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Kirby Super Star Ultra

KSS Ultra box art.png

KSSU Europe box art.jpg

KSSU Australia box art.jpg

KSSU Germany boxart.jpg

KSSU Japan box art.jpg

Box art for Kirby Super Star Ultra from various regions
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Designer(s) Shinya Kumazaki
Release date(s) NA September 22, 2008
Japan November 6, 2008
South Korea November 13, 2008[1]
Australia November 27, 2008
Europe September 18, 2009
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB E rating.svg - Everyone
PEGI: PEGI 3 rating.jpg - 3+
CERO: CERO A rating.svg - All ages
Game chronology
Kirby: Squeak Squad Kirby's Epic Yarn
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Kirby Super Star Ultra is a main-series Kirby game for the Nintendo DS. It is a remake of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System game Kirby Super Star with updated graphics, an updated game engine, and new features. It was released in late 2008 but did not see a release in Europe until a year later, in 2009. It was developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo.

Kirby Super Star Ultra features all of the content from the original game, including the original six main game modes and the original three Sub-Games. From here, the remake adds a new main game, six sub-games, new multiplayer features, and replaces many of the original cut-scenes with pre-rendered ones in 3D FMV. The game also features updated visuals, updated descriptions and dialogue, and new enemies, Mid-Bosses and Bosses encountered mainly in the new game modes. Many other changes, particularly to the user interface, were made to accommodate the hardware of the Nintendo DS, and many areas of the game support the use of the DS stylus.


Gameplay of the first main game, Spring Breeze. Every other main game shares the updated graphical style.

Kirby Super Star Ultra is a side-scrolling two-dimensional platforming game. The difficulty varies with the stage selected, helper used, and level of completion targeted. Kirby begins each stage from a starting point, and his goal is to reach the exit of the stage. Occasionally, stages are ended with a Boss battle, and few stages are time-limited. Other gameplay elements include Kirby's health meter, obstacles along the way (enemies and environmental), unlockable bonus content, and health replenishing or power-up foods such as the Maxim Tomato.

Initially, only the Spring Breeze main game is available on the corkboard, but as the player progresses through the game, more games will be unlocked, including eventually the original sub-games from Kirby Super Star. Each main game's setting and structure are unique to itself, are generally short, and feature their own plot.

Kirby Super Star Ultra has support for multiplayer, both with its main games and the newly implemented sub-games. There is a 2-Player Adventure mode where the player and a friend can cooperatively play in one of the main games, which includes racing each other in Gourmet Race; this requires that both players own a copy of the game. There are also two DS Download Play options that allow for multiplayer with only one cartridge: Group Sub-Games and 2-P Spring Breeze. The former mode allows for 2-4 players to compete in one of the three newly-added Sub-Games. The latter mode, which is similar to 2-P Adventure, allows for two players to cooperate in Spring Breeze, except that the second player can only look at the first player's DS screen.

There are several minor gameplay differences from the original Kirby Super Star, with the most obvious difference being the updated graphical style and gameplay engine, which drastically change how the game feels compared to the SNES original. The controls were altered to be consistent with Kirby: Squeak Squad, which in turn was based upon the control scheme established by Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. As a relatively small but still noteworthy change, Kirby can now discard his current ability as an Ability Star by pressing Select. To take advantage of the Nintendo DS's two screens, many user interface elements (such as the health meters, dialogue in Revenge of Meta Knight, and the Copy Essences Deluxe in Milky Way Wishes) were moved to the bottom screen, while the top screen contains the core gameplay.

The game's music was remixed with the Nintendo DS sound chip—it largely sounds the same as the SNES soundtrack, but slightly more compressed. The cutscenes and intro/outro reels are pre-rendered via the Actimagine Video Codec. Once a cutscene is viewed, it can be rewatched from the newly-added Theater.

Main games[edit]

A view of the corkboard menu, with all main and sub-games unlocked.

Kirby Super Star Ultra contains seven main game modes, each completely separate from each-other and acting as if they were entirely separate games, but all sharing the same fundamental gameplay and assets, as well as being connected plot-wise in most cases. These games are unlocked one-after-the-other as previous ones are completed:

Name Difficulty Caption Description Boss(es) Unlock requirement Notes
KSSU Spring Breeze Title Screen.png
Spring Breeze
1 Star All of the food in peaceful Dream Land has been stolen! This must be the work of King Dedede!

This game is easy fun! It's simple enough for new players to enjoy.

King Dedede and his goons have stolen all the food from Dream Land, prompting Kirby to go and get it back from them. Whispy Woods
Lololo & Lalala
King Dedede
Available at start This game is a truncated version of Kirby's Dream Land.
KSSU Gourmet Race Title Screen.png
Gourmet Race
2 Stars King Dedede challenged Kirby to see who's the hungriest gourmet! Who will reach the goal first? Speed up to eat, eat to win!

You can eat and run for the goal versus a friend as well!

Kirby and King Dedede compete in three races while also grabbing Food along the way. None Complete Spring Breeze This game is a test of speed and accuracy, with the goal being to win by both reaching the end of the tracks first and/or collecting the most food. Clearing this game is not required.
KSSU Dyna Blade Title Screen.png
Dyna Blade
3 Stars Dyna Blade has disrupted the crops. There must be a reason. But first this has to stop!

Five stages of adventure await. Perfect your copy and Helper skills!

Dyna Blade is disrupting Dream Land's crops, and Kirby is tasked with finding out why. Dyna Blade Complete Spring Breeze This game features an overworld map and secret areas to discover.
KSSU The Great Cave Offensive Title Screen.png
The Great Cave Offensive
4 Stars Kirby finds himself lost in a deep cave full of peril... and treasure!

Find all 60 treasures and get out safely!

Kirby stumbles into a massive cavernous region. He will need to find his way out while nabbing the Treasures along the way. Fatty Whale
Computer Virus
Chameleo Arm
Wham Bam Rock
Complete Spring Breeze This game-mode features a more open map with the ability to freely move back and forth between the different areas. Unlike other modes, the game does not automatically save: Kirby must instead find Rest Areas to save his progress. There are a total of 60 treasures to collect, though actually collecting them is not necessary to complete the game.
KSSU Revenge of Meta Knight Title Screen.png
Revenge of Meta Knight
4 Stars The masked swordsman Meta Knight disrupted the peace of Dream Land! Take down his airship, the Halberd!

Face daunting timed challenges and overcome close scrapes!

Meta Knight and his crew are seeking to take over Dream Land using their new toy—the Battleship Halberd. Kirby must stop them by bringing down their ship. Whispy Woods
Twin Woods
Combo Cannon
Heavy Lobster
Meta Knight
Complete Dyna Blade, Gourmet Race, and The Great Cave Offensive This game has a chapter-based progression and a time limit on each stage, and Kirby will be defeated if he runs out of time. Additionally, this game features a real-time dialogue exchange between the Halberd crew members as they try to repulse Kirby from the ship.
KSSU Milky Way Wishes Title Screen.png
Milky Way Wishes
5 Stars The moon and the sun are fighting and you must settle it! Help us, comet at galaxy's end!

Collect Copy Essences Deluxe to use Copy Abilities anytime!

The sun and moon over Popstar are fighting. A strange jester-like creature named Marx tasks Kirby to find the stars from each Fountain of Dreams across the galaxy and summon Nova to fix the situation. Twin Woods
Fatty Whale
Chameleo Arm
Wham Bam Rock
Heavy Lobster
Computer Virus
Complete Revenge of Meta Knight This game does not allow Kirby to gain copy abilities from enemies under normal circumstances, and instead tasks him with finding Copy Essences Deluxe in order to freely switch between abilities at any time. Stages are selected from an outer-space map and most can be visited in any order. Completing this game triggers the staff credits.
KSSU Revenge of the King Title Screen.png
Revenge of the King
5 Stars King Dedede demands revenge! Will he finally reign victorious over his age-old nemesis?!

King Dedede wants revenge! Careful, he's serious this time!

King Dedede and his crew are seeking for revenge on Kirby by calling forth an army of powerful creatures to his side in preparation to do battle with him. Kirby must stop the king once and for all. Whispy's Revenge
Lololo & Lalala's Revenge
Kracko's Revenge
Masked Dedede
Complete Milky Way Wishes Exclusive to Kirby Super Star Ultra. Plays like a much harder version of Spring Breeze with additional sections and new enemies.


These are smaller games with fundamentally different gameplay to that of the main game modes:
Bold games are exclusive to Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Title screen Name Description Multiplayer?
KSSU Kirby Card Swipe Title Screen.png
Kirby Card Swipe A brand new sub-game that is similar to Samurai Kirby. Multiple cards with pictures of enemies on them appear on the bottom screen, and one of them appears on the top screen. The card that matches the card on the top must be tapped to win, and this must be completed three times. Yes
KSSU Kirby on the Draw Title Screen.png
Kirby on the Draw This simple western-styled game makes Kirby shoot targets that have pictures of his enemies. Yes
KSSU Snack Tracks Title Screen.png
Snack Tracks In this sub-game, Kirby is on a conveyor belt covered in food, bugs, bombs and rocks. The player must tap the obstacles off the conveyor belt but not food. Yes
KSSU Samurai Kirby Title Screen.png
Samurai Kirby An unlockable nostalgic sub-game that was directly ported from the original. Ninja Kirby faces off against an enemy and the player must press a button whenever a "!" appears on-screen. If the enemy attacks before a button is pressed, Kirby is defeated. The enemies are always fought in order from: Waddle Doo, Wheelie, Chef Kawasaki, King Dedede, and Meta Knight. No
KSSU Megaton Punch Title Screen.png
Megaton Punch Another unlockable nostalgic sub-game that Kirby against one of three enemies: Waddle Dee, Knuckle Joe, and Iron Mam, in a competition to strike blocks the hardest. No

Extra Game Modes[edit]

These are additional games which have the same gameplay style as the main game modes, but are not canon to the main games, instead acting either as alternate 'what-if' scenarios, or simply as boss endurance modes:

Title screen Name Description How to unlock
KSSU The Arena Title Screen.png
The Arena In this mode, Kirby must fight off 19 Bosses with only 5 Maxim Tomatoes and 5 normal tomatoes to restore his health in-between battles. Kirby may fight these bosses with the assistance of one helper. By completing Milky Way Wishes
KSSU Meta Knightmare Ultra Title Screen.png
Meta Knightmare Ultra In this mode, the player plays as Meta Knight in every main game except Revenge of the King. By completing Revenge of the King
KSSU Helper to Hero Title Screen.png
Helper to Hero Similar to the Arena, a helper (or two) battles bosses. By completing Meta Knightmare Ultra or by defeating 13 bosses in The Arena.
KSSU The True Arena Title Screen.png
The True Arena Similar to the Arena, but instead battles 10 harder bosses and can only use five normal tomatoes. By completing The Arena, Helper to Hero, and Meta Knightmare Ultra

Copy Abilities[edit]

Kirby's Copy Abilities appear again in this game, with instructions on how to use them on the pause menu. They also have a brief description of the ability.

Name Appearance Helper In-game description Notes
KSSU Kirby Sprite.png
None Inhale foes and spit to KO them! Or swallow to copy their abilities and adventure with a Helper! Pink Kirby is Player 1 and in multiplayer, Player 2 controls a Yellow Kirby.
KSSU Beam Kirby Sprite.png
Waddle Doo Flail this beam like a whip. It has many useful attacks. Try to store up a super shot!
KSSU Bomb Kirby Sprite.png
Poppy Bros. Jr. Grab a bomb and hold the button to set the throw angle. Toss it and it'll go Ka-BOOM!
KSSU Cook Kirby Sprite.png
None (1-use only) What's on today's menu? Put all your foes in the pot and stew them to perfection! This one-use ability turns all normal enemies on-screen into food. The only drawback is that it is powerless against mid-bosses or bosses.
KSSU Copy Kirby Sprite.png
Tac Use a strange light to analyze and then copy foes' abilities. Might you learn weird ones? Since Kirby can inhale most enemies and copy them, this ability is largely redundant unless used in Milky Way Wishes or when used on uninhalable enemies like Scarfy.
KSSU Crash Kirby Sprite.png
None (1-use only) KO all foes with a big BOOM! But be careful. This ultimate weapon has only 1 charge. This ability comes only from Bomber, unless Kirby has the Copy Ability when a Scarfy is nearby.
KSSU Cutter Kirby Sprite.png
Sir Kibble Throw a boomerang all over! Slash! Jab! Strike! You can even cut ropes!
KSSU Fighter Kirby Sprite.png
Knuckle Joe Hi-yaa! Hold the B Button longer for a stronger blow! That punch is an instant KO! Fighter Kirby appears in the opening sequence of The Arena.
KSSU Fire Kirby Sprite.png
Burning Leo Burn bright with fire power! Light the fuse! Yow! Hot! You're on fire, man! Yoww! Fire Kirby can light the fuses of cannons, a trait it shares with Jet and Hammer.
KSSU Hammer Kirby Sprite.png
Bonkers This Hammer packs a wallop! Punish stakes and blocks! When it's on fire, foes beware! Hammer Kirby can light the fuses of cannons when his mallet is on fire, and can also pound stakes into the ground like Stone Kirby. The hammer can be used underwater. Hammer Kirby appears in the intro of The True Arena.
KSSU Ice Kirby Sprite.png
Chilly Freeze foes with icy breath! Kick ice cubes into others! When you dash you skate! This ability allows Kirby to freeze enemies in an ice cube and then kick the ice cube, potentially hitting other enemies with it.
KSSU Jet Kirby Sprite.png
Capsule J2 Strap jet power to your back! Hold the B Button to charge, then let go to hit Mach 5! Like Plasma, charging this ability up makes it more powerful, although Jet is charged with the B button instead of the D-pad. It can be used to light fuses.
KSSU Mike Kirby Sprites.png
None (3-use only) Owowow! Ooh, yeah-ah! Yabba jabba yeah yeah yeah! Sing 3 times to silence all... Acts similar to Crash, but can be used three times, each time more powerful than the last.
KSSU Mirror Kirby Sprite.png
Simirror This mirror has odd powers! Deflect projectiles or project doubles of yourself! When Mirror Kirby guards, projectiles bounce off him and back at his enemy.
KSSU Ninja Kirby Sprite.png
Bio Spark Hide in shadows and darkness. Use ninja skills on your mission. You're a ninja! A NINJA! Cool... Ninja Kirby can cut ropes.
KSSU Paint Kirby Sprite.png
None (1 use only) Now's your chance to use it! A special onetime Copy Ability! Paint the town all of 7 colors! This rare ability can be found only in the boss battles of Chameleo Arm, Heavy Lobster, and Marx Soul, and has different effects depending on what boss it's used on.
KSSU Parasol Kirby Sprite.png
Parasol Waddle Dee Guard against falling objects! Twirl to attack or just drift. Or do a parasol throw! Parasol can be used underwater, and it also guards against attacks.
KSSU Plasma Kirby Sprite.png
Plasma Wisp Tap the +Control Pad to make and store an electric charge! Plasma shots go through walls. Plasma shots need to be charged up, like the Jet ability.
KSSU Sleep Kirby Sprite.png
None (1 use only) Just a li'l while longer... ...Please. Let me sleep... A useless ability that leaves Kirby asleep for a small amount of time and open to attack.
KSSU Stone Kirby Sprite.png
Rocky Pound! Pound! CRUSH! Change into many heavy forms. When on a slope, you'll sliiiiide. If the player presses the B button, Kirby can turn into a stone, leaving him invincible. He can turn back to normal with another tap of B.
KSSU Suplex Kirby Sprite.png
Bugzzy This burns with fighting spirit! Grab foes and throw 'em! Learn all 8 throws to be a champ! To attack, Kirby has to grab an enemy and toss it into another or kick one from above.
KSSU Sword Kirby Sprite.png
Blade Knight You wield the king of blades! At full health, you shoot beams! Show your sword mastery! Sword Kirby can cut ropes and use his sword underwater.
KSSU Wheel Kirby Sprite.png
Wheelie Roll to be nearly invincible or ride a Wheel Helper! Beware thorns and holes. Wheel Kirby transforms completely into a Wheel, like Stone Kirby transforms into a stone.
Wheelie Rider
KSSU Wheelie Rider Kirby Sprite.png
Wheelie Hop on your bike, Wheelie Rider! Go for a drive with a friend. Use teamwork to roll ahead! This ability is unique, as it requires Kirby to jump on a helper Wheelie. The two can roll around together, and after he dismounts, Kirby keeps the ability he had when he got on Wheelie.
KSSU Wing Kirby Sprite.png
Birdon Midair spins and shuttle loops! Spread your wings and fly, little Kirby! Doesn't that feel good?
KSSU Yo-Yo Kirby Sprite.png
Gim This isn't any yo-yo! Swing up and down, or break-spin! Try 'em all to look cool!
KSSU Starship sprite.png
Starship Helper The lights of the starry path cross and a Starship appears! Now stop Marx's mad plan! (in Milky Way Wishes)
The Starship comes just in time! Your foe is Kabula, sky lord! It's the king's flying fortress! (in Revenge of the King)
Used only during the fights with the Galactic Nova Nucleus and Kabula.


Although Kirby Super Star Ultra has most of the enemies from the original, nearly all enemies have updated appearances, a few enemies are changed, and some are new.


See their articles, as well as the original Kirby Super Star page, for more information. Notes:

  • SB=Spring Breeze, DB=Dyna Blade, TGCO=The Great Cave Offense, RoMK=Revenge of Meta Knight, MWW=Milky Way Wishes, RotK=Revenge of the King.
  • All enemies from the first five modes appear in Meta Knightmare Ultra.
  • In this list, "Kirby" refers to the hero, which can be Kirby, Meta Knight, or a helper.
Name Appearance Copy Ability Health Description SB DB TGCO RoMK MWW RotK
KSSU Bio Spark Sprite.png
Ninja 8 A quick ninja that hops around, attacking and grabbing Kirby. It is the only enemy with the ninja ability. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Blade Knight
KSSU Blade Knight Sprite.png
Sword 26 A knight who walks around in an area, attempting to slice and stab at Kirby. In Revenge of the King, it is replaced by Sword Knight. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
KSSU Blatzy Sprite.png
None N/A A stronger version of Shotzo that fires more often, can shoot 5 times in a straight line instead of the usual three, and only appears in Revenge of the King. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes
KSSU Blipper Sprite.png
None 8 A goggled fish that swims after Kirby until it gets on land, where it hops. Since it is very common and is created during the Fatty Whale battle, it appears in every mode where normal enemies can be found. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSSU Bomber Sprite.png
Crash 1 A dangerous bomb, which is represented by the skull on its side. When it gets to the edge of a cliff, it falls off and explodes, hurting everyone around it, including Kirby, helpers and enemies. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Bronto Burt
KSSU Bronto Burt Sprite.png
None 8 A pink ball with wings that flies around randomly or follows Kirby. It is replaced by Koozer in Revenge of the King. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Broom Hatter
KSSU Broom Hatter Sprite.png
None 16 This enemy, who resembles a witch, walks around and sweeps the ground. It is very common, appearing in all the non-arena modes except Gourmet Race. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Burning Leo
KSSU Burning Leo Sprite.png
Fire 16 Another common enemy, Burning Leo is a salmon-colored creature who wears a crown of fire similar to Fire Kirby's hat. It blows fire in Kirby's direction. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSSU Cappy Sprite.png
None 12 Cappies are walking mushrooms who wear a cap. Once the cap is removed, Cappy shows its true form. Cappies are replaced by Poison Mashes in Revenge of the King. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Capsule J2
KSSU Capsule J2 Sprite.png
Jet 18 Capsule J2 is the new version of the Kirby Super Star enemy, Capsule J. It attacks the same way, dashing towards Kirby or flying/hovering in the air. 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSSU Cawcun Sprite.png
None 11 A pelican that replaces Tookey in Revenge of the King. It flies around rapidly or homes in on Kirby. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes
KSSU Chilly Sprite.png
Ice 20 A simple enemy that appears to be two snowballs, along with a face and some simple snowman-like clothes. It blows icy breath, uses a miniature ice storm as a means of protection and drops icicles. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSSU Coconut Sprite.png
None 1 An object, it waits on the ceiling until Kirby walks by, then drops down. Any attack, including just guarding, will destroy it. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes
KSSU Croucars Sprite.png
None 12 The stronger version of Twizzy that appears exclusively in Revenge of the King. It flies around in erratic wave motions. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes
KSSU Flotzo Sprite.png
None 31 An octopus that is the Revenge of the King alternative to Squishy. Attacks in a similar manner, but has better defenses. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes
KSSU Galbel Sprite.png
None 80 The fiercer version of Grizzo that attacks faster. It has a huge amount of defense. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes
KSSU Gator Sprite.png
None 16 This alligator moves along the ground, and it attacks by jumping on Kirby and biting him. Kirby cannot guard against it. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 3No
KSSU Gim Sprite.png
Yo-yo 16 A one-eyed robot that has a hole where its second eye should be. When Kirby comes near, an arm comes out of this hole and attacks with a yo-yo. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
KSSU Gip Sprite.png
None 8 A flying pig that replaced the enemy Bounder from the original. As well as flying, Gips can walk on the floor or even climb walls. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSSU Glunk Sprite.png
None 16 An anemone with eyes. It sticks to the floor, or more rarely the ceiling, and shoots projectiles in a straight line up or down. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSSU Gordo Sprite.png
None N/A Invincible black balls covered in spikes. Each one moves in a different way at a different speed, and are often in places inconvenient for Kirby. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSSU Grizzo Sprite.png
None 55 A sleepy bear that will charge at Kirby when disturbed. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 3No
KSSU Grumples Sprite.png
None 16 A faster version of Kabu. Unlike most enemies exclusive to Revenge of the King, it has the same amount of HP as the original Kabu. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes
Jungle Bomber
KSSU Jungle Bomb Sprite.png
Bomb 16 A pineapple-like enemy that throws bombs or places three on the ground, then runs away. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
KSSU Kabu Sprite.png
None 16 A tiki-like head with eyes, a nose and a mouth. Kabus can do many attacks, including sliding towards Kirby, floating, teleporting, jumping around, and even exploding. They are replaced by Grumples in Revenge of the King. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Knuckle Joe
KSSU Knuckle Joe Sprite.png
Fighter 30 A tough fighter that attacks with a flurry of punches and kicks. He is a very common enemy that appears in all the non-Arena modes, except for Gourmet Race, of course. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSSU Koozer Sprite.png
None 16 Koozer is similar to Bronto Burt, but is bluish and has a large nose. It appears only in Revenge of the King. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes
Laser Ball
KSSU Laser Ball Sprite.png
Beam 4 A perfect circle that flies around, shooting thin lasers at Kirby. 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
KSSU Lovely Sprite.png
None 28 A smiling flower that is attached to the floor or ceiling. It tries to grab Kirby and holds him in its petals, causing damage. Lovelies are replaced by Roselies in Revenge of the King. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Magical Sweeper
KSSU Magical Sweeper Sprite.png
None 9 A rare, glowing disc that flies around and shoots projectiles. They can float in one spot and shoot many projectiles, or fly in a straight line and drop projectiles on Kirby. 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 3No
Mister Anglep
KSSU Mister Anglep Sprite.png
Crash 36 An apple like enemy who replaces Scarfy in Revenge of the King. It is faster than Scarfy, but behaves in a similar manner. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes
Moto Shotzo
KSSU Moto Shotzo.png
None 26 A cannon on wheels that rolls around, aiming and shooting at Kirby. Unlike the standard Shotzo, they can be attacked. 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSSU Noddy Sprite.png
Sleep 12 The sleepy Noddy is usually napping, but periodically opens its wide eyes to walk around. Swallowing Noddy will put Kirby into a deep slumber. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSSU Parasol sprite.png
Parasol 8 An umbrella usually held by Waddle Dees, but is also seen in the hands of Waddle Doos or even by itself. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes
KSSU Perot Sprite.png
None, Bomb, Cutter 32 A Poppy Bro Jr. with clown make-up and its tongue sticking out. It appears only in Revenge of the King. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes
Plasma Wisp
KSSU Plasma Wisp Sprite.png
Plasma 10 This wisp shoots beams of plasma at Kirby. The size and power of the plasma depends on the distance between Plasma Wisp and Kirby. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Poison Mash
KSSU Poison Mash Sprite.png
KSSU Poison Mash Sprite Uncapped.png
None 20 A gray, wilted Cappy. It appears only in Revenge of the King. It is faster and more durable than the standard Cappy. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes
Poppy Bro. Jr.
KSSU Poppy Bros Jr Sprite.png
None, Bomb, Cutter 16 An enemy with an elf hat and a smiling face. It balances on an apple or hops along the ground. Poppy Bro Jr. can hold a bomb or a boomerang, giving Kirby the bomb or cutter ability if swallowed. It is replaced by Perot in Revenge of the King. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
KSSU Rocky Sprite.png
Stone 44 A stone with feet that walks around until Kirby is nearby, then jumps up and tries to crush him. Rocky is an enemy in every mode except for, of course, the Arenas and Gourmet Race. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSSU Rosely Sprite.png
None 28 The darker version of Lovely from Revenge of the King. It attacks the same way as Lovely, but does more damage. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes
KSSU Scarfy Sprite.png
Crash 16 A cute cat-like face until Kirby tries to attack him or he turns his back. If this is the case it turns into a one-eyed demon and chases Kirby. It cannot be swallowed, so Kirby must use the copy ability to gain Crash from it. Scarfy is replaced by Mister Anglep in Revenge of the King. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
KSSU Shotzo Sprite.png
None N/A A cannon that stays in one spot and cannot be defeated by Kirby. Some shotzos aim and fire at Kirby, but others face one direction (usually up) and fire three shots in a row. They are replaced by Blatzies in Revenge or the King. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
KSSU Simirror Sprite.png
Mirror 20 Simirror uses its wand to mirror Kirby's attacks back at him, teleporting, or creating copies of itself. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes
Sir Kibble
KSSU Sir Kibble Sprite.png
Cutter 20 A small round suit of armor that stands in place and throws the boomerang on its helmet at Kirby. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
KSSU Slippy Sprite.png
None 16 This round toad swims through water or hops on land. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Spear Waddle Dee
KSSU Spear Waddle Dee Sprite.png
None 12 A Waddle Dee carrying a spear. They use the spear to stab at Kirby. They appear only in Revenge of the King. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes
KSSU Squishy Sprite.png
None 16 A white squid that is just as at home on land as in water. It seems to "jump" underwater and then slowly fall. It can also walk on the ground. It is replaced by Flotzo in Revenge of the King. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 3No
Sword Knight
KSSU Sword Knight Sprite.png
Sword 41 A knight that is slightly more powerful than Blade Knight and replaces it in Revenge of the King. It attacks faster than Blade Knight, and it has higher health. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes
KSSU Tac Sprite.png
Copy 8 A copy cat that tries to steal Kirby's Copy Ability or his helper. If it succeeds, Tac runs away with the ability or helper, and it can be freed only once Tac is defeated. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSSU Tookey Sprite.png
None 6 This chicken chases Kirby or waits on the ground for him, then takes off. It is replaced by Cawcun in Revenge of the King. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
KSSU Twizzy Sprite.png
None 6 A chick that flies in wave patterns or a straight line. Twizzy is replaced by Croucars in Revenge of the King. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Waddle Dee
KSSU Waddle Dee Sprite.png
None 12 The most basic enemy. All a Waddle Dee does is walk and occasionally jump. It can sometimes carry a spear or parasol (or both), and one with a bandana appears as a mid-boss. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes
Waddle Doo
KSSU Waddle Doo Sprite.png
Beam 18 A cycloptic relative of Waddle Dee. It can shoot various beams from its eye, and it can hold a parasol or spear like its cousin. It appears in every game mode except Gourmet Race. It can also be found in Arena battles due to being conjured by Kracko and his variants. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
KSSU Walky Sprite.png
Mike 16 A microphone with feet and a mouth. It walks around, sometimes stopping to sing harmful musical notes. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No 3No
KSSU Wheelie Sprite.png
Wheel 14 A tire that rolls after Kirby. Once it starts rolling, it's difficult for a Wheelie to stop. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 3No


Mid-bosses are fought similar to bosses but are typically smaller and less powerful. Where Kirby fights a mid-boss depends on the game mode. In Spring Breeze, they are fought halfway through a level. In Dyna Blade, Kirby needs to defeat them to complete a level. In later modes, Mid-bosses are fought during normal progress of the level.

Name Appearance Copy Ability Health Description SB DB TGCO RoMK MWW RotK
KSSU Bonkers Sprite.png
Hammer 150 A hammer-wielding simian. He attacks with his hammer as well as throwing exploding coconuts. 3Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
KSSU Bugzzy Sprite.png
Suplex 160 Bugzzy is a giant humanoid stag beetle that stands on two legs. He attacks by grabbing and throwing Kirby, charging at him, and shooting small ladybugs. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 3No
Chef Kawasaki
KSSU Chef Kawasaki.png
Cook 100 A cook that attacks with everything he has--plates, a frying pan, and an extending soup ladle for grabbing with. If Kirby is caught with the soup ladle, Kawasaki will cook him. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 3No
Fire Lion
KSSU Fire Lion Sprite.png
Fire 196 This lion has a mane of fire and will burn anything that comes in contact. It claws, bites, and jumps on Kirby in an attempt to defeat him. Fire Lion only appears in Revenge of the King. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes
Grand Wheelie
KSSU Grand Wheelie Sprite.png
Wheel 156 A giant version of the Wheelie enemy. Like Wheelie, it charges at Kirby, and also can create some small Wheelies. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes
Iron Mam
KSSU Iron Mam Sprite.png
Fighter 140 Iron Mam attacks with punches depending on how far Kirby is from her. If Kirby is close, she will just punch him. If he is a short distance away, she will throw her fist in his direction. If he is far away, she marches across the screen, punching the ground. 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
KSSU Jukid Sprite.png
Suplex 130 A martial artist who, like Bugzzy, tries to grab and throw Kirby. Jukid also attacks by shooting blasts of energy which can be swallowed and shot back at Jukid. 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Kracko Jr.
KSSU Kracko Jr Sprite.png
None 128 This weak form of Kracko attacks mainly just by moving around the screen, trying to collide with Kirby. He also can drop Waddle Doos or bombs, the latter of which is a trait that the elder Kracko lacks. 1Yes 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No
Kracko Jr.'s Revenge
KSSU Kracko Jr Revenge Sprite.png
None 180 A darker, creepier Kracko Jr. with a red eye and brownish clouds. His attacks are more powerful than normal Kracko Jr. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes
KSSU Axe Knight sprite.png
KSSU Javelin Knight Sprite.png
KSSU Mace Knight Sprite.png
KSSU Trident Knight Sprite.png
None Varies Four knights with various weapons - Axe Knight, Javelin Knight, Mace Knight, and Trident Knight. Kirby needs to defeat each one separately until all have been dealt with. They each can be inhaled like normal enemies (but it takes longer to inhale them), and they even appear as normal enemies sometimes. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Meta-KnightsAxe Knight
KSSU Axe Knight sprite.png
None 64 One of the Meta-Knights that looks like a skull with a horned helmet. Axe Knight chops at Kirby if he is nearby, or throws his axe like a boomerang. Despite this, he grants no ability when swallowed. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Meta-KnightsJavelin Knight
KSSU Javelin Knight Sprite.png
None 46 A javelin-wielding robot that flies around and shoots lasers at Kirby, or attacks with its javelin. 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Meta-KnightsMace Knight
KSSU Mace Knight Sprite.png
None 84 Another of the Meta-knights, who wields a ball and chain which he can throw towards Kirby and can block projectiles. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Meta-KnightsTrident Knight
KSSU Trident Knight Sprite.png
None 64 A jet pack-wearing Meta-knight who throws an infinite amount of tridents at Kirby. 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Mr. Frosty
KSSU Mr Frosty Sprite.png
Ice 110 A walrus wearing overalls who throw ice blocks, swallows and freezes Kirby, or just runs around with his mouth open. 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Mr. Tick-Tock
KSSU Mr Tick Tock Sprite.png
Mike 196 A walking clock with a large mustache. Attacks by shooting musical notes or ringing and creating a sound barrier around himself. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes
Phan Phan
KSSU Phan Phan.png
Suplex 208 Phan Phan is an elephant with two legs and big eyes. It rolls around, throws apples, and grabs Kirby with its trunk and throws him around. Its apples can be spat back at it. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes
Poppy Bro. Sr.
KSSU Poppy Bros Sr Sprite.png
Bomb 80 The jumping larger version of Poppy Bros. Jr. Hops all over the stage and throws bombs, which can be spat right back at him. 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Waddle Dee
KSSU Bandana Waddle Dee Sprite.png
None 245 A mid-boss that appeared in the Arena in Kirby Super Star and also appears in Revenge of the King. In the original, he is a normal Waddle Dee that walks in place and doesn't actually move. In KSSU, he now sports a blue bandana and walks around. His stamina is quite high, but Kirby can inhale him to quickly defeat him. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes


Enemy bosses are tougher foes that are fought at the end of levels in most modes. In the Arena, Helper to Hero, and the True Arena, a large number of bosses must be fought in a row. (TA=The Arena, HtH=Helper to Hero, MNU=Meta Knightmare Ultra, and TTA=The True Arena).

Name Appearance Copy Abilities Description SB DB TGCO RoMK MWW TA RotK HtH MNU TTA
Chameleo Arm
KSSU Chameleo Arm Arena Icon.png
Paint A chameleon who can eat Kirby, grab onto walls with its long arms, turn invisible, and shoot orbs from its mouth that can be eaten to get the Paint ability. It is one of the few bosses to give the paint ability, the others being Heavy Lobster and Marx Soul. It is also the only boss in The Great Cave Offensive that is optional. 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Computer Virus
KSSU Computer Virus Arena Icon.png
Various This unique boss makes Kirby battle three enemies in a turn-based RPG-like battle. When it is the enemy's turn to attack, it sits in a box invincible. When it is Kirby's turn, the enemy falls to the ground and is helpless against his attacks. In The Great Cave Offensive, Kirby fights a Slime, Puppet, and Magician. In later battles, he fights a Magician, an Evil Knight, and a Great Dragon. During the battle, Copy Essences can appear on the sides of the screen for Kirby to pick up. 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Dyna Blade
KSSU Dyna Blade Arena Icon.png
None The giant bird known as Dyna Blade can grab Kirby or his helper in her talons, shoot fireballs, and fly around the stage. 3No 1Yes 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Fatty Whale
KSSU Fatty Whale Arena Icon.png
Stone Fatty Whale jumps and floats across the stage in an attempt to hit Kirby, and can make a waterfall come out of his blowhole, making rocks (which give Stone ability) and Blippers fall down. 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Galacta Knight
KSSU Galacta Knight True Arena Icon.png
Sword This legendary warrior attacks in a similar manner to Meta Knight, creating tornadoes, beams, and more with the power of his lance and shield. He can also do unique moves, such as creating flames from the ground or calling in Meta-Knights of his very own. He is the final boss of the game Meta Knightmare Ultra and the penultimate boss of The True Arena. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes
Galactic Nova Nucleus
KSSU Galactic Nova Nucleus Arena Icon.png
Starship The heart of Nova, which Kirby must destroy to disable the giant comet. The fight consists of a flight through a looping circular arena, and Kirby must shoot down all the pieces inside the columns, while avoiding colliding with them. It is the penultimate boss of Milky Way Wishes. 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 3No 3No 3No
Heavy Lobster
KSSU Heavy Lobster Arena Icon.png
Paint A metal crustacean that shoots flames, mini-lobsters, and paint blobs from its claws, as well as being able to walk, run and dash. Kirby can blind this boss using the Paint ability. 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
KSSU Kabula True Arena Icon.png
Starship King Dedede's blimp that is fought while in Kirby's Starship. She fires Gordos, cannonballs, and Bullet Bill-like projectiles, as well as barrel-rolling towards Kirby. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 3No 1Yes
King Dedede
KSSU King Dedede Arena Icon.png
None The king of Dream Land fights mainly with his hammer, but also will try to inhale, body-slam, or jump on Kirby. In Revenge of the King, he is fought in his more powerful form Masked Dedede. 1Yes 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
KSSU Kracko Arena Icon.png
Beam A cloud with one eye. He attacks by firing lightning towards the ground near Kirby, swinging two beams of lightning around him, swooping across the stage, and creating Waddle Doos. He is the penultimate boss of Spring Breeze. 1Yes 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Kracko's Revenge
KSSU Kracko Revenge True Arena Icon.png
Beam A stronger (and more intimidating) version of Kracko. He shares lightning and swooping attacks with his weaker cousin, and can also create Waddle Doos, but his attacks have a wider range. He can also fly towards the center of the screen and shoot large bolts in all 8 directions. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 3No 1Yes
Lololo & Lalala
KSSU Lololo & Lalala Arena Icon.png
None The pink-and-blue duo from the Eggerland series returns as a boss. Their main method of attack is walking out of one of six doors to push a box, which can be inhaled to be used as ammo. Sometimes they push Gordos instead. Each one has to be defeated separately. 1Yes 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Lololo & Lalala's Revenge
KSSU Lololo & Lalala Revenge True Arena Icon.png
None These two are now purple and orange, and their room has eight doors. Gordo appears more often, and the two move faster. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 3No 1Yes
Main Cannon #2
KSSU Main Cannon 2 Arena Icon.png
Bomb, Yo-Yo A large cannon which can be found on the Halberd. It has three parts--a large cannon that aims and fires cannonballs, a robotic arm that can drop bombs or grab Kirby, and a laser gun near the bottom that can cover the whole floor with a dangerous beam of light. The robotic arm can be temporarily destroyed, the laser gun takes a while, but can be destroyed, and the cannon on top is the only thing that when attacked actually harms the boss. 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 3No 3No 1Yes 3No
KSSU Marx Arena Icon.png
Cutter, Ice The radiant jester and traitor Marx is the final boss of Milky Way Wishes. He employs many bizarre attacks, such as shooting a white laser out of his mouth, splitting in two to create a black hole, and teleporting to random spots on-screen. In The True Arena, he is replaced with Marx Soul. 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 3No 3No 3No
Marx Soul
KSSU Marx Soul True Arena Icon.png
Cutter, Ice, Paint The final boss who appears only in The True Arena, consisting of a more powerful and twisted version of Marx after absorbing the power of Nova. He has a much creeper demeanor, especially his laugh, and his attacks are even more strange, such as splitting into two large blobs of paint that move across the screen. Marx Soul provides the Paint ability, although it has no special effect on him other than making him lose some health. After defeating him, he lets out a bloodcurdling screech. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes
Masked Dedede
KSSU Masked Dedede True Arena Icon.png
Hammer King Dedede wearing a mask and using his "new Dedede Hammer", which is mechanical. His attacks have a larger range, and he has some new attacks regarding his powerful hammer, such as spinning around and targeting Kirby for a period of time or shooting missiles and flames from the front of his hammer. He provides Kirby with a hammer of his own at the start of the fight. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 3No 1Yes
Meta Knight
KSSU Meta Knight Arena Icon.png
Sword In the beginning of battle, Meta Knight sits on a platform with his cape over his face. After Kirby grabs the sword given to him, or takes too long to do so, Meta Knight jumps down and starts attacking with various sword and tornado attacks. After his defeat, his mask breaks and he escapes from the room. In Revenge of Meta Knight, he chases Kirby off of the Halberd after this initial defeat. In Meta Knightmare Ultra, Meta Knight is the player character, and plays similar to a combination of Sword and Wing Kirby. 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 3No 3No
KSSU Reactor Arena Icon.png
None The main reactor of the Halberd that is nearly invincible. The only thing that can hurt it is to make one of its lasers reflect back its main crystal, as Sailor Waddle Dee mentions before the fight (alternatively, Mach Tornado can be used in Meta Knightmare Ultra). It attacks with flames from the ground and a small cannon that shoots straight ahead. Like Main Cannon #2's laser gun, this cannon can be destroyed, but it doesn't hurt the reactor. 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 3No 3No 1Yes 3No
Twin Woods
KSSU Twin Woods Arena Icon.png
None Two Whispy Woods that face each other. They both blow air, and can drop apples, bugs, and Gordos together. They can also, strangely, trade parts of themselves with each other. Each of them must be defeated separately. 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Wham Bam Jewel
KSSU Wham Bam Jewel True Arena Icon.png
Stone, Bomb A more powerful version of Wham Bam Rock with three eyes, a crown, and diamond hands. He attacks like Wham Bam Rock, punching and slapping with his hands, as well as shooting bullets from his hands and dropping bombs, which look like his face. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes
Wham Bam Rock
KSSU Wham Bam Rock Arena Icon.png
Stone Wham Bam Rock's appearance changed drastically from Kirby Super Star. He still has pounding, slapping, and grabbing attacks, but looks more like a rock and less cartoon-like. 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 3No 1Yes 3No
Whispy Woods
KSSU Whispy Woods Arena Icon.png
None A true icon of the Kirby series that attacks simply by puffing small air pellets or dropping apples. 1Yes 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Whispy's Revenge
KSSU Whispy Revenge True Arena Icon.png
None Whispy Woods sporting purple leaves and dropping Gordos and large bugs, as well as blowing tornadoes instead of just puffs of air. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 3No 1Yes

Character portraits[edit]

The following are portraits for various characters used in some of the main games:

Character portraits in Kirby Super Star Ultra  
Name Icon Description Notes
King Dedede KSSU King Dedede Portrait 1.png KSSU King Dedede Portrait 2.png
KSSU King Dedede Portrait 3.png KSSU King Dedede Portrait 4.png
KSSU King Dedede Portrait 5.png
Various reaction/dialogue portraits for King Dedede in Gourmet Race and Revenge of the King. The last portrait is of Masked Dedede.
Axe Knight KSSU Axe Knight Portrait 1.png
KSSU Axe Knight Portrait 2.png
KSSU Axe Knight Portrait 3.png
Various dialogue portraits for Axe Knight in Revenge of Meta Knight.
Captain Vul KSSU Captain Vul Portrait 1.png KSSU Captain Vul Portrait 2.png
KSSU Captain Vul Portrait 3.png KSSU Captain Vul Portrait 4.png
KSSU Captain Vul Portrait 5.png KSSU Captain Vul Portrait 6.png
Various dialogue portraits for Captain Vul in Revenge of Meta Knight.
Mace Knight KSSU Mace Knight Portrait 1.png
KSSU Mace Knight Portrait 2.png
KSSU Mace Knight Portrait 3.png
Various dialogue portraits for Mace Knight in Revenge of Meta Knight.
Meta Knight KSSU Meta Knight Portrait 1.png
KSSU Meta Knight Portrait 2.png
Various dialogue portraits for Meta Knight in Revenge of Meta Knight.
Sailor Waddle Dee KSSU Sailor Waddle Dee Portrait 1.png
KSSU Sailor Waddle Dee Portrait 2.png
Various dialogue portraits for Sailor Waddle Dee in Revenge of Meta Knight.
Bandana Waddle Dee KSSU Bandana Waddle Dee Portrait 1.png
KSSU Bandana Waddle Dee Portrait 2.png
KSSU Bandana Waddle Dee Portrait 3.png
Various dialogue portraits for Bandana Waddle Dee in Revenge of the King. The first two are based on Sailor Waddle Dee's portraits.


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The following is a list of staff who have worked on Kirby Super Star Ultra:

Staff of Kirby Super Star Ultra  
Position Developer(s)
Director sprite KSSU.png Director Shinya Kumazaki
Program Director sprite KSSU.png Program Director Shigenobu Kasai
Programming sprite KSSU.png Programming Akio Hanyu
Isao Takahashi
Seiji Otoguro
Yasuyuki Nagashima
Masami Hirano
Shojiro Soga
Takashi Matsuda
Tomohiro Kamochi
Masami Ishiguro
Programming sprite KSSU.png Programming Support Issei Fukuyoshi
Shinnosuke Hagiwara
Yuusuke Sasaki
Design Director sprite KSSU.png Design Director Hitoshi Kikkawa
Design sprite KSSU.png Design Tetsuya Mochiduki
Tsuyoshi Wakayama
Takeshi Minagawa
Tadashi Kamitake
Teruhiko Suzuki
Abeno Matsuzaki
Shiho Tsutsuji
Yoshihisa Maeda
Tomomi Asano
Motif Design sprite KSSU.png Motif Design Sanae Kubota
Tadashi Hashikura
Tatsuhiro Tanoue
Ai Kawasumi
Movie sprite KSSU.png Movie Kunio Watanabe
Youhei Sano
Design Advisor sprite KSSU.png Design Advisor Ashura Benimaru
Sound sprite KSSU.png Sound Jun Ishikawa
Hirokazu Ando
Public Relations sprite KSSU.png Public Relations Satoshi Ishida
Chieko Obikane
Tomohiro Minemura
Artwork sprite KSSU.png Artwork Tetsuya Notoya
Mariko Kimizuka
Masayo Nakagami
Rieko Kawahara
Artwork sprite KSSU.png Artwork Support Yasuko Sugiyama
Hisayo Osanai
Sachiko Nakamichi
Testing sprite KSSU.png Testing Kazuhiko Fukuda
Masaru Kobayashi
Kenischi Kobayashi
Akimitsu Ushikoshi
Dai Suzuki
Junbong Lee
Juyoung Choi
HAL Debug Team
Super Mario Club
Pole to Win
NOK Debug Team
Programming sprite KSSU.png Technical Support Teruyuki Gunji
Hidetoshi Seki
Takehiro Oyama
Special Thanks sprite KSSU.png Special Thanks Hiroaki Suga
Yoichi Yamamoto
Masaaki Fukunaga
Masanobu Yamamoto
Hiroshi Fujie
Takashi Saito
Mitsuya Naito
Yoshiki Suzuki
Masanori Kusumoto
Yasushi Adachi
Shigeki Tamakawa
Masayoshi Uematsu
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Shin Hasegawa
Kenshiro Ueda
Yuji Ichijyo
Special Thanks sprite KSSU.png NA Localization Nate Bihldorff
Scot Ritchey
Special Thanks sprite KSSU.png NA Localization Management Jeff Miller
Leslie Swan
Special Thanks sprite KSSU.png NOA Product Testing NOA Product Testing
Special Thanks sprite KSSU.png NOE Localisation Management Andy Fey
Special Thanks sprite KSSU.png NOE Localisation Producer Martin Weers
Michaël Hugot
Special Thanks sprite KSSU.png NOE Localisation Geraint Howells
Emmanuel Adien
Georg Schamlhofer
Marco Morbin
Pablo Muños Sánchez
Special Thanks sprite KSSU.png NOE Quality Assurance NOE Quality Assurance
Special Thanks sprite KSSU.png NOK Localization Management Daisuke Sakaguchi
Keita Nakamura
Hyokjin Jung
Special Thanks sprite KSSU.png Korean Localization Yunhye Lee
Dongyeon Kim
Special Thanks sprite KSSU.png Product Support Yangsin Kim
Ilho Kim
Yukyung Yun
Special Thanks sprite KSSU.png Coordination Mari Shirakawa
Project Manager sprite KSSU.png Project Management Tetsuya Abe
Producer sprite KSSU.png Producer Masayoshi Tanimura
Kensuke Tanabe
Executive Producer sprite KSSU.png Executive Producer Satoru Iwata
HAL Laboratory


While being a remake of Kirby Super Star, Kirby Super Star Ultra sets a cornerstone that would influence modern Kirby series games going forward, with various tropes, references, and other things in future games connecting back to this game as follows:

  • Galacta Knight made his first appearance in this game as a surprise boss, with subsequent appearances in the modern games following up on this trope.
  • Masked Dedede continues to be featured in such a way that he is essentially a stronger version of King Dedede in some games, such as in Kirby Triple Deluxe and in Kirby's Blowout Blast. The mask (and its unique Dedede Hammer, if applicable) can also be used as a wearable costume in some games.
  • The concept of The True Arena would continue to persist in future modern Kirby games, in addition to even stronger versions of existing bosses.
    • Designs for the Revenge bosses in Kirby's Blowout Blast are reused from the Revenge of the King Sub-Game.
  • Bandana Waddle Dee, who was initially established as a minor character in the original Kirby Super Star, would be given a bigger role in the Kirby series starting with this game, and become one of the major characters of the series going forward.
  • While the concept of Soul bosses was introduced in Kirby: Canvas Curse, Kirby Super Star Ultra eventually solidifies their presence in the modern main series Kirby games with the appearance of Marx Soul.
  • Pause screen flavor text for bosses in modern Kirby games were established starting with Revenge of the King.
  • Modern designs of the enemies and various places mainly take their appearance from this game, including some of the Battle Stages in the Kirby Fighters series.
  • Remixes or rearrangements of some other Kirby themes like Welcome to Dream Land are influenced by their Kirby Super Star Ultra versions.


  • There is a rare alternate version of the "Grand Opening" movie which contains minor differences from the standard one. The most prominent difference is that Kirby winks at the beginning. Other differences include:
    • The twinkle at the beginning spins clockwise instead of counter-clockwise and has six points instead of four. Kirby spins counter-clockwise instead of clockwise when flying into frame.
    • Kirby's orientation is horizontally flipped, so he waves with his opposite hand. He jumps higher and does a flip before landing on the Warp Star.
    • Birds fly in the distance while Kirby "surfs" on his Warp Star, he smiles instead of appearing angry, and he passes over a small island in the ocean. During this, he turns and waves to the viewer a second time.
    • Kirby has a neutral expression when flying away instead of a smile, he waves a third time, and the starburst when he disappears is bigger.
  • The British English name of the original SNES game is Kirby's Fun Pak. Despite this, Kirby Super Star Ultra retained its American name in British English.
  • To celebrate the release of the game in North America, numerous Kirby-shaped balloons were sent flying in various places named "Kirby" across the US, such as Kirby Middle School (Alabama), Kirby's Mill (New Jersey), Kirby Park (Pennsylvania) and Kirby Gate Shopping Center (Tennessee).[2][3]


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星のカービィ ウルトラスーパーデラックス
Hoshi no Kābī Urutora Sūpā Derakkusu
Kirby of the Stars Ultra Super Deluxe
Korean 별의 커비 울트라 슈퍼 디럭스
byeol-ui keobi ulteula syupeo dileogseu
Kirby of the Stars Ultra Super Deluxe

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