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KSA Jambandra.jpg
Screenshot of Jambandra, as seen in Kirby Star Allies.
Game(s) Kirby Star Allies
Inhabitant(s) Hyness, Francisca, Flamberge, Zan Partizanne, the Jamba Heart, various lackeys
Boss(es) Zan Partizanne, Hyness
Related Jambastion, Halcandra
Theme Music

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This article is about the main base as seen in Far-Flung Starlight Heroes, and should not be confused with Jambastion.

Jambandra is the name of the planet-sized space station where Hyness and The Three Mage-Sisters reside. It houses the Jamba Heart, and - according to Hyness's rant - was the place where he and his followers were supposedly banished long ago by the ancients. It is thus from this location that they hatch their plan to revive Void Termina by breaking the seal on the heart, though this does not go exactly as planned.

Kirby and his allies eventually reach Jambandra, where they do battle with Hyness in an attempt to stop him. Void Termina ultimately gets revived when Hyness sacrifices himself and the Mage-Sisters to the heart as a last resort.

Stages in Jambandra[edit]

Jambandra is the last primary stage in the level Far-Flung Starlight Heroes, and can only be accessed once the first six main stages and their moons have been cleared. At least by the reckoning of the level map, Jambandra is absolutely massive; larger than all of the other worlds put together. Despite this, Kirby and his friends do not spend a comparable amount of time traversing this area.

Jambandra consists of the following stages:

  • Jambandra Base (the bulk of the planet which Kirby must run through before accessing the next stage)
  • The Divine Terminus (the platform where the Jamba Heart is kept)


  • Each of the small black objects orbiting Jambandra are Jambastions.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 大魔星マジュハルガロア
Dai Ma Sei Majuharugaroa
Great Magic Star Majuhalgalor
Majuhalgalor is translated as "Again Paradise" in the Jambandran language.
It also incorporates "hal" and "lor".
Spanish Jambandra -

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