkers, there is a chasm. Wheel Kirby should get to the right edge of the cliff, face left, use Dash move of the ability to activate the Mid-Boss combat, fall into the chasm before being pushed back to the cliff and Bonker's combat area, and Kirby should be pushed into the cliff. Because the bottom of the screen is filled with wall-tiles, Kirby will upon touching it not drop through, but rather appear as continuously falling. In this state, to move out the screen limited by the auto-scroll, Kirby can either get into the combat area and defeat Bonkers, or call the Kirby clones to do so. In case of defeated Bonkers, if Kirby is still inside the walls after cessation of auto-scroll restriction, he can drop and move beyond through.

A case of performing the glitch with use of push force of newly generated wall by a Bomb Block can be done in only a few locations, one notably being Rainbow Route - Room 28. In the middle-right part of the room are two Bomb Blocks, diagonally one next to another. Kirby should firstly get rid off of the lower one, opening the area for performing the glitch. Kirby should then puff-out an Air Bullet into the remaining Bomb Block, triggering its effect of generating new static solid tiles. Lastly, Kirby should quickly land and slide, and get into the very middle of the newly generated wooden-wall tile, with the player alternatively hyper-tapping left and right D-pad button each frame. Kirby should eventually drop through and end up inside the solid tiles beneath. Notably, if Kirby floats upwards Star Blocks from below, he can freely float in same vertical column he floated beneath from into without destroying them.

Ultimately, Kirby can get pushed into a wall and actually lose a life by a more specific act. Mini Kirby has to discard the ability while stationed in a narrow horizontal space between two solid objects, e.g. a Heave-Ho Block and the half-tall ground tile (tight passageway) located in the bottom part of the Olive Ocean - Room 6. Kirby should firstly get inside the pocket-room space that contains a Treasure Chest, then discard the Mini ability, move the Heave-Ho Block as much close to the wall but not entirely by his Inhaling ability, inhale the discarded Ability Star to gain back the Mini ability, and lastly station himself between the two objects and discard the ability again. Otherwise if the space is wider than required, it will leave Kirby unharmed and open up other possibilities for him such as to move through the Heave-Ho Block although affected with its collision.

Interrupted Inhaling Destruction Glitch[edit]

If Kirby attempts inhaling any inhalable object, item or enemy just as he touches a Warp Star, Copy Pedestal, Cannon or water, or gets damaged by another enemy, their projectile, or a hazard, the target Kirby was attempting to inhale will explode forthwith. The glitch is also performable with the Throw Copy Ability, with additional possible cause being capture of an enemy with another in range.

Large Enemy's Early Twin Spawn Glitch[edit]

In Moonlight Mansion - Room 20 and Carrot Castle - Room 3, there is a spawn point of two instances of same large enemies in each, Giant Rocky and Heavy Knight respectively, that of second spawns after the first has evanished. If Kirby enters into view range with the first one, then goes to the very edge where the same instance is still existent, the second one might spawn earlier than the intended and both could be visible in the same location.

Magically Invisible Meta Knight Glitch[edit]

If Kirby attempts calling his Magic Kirby clone when it is about to trigger the Sword effect of the roulette through use of its ability, Meta Knight in its effect will appear to be invisible.

Master: Ditching Glitch[edit]

If Kirby discards a Copy Ability which turns into an Ability Star, and then gets the Master Copy Ability, the Ability Star is usually supposed to still be bouncing around until it vanishes by itself. However if the same touches water in this process, it will vanish right away instead of floating above it.

Master: Laser Beam Copying Glitch[edit]

If Laser Kirby fires a laser shot and discards the Copy Ability by touching the Master Copy Pedestal in Dimension Mirror that changes Kirby's Copy Ability from none or any to Master automatically, and if the projectile is still present on the screen, the transforming animation might look glitchy.

Mid-Boss: False Positive Glitch[edit]

If Kirby, not in the combat area of a Mid-Boss, attempts summoning the Warp Star which's curved trajectory includes a point that is inside the combat area, the Mid-Boss combat is likely to get activated, and in rarer occassions, with Kirby's clones, without Mid-Boss's health-bar loading or appearing when receiving damage from them, or even with its continuous loading (resetting to zero when full in loading animation).

Mid-Boss: Freeze Glitch[edit]

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Upon its defeat, a Mid-Boss is not going to explode right away, but rather fall on a platform beneath, delay standing there for a couple of seconds, and then trigger its explosion (which can be quickened by dealing additional damage to a defeated Mid-Boss). However, if a defeated Mid-Boss doesn't land and explode on the ground, but rather fall in a pit it is likely the Mid-Boss explosion will be heard even though it left the restrictions of the room. While still not being visible in the previous case, the Mid-Boss is also tempted to explode mid-air in case of being triggered at so, making itself freeze on the position before the act of explosion.

Performance of the glitch can be done in Candy Constellation - Room 14. Kirby should approach Mid-Boss Master Hand, deal damage to it until its stamina is depletable in one hit. Last hit should land when the Mid-Boss is on the farthest top-right corner position possible, likely when it's attempting its finger-bullet attack. Defeated Mid-Boss should land on the Star Blocks from the right side and Kirby should wait until the very few last moments before Mid-Boss triggers its explosion, destroy the Star Blocks the Mid-Boss is laying on, and let the Mid-Boss trigger its explosion act mid-air.

Orbed Flamer Glitch[edit]

If a Flamer in its post-damaged state gets into a set of tiles of which collision boxes enclose the space where Flamer possibly could egress, such as of Star Blocks or Bomb Blocks and adjacent ground tiles (e.g. in Rainbow Route - Room 41), the Flamer might end in a state where its end could be controllable by Kirby for any amount of time, thus leaving itself sheathing, lighting and spinning sideways in its fire continuously in a place, moving minimally, for as long as it doesn't egress on an empty tile. Notably, this glitch counts underwater tiles as well, but it only requires having a Flamer pass through them once.

Platform Penetration Glitch[edit]

In some occurrences, Kirby can just pass or fall through certain platforms without having usual contact with. Most notable occurrence can happen with Fighter Kirby's Sky Kick move through two-way platforms while dropping through and attempting the move intermediately after, e.g. in the middle of being in front of the platform. Other occurence is a rarer one and of more difficulty to perform, with one notable location for attempting it being Candy Constellation - Room 2, where if Kirby walks off the platform located in-between rows of Star Blocks, there is a chance Kirby would pass right through the connection of a sloped and a flat platform, disguised as golden pipes.

Post-Bounce Skid Sound[edit]

If Kirby attempts changing direction immediately afterwards bouncing-off a slope (generally when Dive Attacking from a high height) without touching anything solid, the skid sound effect could be heard even though Kirby isn't on the ground.

Kirby's red-colored clone tripping over a banana peel just as it lands, which after Kirby prolongs the effect using means that freeze the screen for a period of time.

Prank's Banana Peel Excessive Collision Glitch[edit]

There are several Pranks in the Peppermint Palace area, one of which that is located in Peppermint Palace - Room 2 drops a banana peel as an object that can cause effect of tripping Kirby clones. If, while landing down, the banana peel is in collision with one of Kirby clones, for every frame in the duration of screen-freeze caused by either Kirby copying an ability or using his Cell Phone the result may be partaker's uplift in before slip-off and excess production of star-sprites that are characterisical for showing up at various collision occurences produced by Kirby or his clones.

Retreating Blipper Glitch[edit]

If a Blipper is in state of chasing after Kirby for long enough without getting damaged, at some point the Blipper may just stop chasing Kirby and appear as if it's trying to flee from Kirby. If there are no solid tiles to stop the Blipper from doing so, it may just flee off the screen.

Retreating Twister Glitch[edit]

Near the end of its second performance of lifting-off into the air, a Twister may actually flee off the screen vertically upwards while still retaining its form of a tornado, but still vulnerable to any means that could interrupt the process in a normal occurrence. Same performance is observable within Twister form of Droppy.

Normal Kirby actually being represented as Cutter Kirby by the status icon after performing the glitch.

Semi-successful Copy Ability Theft Glitch[edit]

If Droppy gets drowned meanwhile of its process of robbing Kirby's Copy Ability, it will explode in the water together with the inhaled ability of Kirby's, resulting in Kirby's Copy Ability Status icon still showing his former Copy Ability. Performance of the glitch can be done Olive Ocean - Room 9 by having Kirby destroy the Bomb Block furthest on the left that generates tiles of water meanwhile the process. Results of the glitch can be reseted by having Kirby access the Pause screen, receive damage or plainly get a new Copy Ability.

Shadow Kirby: Softlocked Scamper Glitch[edit]

If Fighter Kirby performs his Leg Sweep move on Shadow Kirby, sending Shadow Kirby into a cliff on the right side of a respective screen location at his encounter with Kirby without harming them completely, Shadow Kirby might get stuck in it facing left and start scampering in place before getting dispatched.

Single Star Bullet Glitch[edit]

If Kirby inhales an enemy and an Ability Star, it would typically result in Kirby having capability of spitting a more powerful Star Bullet, however, if in case of inhaling two of these within meeting of their hit-boxes, it will result in giving Kirby a capability of a single Star Bullet with its usual damage and representation.

Kirby snagging himself on an automatically closing mechanical gate by sliding under it, followed by inversion of his direction without player's intended input.

Sliding Veer Glitch[edit]

If Kirby slides upwards a 45-degree slope closed-off with a vertical solid wall or blocks from about 3 tiles away and bumps into it, it will result in Kirby inverting his direction without player's intended input. Such slopes can be found in locations such as Rainbow Route - Room 33 (outside-wall and slope on the left side of the room with undestroyed Bomb Block and its adjacent blocks), Candy Constellation - Room 12 (various pillars and cyan slopes), Rainbow Route - Room 9 (the pocket-room space in the bottom-left side of the room, accessed by the passageway) and Peppermint Palace - Room 3, between others. With a higher difficulty, performance of the glitch is also happenable by Kirby snagging himself off and under a closing gate, or a Star Block after slide kicking off an enemy.

Sound-effect Loop Glitch[edit]

If Kirby attempts performing moves of his Burning, Fire, Ice or Throw abilities, or doing his Inhale ability meanwhile a Kirby clone copies an ability or uses the Crash ability's charge, and stops it meanwhile the screen-freeze due, the respective sound-effect heard might be looped until the screen unfreezes, as for the screen-freeze blocked Kirby's further motion.

Flamer got stuck on top of the collision hit-box of a spikes-tile, continuously revolving around its own self in the position.

Spiked Flamer Glitch[edit]

If a Flamer gets in touch with spikes from their top upon their revelation (from destroyable blocks), while also not in collision with any other solid object (such as another Star Block or a wall-tile), the Flamer will stop moving but still be in state of motion, without falling, and appear as if it was impaled onto the spikes.

Performance of the glitch can be done in Cabbage Cavern - Room 8. Kirby should enter the room from the Mirror Door in the upper-left part of the room that links between this room and Cabbage Cavern - Room 9, and get the Spark Copy Ability from the Sparky guarding the passage. Navigating down through the passage, Two Flamers will be seen circumnavigating the room's borders, amongst protrusions of wall-tiles with Star Blocks and spikes surrounding them, both of objects being placed at the same tile. By timing and taking action carefully, Kirby should attempt destroying the very peak Star Block of a protrusion just as a Flamer is on top of it from the left or right side, without hitting the Flamer.

Star Bullet Miscarriage Glitch[edit]

If Kirby attempts spitting out a Star Bullet 3 frames before a respective enemy that can grab Kirby does so while not getting damaged, the instance of a Star Bullet will be created and move on the Kirby's vertical axis counter-direction off the enemy. Such enemies are Cookin, Prank from Rainbow Route - Room 26, Snooter, and the Mid-Bosses Box Boxer and Phan-Phan.

Stuck Flamer Glitch[edit]

If a Flamer leaves its damaged state within meeting only one ground/wall tile, it might get stuck instead of egressing out as per its usual behavior, and depending on Kirby's location on that time, get into state of vibrating in a set of four solid ground/wall tiles or spinning around itself with no movement on one tile's middle space.

Stuck in Snooter: Delayed Death Glitch[edit]

If Kirby gets swallowed by Snooter which afterwards falls into a pit together with the swallowed Kirby, Kirby's demise due will be delayed for the time the Snooter would originally take for spitting him out.

Stuck in Snooter: Delayed Spit Glitch[edit]

If Kirby is in damage-less collision with a Snooter that just started its state of swallowing a Kirby clone, the Kirby clone will not be spit out by the Snooter's usual spitting-out motion, making the Snooter eligible for continuation of its normal behavior, and the swallowed Kirby clone hampered of movement and moving alongside Snooter. The Snooter in this state can swallow and spit additional Kirbys, attempted for performing the glitch again for simultaneous carriage, but also get rid off the swallowed Kirby clone in unspecified occasions as well as and in the method of when it gets damaged.

Damage-less collision, in this case, refers to meeting of respective hitboxes - of Kirby and a Snooter - due frames in which Kirby neither deals or receives damage. Particularly, the best example of that state is Stone, but some other Copy Abilities such as Tornado and Wheel have damage-less collision frames as well, mostly due the first and the last few frames of transformations in their movements.

Throw Kirby's Silent Suction Glitch[edit]

If Throw Kirby attempts inhaling just as a Big Switch is pressed, and player's input for the move is still present after the animated cutscene, the usual Throw Kirby's inhaling sound effect will not play for the session.

Uplift-Teleport: Blockin Glitch[edit]

In Carrot Castle - Room 7, two Blockins hide in the barriers of Star Blocks. If Kirby gets on top of a Blockin in its former location and there is a Star Block from Kirby's either left or right side, and he attempts walking or dashing into them, it will result in Kirby not bumping into but teleporting on top of them. Likewise, this glitch is performable with ground/wall tiles as well.

Uplift-Teleport: Rapid Levee Landing Glitch[edit]

In locations such as Peppermint Palace - Room 18 and Rainbow Route - Room 6, if Kirby is on a ground slope that meets with the water, walks down on that slope until getting on the very edge of it, and lastly turns and attempts walking in the opposite direction, Kirby will appear as rapidly landing on the slope.

Uplift-Teleport: Slopes Glitch[edit]

If Kirby finds himself very horizontally close to ground tile supporting a slope tile above it, it might result in teleporting Kirby on top of the slope, even though Kirby was much vertically below it. Alternatively, glitch is also performable on a square tile if Kirby is having a momentum inwards it within 3 pixels below its horizontal point, or 6 in case of Mini Kirby.

Water Current Resistance Glitch[edit]

In locations such as Radish Ruins - Room 2, Rainbow Route - Room 10, Peppermint Palace - Room 14 and Olive Ocean - Room 14, where water current is tiled vertically and supported by solid ground whereas, Kirby can attempt withstanding the water current effects by swimming or walking against direction of water current just as he reaches the linking points of two different, one up-down and the other left-right water current tiles. Stopping resisting against it at the right time can result in Kirby being in state of rather not being affected by water currents, being able to stand, squirt and with limitations walk left and right, and swim up, or otherwise leave the state by moving too much out.