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Cook Potluck

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Cook Potluck
KSA Cook Potluck.jpg
Chef Kawasaki activates Cook Potluck.
Debut game Kirby Star Allies
Usage type Single use (Kirby), Unlimited use with cooldown (Chef Kawasaki)
Requirements Cook & one or more Friends.
Power(s) Cook allies to create more food items.
Comparable to Cook
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Cook Potluck is a special Friend Ability which allows Cook Kirby or Chef Kawasaki to cook his Friends and create additional Food items. To perform this move, Kirby or Kawasaki must initiate the 'Cook Pot' technique with one or more Friends in the vicinity. Before the cooking process begins, friends must then jump into the pot (by holding down on the control stick as they descend). Done correctly, when Kirby or Kawasaki finish cooking, the allies will be ejected along with an additional Food item per ally cooked.

A more powerful variant of this move exists as well, called Supper Party. Using this move is much the same as above, but involves the 'Souper Supper' move instead. Allies who jump in will be launched out of the pot with incredible force, similar to Friend Throw, and can damage enemies they fly into, as well as shattering stone blocks.

Despite being cooked, allies take no damage when they participate in this move.

For the list of food produced from Cook Potluck, see the Cook page.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ニコーミフレンズ
Friends Stew

Friends Violent Stew
European French Mijote-ami
Mijoter means "to stew", while régaler means "to treat -someone- to a meal". Ami means "friends"
Korean 프렌즈 찜 대접
peurenjeu jjim daejeop
프렌즈 요리 파티
peurenjeu yori pati
Friends Stew Service

Friends Cookery Party
European Spanish Potaje de amigos
Guiso de amigos
Friends vegetable soup
Friends stew